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  1. A new 55" LG 4K TV. Still waiting on the Cambridge Audio DACMagic 100 so I can listen to the TV through my stereo system.
  2. Added a few to the vinyl collection.
  3. The whole family...
  4. A shiny new Klipsch R-12SW to keep my recently acquired RF-82IIs company. No... I really didn't need another subwoofer. The copper just kind of sucked me in.
  5. In the "What I Got Today" thread I mentioned that today was going to be a day of music and self indulgence. It begins here:
  6. No. The turntable is a U-Turn Audio Orbit with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge mounted. As I understand it a small group of engineering students from a prestigious North East ivy league school decided that they could build a "high end" turntable at an affordable price. They did the whole "gofundme" thing and raised an ***-load of cash to get started. Don't matter to me. I have a really nice turntable at a price that fits well in to my budget.
  7. Just finished all 4 sides of Mr. Clapton's Unplugged on 180G vinyl and cued up ELP's Brain Salad Surgery also on 180G vinyl. An almost "religious" experience being played through the recently received RF-82 II. I really REALLY need to go shopping for more vinyl. My neighbor's only comment upon hearing the new system was "DAMN!" For just a tick under $3K I've assembled one of the best sounding systems that I've ever owned. And that's saying something considering I've owned stereo systems approaching $50K or a bit more.
  8. Ya think? Might just do that. If I do it'll be posted in the "Fine Food and Music" thread.
  9. First thought... I'm seriously glad that the guy who lived in the other side of the duplex from me moved out the end of last month. If he was still here he's be pounding on my door by now. Second thought... I'm not entirely sure I "need" a subwoofer any more. Been playing them most of the morning with the sub off. Definitely much more bass output than the Heresys. Third thought... Very revealing. Some of my CDs sound just awful when played through the new speaks. On the flip side what little vinyl I've played this morning sounded terrific. I'm getting through my normal weekend chores today so I can take tomorrow as a day of loud music and self indulgence. I have a twelver of my favorite beer on ice and everything needed for a big batch of home-brewed potato chips.
  10. A pair of RF-82 II for the living room system. At $359 each these have got to be one of the best bargains to be had.
  11. Blasting a little Led Zeppelin to piss off the neighbors on this fine Friday morning.
  12. These I got today. Took the new (to me) Miata out for a drive to have lunch at a local Mom & Pop BBQ joint that I frequent. After lunch I wasn't quite ready to go home so I pointed the Miata at the nearest twisty back woods road I could think of. There are quite a few here in rural Polk County, Florida. When I got to the end I realized that I wasn't all that far from the local Best Buy. It's always fun to bang around the Best Buy store. Who knew they had a small selection of vinyl. 3 of my favorites came home with me but that could easily have been 20 were I not concerned about hitting my daily debit card limit. I guess I know what I'm doing for entertainment tonight.
  13. Actually yesterday but... I finally retired the ancient Kodak digital camera that I've been using in favor of an entry level DSLR. It's pretty much the bottom of the line but I got a good deal on it and over the next few months I'll be able to determine if I use it enough to move up the food chain.
  14. Goes along with a recently received Outlaw Audio RR-2150 Receiver and an Oppo UDP-203 Universal disc player. All drives a pair of 84 vintage Heresys along with a Dayton Audio. 12" sub-woofer to fill in the octaves that that the Heresys just cant. Yep... I'm a pretty happy camper right now. Currently spinning Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of the Moon and wishing I had more vinyl to listen to.