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  1. Please forgive my relative level of incompetance here, but what do I do with the wire already attached to tap 5? ...be nice... lol
  2. Tap 5 "appears" to already be in use. It is the top right in the picture. If you require any more shots of the crossover, please let me know! It would be great to find a simple wiring switch for this. Thanks for your time!
  3. The serial number places it's manufacture in late '95. By all accounts the version 1 and 2 were finished by then. I also popped the the HF driver out to have a look inside and the wiring was the standard multi-coloured variety. The earlier versions are supposed to have clear jacketed wiring. The ports are also short. I will likely play with longer port tubes, but I honestly can't see them bringing the low end noticeably lower. They really pound nicely as is. The bass lines in the Black Sabbath songs you never hear on the radio run deep and clear. I should mention I am running two NAD 272 amps bridged, one amp to each channel, at a modest 300 watts RMS per side. My 12 year old son will notch the bass up about 3db when he listens to them, but I usually leave everything flat. I have ALWAYS found Klipsch speakers to benefit from having a healthy reserve of power to push them. In spirited listening I seldom pass 9 o'clock on the volume. At 11 o'clock the tears are blown back from my eyes (hyperbole), and I have yet to venture past noon on any Klipsch I have owned.
  4. I just joined the elite Epic crowd. A pair of CF-3's came up for $500 CDN on kijiji. I offered him $600 sight unseen to seal the deal. I have owned Forte ii's, Quartet's, Heresy 1's and 2's, Tangent 500's, RF-3's and currently have Cornwall 1's and Cornwall 2's for my daily music enjoyment. Cornwalls are very impressive, even the original version. But these CF-3's have everything the Forte ii's had in the midrange and more, with more bass slam and detail. My CF-3's are the version 3, so the lesser of the lot, but I cannot imagine them sounding any better. I would not hesitate to buy any CF-3 or CF-4 that comes your way.
  5. Thanks CANT, I think I will upgrade the crossover in my CW2's and relegate the old ones to the CW1's with the B-3 crossover, for now... I have yet a third pair of CW1's with the B crossover that will get the B-3 as an upgrade. If I don't sell them. They were going to become Cornscalas but the U.S.$ exchange rate here in Canada has put a real damper on that project. For now... Now...after plodding through the forum further, it seems DEANG makes crossovers too. Any thoughts about the crossover for the Cornwall 2's? My first pair of Cornwall's were the '84's with the B-3/k-77/k-57/k-33 compliment. I thought they were a game changer, having previously had Heresy1's, Heresy2's, Tangent 500's, Forte ii's Quartet's and RF-3's. None of them had the punch in the gut the Cornwall's have. I then stumbled upon another pair, the '79's with the B/k-77/k-55/k-33 that WERE destined to become Cornscala's. Not two weeks later I was graced with a pair of '86 CW2's and the difference IS immediately noticeable, in a GOOD way. Just last week I lucked into a pair of CF-3's and the BIG horn and SOLID bass is a another game changer. But the CW2's are staying. At low volume they outshine everything else.
  6. Before I hit the sack, I would like to thank everyone for their help with this project.
  7. ...excuse me... looks like tap 5 is the top right tap.
  8. Looks like tap is the top tap, on the right. How would I run it off of positive in? Another shot of the crossover.
  9. The taps aren't perfectly clear so I drew a diagram on the closest thing I could grab.
  10. This is the autoformer from the B-3 crossover. Since everyone has been so helpful, I pulled the back off and took some more pics.
  11. Thanks Dean. With my preamp treble full at a 5db gain the k-79's sing and the presence comes back. Being behind the motorboard likely does it no favours either. I was considering upgrading the crossover im my Cornwall II's with the Crites boards. If I used the crossover from there in place of the B-3's would I be back in business? The driver complement is the same. Thanks again for your input on this.
  12. I have always tried to wrap my head around "bi-wiring." If electricity travels at the speed of light and the source for each input to the high and low frequency drivers is the same, how is it any different than jumper strips at the speaker? It is effect a 16 foot long 12 guage (in my case) jumper, for an eight foot long bi-wire. I found no difference in the sound with bi-wiring. And I really wanted to! However, when I bi-amped the same set of speakers, in this case PSB Stratus Silver I's, the difference was readily apparent. Anybody out there find a benefit to bi-wiring?
  13. Have you listened to a pair of cornwalls? Lately? LOL! Good to hear from you!
  14. Hello, long time Klipsch fan, second time caller. I upgraded my '86 Cornwall 2 tweeters to the k-107-Ti and replaced the K-77's in my my '84 Cornwall 1's with the k-79's from the swap. The '84 CW1's have the B-3 crossover with the same k-57-k squaker found in my CW2's. All other considerations aside, for now..., my question is: How, or can I tap the k-79 tweeter on the B-3 crossover to account for the decreased efficiency? The short answer is the one I am looking for, BUT I love to dream, so everyone's take on this will be well received. Let it roll!
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