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  1. Hi All. I did a search for this but didn't find any information, so here I go. Has anyone tried to make the La Scala bass bin longer/larger by extending the existing horn mouth? My understanding is that the La Scala is effectively horn loaded to around 100HZ. If the horn were made longer by extending the mouth outward, would it be possible to lower the frequency to which the La Scala bin would be horn loaded? I'm not sure what this could look like, or should look like. Would it be enough to extend the top, bottom and sides outward? Should the extension flare out on the sides? If so, what would be the correct angle? What should you do with the front point of the doghouse? Extend it out to the new opening, or leave it as is? Your thoughts, opinions and advice on this are much appreciated.
  2. I think I found it. This photo looks most like it. No front photo unfortunately, but it looks identical from the back (minus the label). T35B
  3. I had a look online for TW-35, but all the examples I could find had a ribbed horn lens instead of the smooth one that I have at hand.
  4. Thanks for identifying it filmofreddy. What is it about it that makes it not so great?
  5. Hi All. I picked up a single tweeter today and would like some help identifying it. The seller said it was a Jensen tweeter from the 1950s, but I think it looks more like an EV tweeter. There are no identifying markings or labels on the tweeter. The horn front is 1.3 X 4.5 inches, and the horn with driver are 3 inches from front to back (11.5 X 3.25 cm and 7.5 cm deep). Pictures attached. I'm hoping to use it as the tweeter in a three way center channel speaker I have in mind. Any help with identifying it that you can provide will be be much appreciated. Cheers, Tiz
  6. Thanks Islander. If I buy two, I'm unlikely to ever sell them, me being me. I'll try that after I give this a bit more of a chance.
  7. Sorry for not being more clear. As Geoff already mentioned, Toronto is the place, and surrounding area.
  8. The text portion of the Ebay ad differs somewhat from what I quoted. [Moderator Comment: I had to remove the ad because of where it went, so you may need to repost whatever quotes you wish to give them context again. Your posts were informative and fine, it is only because of where this went]
  9. I've got a pair of Level 1 for a 300B build that is in the works. Here is a quote from O-netics that explains the differences... "Our level one audio outputs will outperform all of the famed "golden age" of audio outputs. Level two outputs add even finer detail to the already astonishing amount of information found in level one devices, due to a core material change. Level three goes all out, with 16 interleaved sectors in place of 10, even thinner high performance dielectric barrier material and extremly small diameter wire strands, woven into Litz type 2 cabling, for all secondary windings. In addition to this the core material is also changed. We do not use silver or impossible to maintain oxygen free copper winding wire, nickle or amorphous core material, or any of the other popular material driven aids. Instead we utilize commercial materials in subtly different designs with very specific motifs that come from our unique R&D program. Our designs rival and typically exceed the finest devices provided by our esteemed competitors, in information depth, accuracy of placement in a perceived sound field and increased levels of tone and transient color and internal gradient structure." The prices go up quickly with each level that you go up. I haven't heard mine yet, but the reports are good. I was in contact with BudP when I bought them, and he is a very knowledgeable and helpful gent.
  10. Hi All. I'm looking for a single Heritage speaker to serve as a center channel in a home theatre that I'm working on. I have pairs of Quartets, La Scalas, Tangent 500 and Heresy II speakers, but will look at any Heritage three way. Please let me know if you have a single laying about that you would like to sell. The speaker doesn't need to be in great aesthetic shape, and I will consider speakers with some non working drivers as well. Please let me know if you have anything to sell. Something within a reasonable drive from the GTA would be great. Cheers, Tiz
  11. Thanks for the Tangent 30 crossover schematic Moray, and thanks to Bob Crites as well. I am pretty sure that this schematic does not exist anywhere else on the web, as I have done a lot of searching as well. Much appreciated!
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