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  1. Pair for 400$. Naples or fort Myers I think. Not affiliated.
  2. ovendoorglass adhesive repair..... got it.thanks
  3. i have 2 that are relatively unused and both have a little wiggle at the base/glass junction. the base just wiggles a very little as they are being put in. the receptical is slightly recessed within the amp so one must remove and insert invariably by push or pull on glass. is this unusual for sovtek or a common prob with tight fitting tubes in apps were they are recessed in the amp. amp is cj mv-60se.... tubes look and work good otherwise. thanks
  4. thank you wolfbane. and thank you to all who made VTV what is was. and to those who now have made it free to the world. its like cristmas in the month of may.
  5. Ricktate. How cani check my khorns for air chamber tightness. Thanks Paul
  6. Can I afford these ? zip is Atlantic ocean side of mid Florida. They are pertty.
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