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  1. To drive my Heresys...

    glad to hear you like it. in my opinion the mp301 is a great bang for you buck amp & there seems to be lots of tweaks & mods you can do to it too
  2. NFL 2017

    maybe I spoke too soon! (it's the decades of disappointment & let downs that have left me bitter & hateful
  3. NFL 2017

    looks like the lions are going to soil themselves on national tv again at least no one can ever take 0&16 away from us
  4. "that's what she said " lol
  5. for crispness, clarity, detail & black background I love electro harmonix gold pin. music selection will also have an impact on type of tube to use. since you say you're new to tube rolling I suggest trying a tube from each region don't get too caught up in all the different halo types cause the differences will be hard for a novice, untrained ear to detect. right now I have toshiba from japan, amprex from holland, brimar & mullard from england, electro harmonix from russia
  6. wow, beautiful room. lots of character. I have & love cornwalls but a room that size lascalla's would be great too. room size not a problem for khorns but possible complications if you want to place speakers on either side of the bay window (which would be best layout to use the dimensions of the room to your advantage, sonically speaking)
  7. Dizrotus, how are things back in motor city? I'm from windsor but wife & family are from eastpointe. we moved west to alberta 5 years ago but still miss the D (eastern market, fox theatre, national coney island, michigan vs michigan state battles) saddened to hear about mr. I passing, he was a true champion of Detroit, a huge loss. stay cool in those muggy temps & sparty on!
  8. you could also look into building your own speakers. no need for road trips, & no upgrading older speakers
  9. Preamps - purist or full featured

    seeing as you want to be all ss, I would want to have tone controls unless you have an eq (then there's no need for them) I would always consider any brand of gear. check with the expert & joe average reviews to narrow the list of potentials down & then find a dealer or forum member & have a listen to as many as possible. in the end, how it sounds to you in your system is all that matters
  10. 1985 Cornwalls

    they look pristine, why would you think of selling? they must sound incredible, I have jupiter ht beeswax caps in my dac & the improvement was nothing short of amazing
  11. To drive my Heresys...

    I love tube rolling. I find there are differences in the sound, not so much the brand name but where they were made (england, germany, holland, russia, japan, usa) happy listening!
  12. is that a fastrac horn in carbon fibre?
  13. To drive my Heresys...

    by no means do I mean the power cord is sub standard. I find that different power cords can sometimes have an effect on the sound of your amp, in some cases almost as much as changing interconnects or tubes. (I know it shouldn't cause it's only drawing power & is not connected to the signal path, but for some reason it does) we had a listening party where everyone brought an aftermarket power cord from their own system. 1 song, take notes, change power cord & replay same song, repeat. we were amazed, 5 different cords & they all had a different effect to the song.
  14. makes sence, thanks Chris. sound panels are such a science & trial & error thing all at the same time but the rewards are soo worth the effort
  15. a question for the others. could it be a time alignment issue with the tweeter being mounted so far back of the mid horn? that might explain the not quite sounding right sensation. there looks like pleanty of panels in the room. are they all absorbtion panels or do some have diffusion?