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  1. sonder

    Britt Floyd?.

    I've seen them in Toledo, Ohio the past four years. They are very impressive, musically very adept and fantastic visuals. They back away from nothing in the Floyd catalog and during this tour they resumed playing Echoes, it was tremendous. It is a very professional operation and of the Floyd cover bands I have seen they are the closest we will likely get to the original outfit. Highly recommended.
  2. Saw him at the Richfield Coliseum in 1978. Absolutely remarkable showman.
  3. sonder

    Cincinnati = Thugs

    JJKIZAK- Fellow suffering Browns fan here, your comments are sadly spot on. For years Cincinnati has looked down on Cleveland due to the 'Dog Pound' and the antics therein. I have news for them, that display last night took low-class to a parallel dimension both on the field and in the stands. Ten Cent Beer Night in Cleveland was outrageous, but that was almost 42 years ago. The players were out of control, I've never seen so much jawing with officials ever. Whether the officials could have hemmed it in more I don't know. Marvin Lewis lost control of his team and that's not a positive reflection on the organization, second only to getting out-coached. Cincinnati has a lot of problems that extend well beyond sports teams.
  4. I can't disagree with the ubiquitous box set phenomenon, although I'm not complaining about their decision to have a greater streaming presence. Also, no argument about Chuck Berry, after that however... As a young boy I certainly was not lacking for music in my household, my grandmother had a love for the Ink Spots and Mills Brothers among others. Elvis was established and AM stations like CKLW were ahead of the curve in terms of Motown and pop music in general. Then one night everyone was glued to the TV. "1-2-3-4!" Even at eight years of age it was impossible not to be drawn to what I saw. Although too young to really realize it the drums and bass line of "I Saw Her Standing There" changed a lot of things at that moment for me. They were happy, they were cool. Pure joy. Years later, around puberty, the fact that the girls were on fire for them didn't hurt either. You can make a case any way you want about the Beatles, but they liberated youth like never before. They did it after experiencing American Blues music in a way that we hadn't experienced the very same music. Elvis was censored, there were plenty of straight-laced taboos, and the Beatles along with the British Invasion made us see what we had been missing. It is not an overstatement to say that they indeed changed everything, including culture. Whether that's good or bad I will gladly leave to the individual, for me it was good. I'm a big fan of prog music (let the beatings commence) and for my money songs like 'Eleanor Rigby', 'A Day in the Life', and 'I Am the Walrus" were not only prog, but they fundamentally changed the way I viewed and listened to music. While I the evolution of popular music would have still occurred in some way the Beatles were the catalyst for what we have now. Some people never got the Beatles, does that make them old or wrong? Thankfully there's plenty of music out there so it's not an issue for most. More times than not the hair on the back on my neck still stands up when I hear it. "1-2-3-4!" And for that I am grateful.
  5. On a whim several years ago I noticed a very inexpensive Sony dual-well deck in an audio store in Lima, Ohio and wound up buying it. Intending to dub tapes for a group of friends who agreed to keep the mix tape alive I didn't realize that the unit had Dolby S. After getting accustomed to the deck I started delving into recording with Dolby S and the results surprised me. The tapes sounded great to me and ones made on the Sony were even better when played on the Nak. I used it for a while as my primary recording deck for tapes sent to my buddies who were impressed by the quality of the tapes as well. They weren't playing them on junk, either, as one of them had a Tandberg TCD-3014. It's a shame that Dolby S came along so late in the cassette time line as cassettes were on their way out. Had it come along a few years earlier I think the medium would have stayed at least viable for quite some time. I am always on the lookout for a higher quality Dolby S deck, but they are hard to find in a price range I consider reasonable. They were big in Europe, but were 230 V/50 Hz so that eliminates a large portion of the decks available today. The Aiwas and Pioneers are just too pricey.
  6. Hi Scott, I live in the western part of the state around Findlay and your ad caught my eye. Is there a chance that an audition could be arranged? It's a little over two hours to Medina from my residence, however I don't know exactly when I will be able to shake loose at present with the holidays looming. Regardless, I wish you luck in selling them.
  7. Pre-recorded cassettes for the most part are a disaster save for the days of cassette car stereos. When I bought my Nakamichi CR-7 I vowed not to play my pre-recorded tapes in it. I had read that the engineers at Nak had such attention to detail that even pre-recorded tapes sounded great, but I stood firm. There came a time when I gave in, it was kind of like how anal you can be with a new car and keeping it pristine only to finally relent and not sweep it the carpet at the first sign of dust. I put a Marillion tape in and hit Play, it was tremendous. The level of genius that worked for Nakamichi at its peak was impressive. While pre-records are never in heavy rotation I don't give it a second thought to play one every now and again.
  8. www.turntableneedles.com can help you with cartridge compatibility. They do not sell turntables, but they have a drop-down section on their home page that would be a start. I ran across the site when looking for a specific adapter for P-mount cartridges and was impressed. They have a Plug-n-Play pre-mounted cartridge section that I would up buying from. They are very helpful.
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