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  1. All they asked for was a pic of the damaged unit and nothing else...
  2. Final update & Ill let this one die. Simply Speakers came through for me today. They sent a new tweeter as promised. I came home for lunch and installed it.... Life is good again!! The Bose 401's are going back into storage. Thanks everyone for the help & suggestions. Thank you Simply Speakers for being an upstanding company and backing up your word.
  3. thanks, but that appears to be the incorrect part number.
  4. The part number is 1011978. It should be on the back of the magnet....Thank you!
  5. So an update.... I sent a pic of the damaged tweeter as requested by Simply Speakers on the 25th, Thursday.... not a word back.... don't know if they didn't like the pic, so I resent it....still nothing... at this point I have no idea what their intentions are....Also the selling entity where I originally purchased the speakers seems to have fallen off the face of the earth as well.... Any suggestions on where I might purchase another tweeter for these? For now, I have dug my old Bose 401's out of the basement so I have something to listen to.... what a difference by the way... LOL... I tried to get my Infinity IL-40's back from my son, but he wont let off of them..... Ha Ha,,,
  6. Bad news for me!! The tweeter showed up in only 2 days..... BUT, the + side contact was almost broken off and when I touched it, it fell off the rest of the way... Ill keep everyone posted on the actions of the company I purchased through....Simply speakers.
  7. I do not know you and haven't been around even a week on this forum. However, I saw the thread title and felt compelled to pay my respects. I cannot speak from experience, but when a Father is lost, there is a void left in your soul. I hope God can fill that for you and bring you and your family the love that only he can. God Bless and God speed to you and yours.
  8. The dealer I purchased from said they will check with Klipsch to see if there are any available from them. In the mean time, I did buy one on line already, so my thoughts are like yours, why not have an extra just in case.... And yes, the right side tweeter when installed in the left speaker worked as normal. The left side when installed in the right speaker still was inoperable. Thank Yiou
  9. Yea, I was doing a little research on that and it is 5 years, but I purchased B stock through an authorized dealer out of Nevada. I sent an iquiry to see if they could pull up my order and see if I received the full warranty with the purchase. If not, $46.00 isnt too bad of a deal for the replacement.
  10. Yea, its been a couple of years since I purchased them... I dont think they're under warranty anymore.
  11. ok. verified the tweeter doesn't work when switched to other speaker & vice-versa... and yes, it was an easy job.... So, I will buy the replacement and hopefully be back up and running by the end of the week. One last question though, should I consider replacing both at the same time. I sort of remember reading somewhere they should be replaced in pairs??? Back in the day I had a pair of KEF 102.2 and that was their suggestion with their Q Sound voice coils...not sure if thats standard practice with all brands. Thank you
  12. So in essence, would simply switching the speaker wires from left to right be doing the same thing? I dont physically have to remove the tweeters for any reason do I?
  13. Hello everyone, I hate that this has to be my fist post,,, but seems my I lost my left side tweeter yesterday at the hands of Papa Roach.... I wasn't pushing too hard really... -15. I've been higher before . At any rate, what happened was I heard the highs disappear momentarily, then return momentarily, then nothing after that I can hear both 8" drivers functioning ok.. I am assuming the tweeter is gone. However, I was wondering if anyone knew if that was truly the case? Is there a capacitor of some sort that might have failed or other possibility? I checked all connections and wires which all seem to be working correctly. I located the factory Klipsch replacement for relatively nominal money. Does anyone know if there would be any soldering involved and is this a DIY project...or should I send out to be repaired? Thank you for the help... Equipment: AVR-HK 3600 AMP- EMO XPA-3 Blu Ray- Oppo BDP-103 SUB- HSU VTF-2 MK4 Mains-RF-82-ll Center-RC-62ll
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