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  1. Good info guys. I might give these Lascalas a try. I like the ideas of time aligning them and bi or tri ampingg also. I also use a Dspeaker X4 room correction unit which is a great piece.
  2. Sorry to dig up this old thread guys! I have a small dedicated two channel listening room. Will most likely never be moving so will never have a bigger listening room. My room is 9 feet wide x 17 long with 7 foot ceilings. I am looking at some Lascala 2's. Can Lascala be close to sidewalls? I can easily be 3 feet or a bit more from front wall to back of cabinet. I run subs in the corner so i don't need to corner load the Lascala's for bass. Just want a deep and wide soundstage without the beaming of my singledriver speakers. Thanks fellas!
  3. Been running a Crown XLS2502 with my simple R28F's and it sounds great to me. Awesome sounds staging and depth with unlimited power reserves. Crown has $50.00 off until June to make trying one out a little less painful. Dealer i ordered from was great to deal with also.
  4. With the current pricing on these and adding a Crown XLS2502 and Outlaw 975 pre/pro to my current R28F's i feel the 7's will be awesome!
  5. You really know your speakers are transparent when you listen to them naked and feel awkward... I thought i was the only one! Lol
  6. Looking at the Marantz SR5008 for 389 on adcs 4 less.That might be the one for me!
  7. So been watching some movies with the wife this weekend.She is encouraging me to add center and surrounds. So i need to grab a multi channel receiver. I need pre outs for an external amp, sub out of course, and bluetooth connectivity.Oh and fairly cheap too.Lol Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys.Was not generally a tube guy in the past.I did own an Audible Illusions preamp that i enjoyed for awhile.This is really just gonna be a secondary system so not gonna go real far with it.Next year once i am in a new home i have much bigger plans for a main listening room.Could be in a good sized finished basement or pole barn.We will see what i wind up with.
  9. Been looking at the Yamaha R-S700 as a future upgrade.Anyone have experience with it?Looks like i could use an external amp also if these wind up in a bigger room.
  10. jbezak, i am new to Klipsch and do not have the experience as the other members on this site.I can tell you i just bought the lesser version of your speakers and a using disgustingly cheapo electronics and the Klipsch sound incredible to me.I should be embarrassed buy the current electronics but i am getting some kind of sick enjoyment out of the fact that i have 500 into the entire system and it is killing it. Grab what you can currently afford and upgrade later.Enjoy!
  11. Yep they are extremely honky Richard!Lol They really just keep amazing me!I want to thank all the guys here for not lynching me do to my current electronics.Lol Been a long day.Time to kick back for a bit and get my horn honk on!
  12. Hey congrats on doing it all on the cheap. You got 90 percent of what you need, going for that last 10 percent in sound going to cost you. I have a few cheap receivers in the house and you know they don't sound that bad either. Most people listen to music on built in TV speakers or factory car speakers. What you have is miles ahead of that. Welcome back to the audio game! Thank you BobK!Yeah i am gonna do what derrickdj1 said and just sit back and enjoy the music for now and amazing i can do that with so little money spent.I have spent thousands more and always had to change and tweak.These just don't seem picky.Of course i realize i could get them better but for now rather just enjoy!
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