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  1. I love tube rolling. I find there are differences in the sound, not so much the brand name but where they were made (england, germany, holland, russia, japan, usa) happy listening!
  2. is that a fastrac horn in carbon fibre?
  3. by no means do I mean the power cord is sub standard. I find that different power cords can sometimes have an effect on the sound of your amp, in some cases almost as much as changing interconnects or tubes. (I know it shouldn't cause it's only drawing power & is not connected to the signal path, but for some reason it does) we had a listening party where everyone brought an aftermarket power cord from their own system. 1 song, take notes, change power cord & replay same song, repeat. we were amazed, 5 different cords & they all had a different effect to the song.
  4. makes sence, thanks Chris. sound panels are such a science & trial & error thing all at the same time but the rewards are soo worth the effort
  5. a question for the others. could it be a time alignment issue with the tweeter being mounted so far back of the mid horn? that might explain the not quite sounding right sensation. there looks like pleanty of panels in the room. are they all absorbtion panels or do some have diffusion?
  6. instead of radiusing the openings on the motor board have you considered routering a small countersink to flushmount the speakers to the front of the motherboard?
  7. will pair nicely with your heresys'. it's an easily tweakable amp if you so choose. changing power cord, interconnects & speaker cables can produce great improvements too. have fun & be sure to keep us in the loop with your impressions
  8. I had the a35's hooked to a 15watt marantz ss & was real nice. then a friend came over with his musical paradise 301 & those little guys jumped to life like I'd never heard before. been hooked on tubes ever since.
  9. I was unaware that there are 3different crites tweeters. I'll have to look deeper into how they differ from each other. I just want to find out if anyone is using something other than the crites or b&c drivers & what their impressions are
  10. I know I want to use the fastrac hf horn but was wondering if anyone has used driver other than b&c & what the results were I don't like the reviews of the crites tweeters. many people are describing tham as too sharp. they'll be working with fastrac cornwall horn & a55g drivers
  11. I agree with your critera. then definitely dynaco a50 should be on the list somewhere
  12. the rough spot down the throat I would sand down but I'm not sure if there would be any gain in sound quality from smoothing the inner surface of the horn; that being said, if there is something to be gained then make sure to put the same finish on all the horns to avoid an imbalance. there's no need to make any changes to the crossovers cause you're not actually changing anything. you probably would have to make a change if you were switching from cast metal to plastic horns or vice versa
  13. I hope they mean top 10 easiest speakers to sell on ebay! the kids love the white cones of the ns-10 almost as much as the orange rubber surrounds of cervin vegas. or sansui's "the more speakers we can jam into a cabinet the better" philosophy with the sp5000 & up models. I think both marantz & jbl experimented with painting their cabinets bright blue for a couple of years. if they mean great sounding vintage speakers where is anything from tannoy with the dual concentric drivers? the legendary pioneer hpm 100's, sanus faber monitors & I bet I'm missing quite a few others. sorry, not trying to be a hater but even now I'm surprised how many vintage speakers are still popular from gimick or slick advertising from back in the day that still lives on (realistic mach l), but I will be the first to admid I've also heard many vintage speakers that blew me away with their dynamics & sound quality. magnepan mglll, cornwall, lascalla, altec model 19, IMF tls80, tannoy monitor gold 15" & a couple others that I can't remember their name or models
  14. I heard a jazz quartet in a 500 seat hall designed for non amplifed shows & it was amazing, like nothing I've ever heard before. I really do need to get down to our symphony to experience a full orchestra in its intended environment
  15. I see no need to grind down the ridge inside the horn. look how the horn mounts to the back side of the motorboard, the horn sides are about 45* angle but hit the motor board cutout which is now a 90* angle. I would think that has more potential to interfere with the soundwave than the tiny ridge from assembling the horn