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  1. thebes is right. I swapped the russian signal tubes for nos GE & really made a good difference. I am currently using tesla el34’s & swapped them for genuine winged c el34’s & it was horrible. the c’s collapsed the soundstage & the bottom end lost the thump & just became a bloated, muddy mess.
  2. great find! welcome to the group. as for tweaks the first thing I’d suggest would be risers. you can get them from bob crities site or make some yourself.generally klipsch heritage can sound bright/harsh with silver speaker cables so keep it to copper based wire. after that it’s up to you where you want to take the sound. you could replace mid or high drivers, replace caps on crossovers, add bracing or dampening material in the cabinet. lots of posts from guys that have done it & what their results/impressions were
  3. with the greatly reduced gain is preamp selection a bit tricky? I see the quicksilver pre is designed for this but I wonder with only a pair of 6dj8’s it would seem to be little more than a buffer (please correct me if I’m wrong.) I know nothing about pre amps, I’ve always had intergrated amps
  4. from the reviews I’m reading these should be a match made in heaven for heritage speakers. does anyone have or had these & what’s your impressions. (sound, reliability) I have custom built cornwalls (kappa woofers, faital horn/a55g driver, fastrac hf horn/b&c de 120 driver & super b crossovers with rike audio s caps strictly digital using modded musical paradise dac2
  5. I have jupiters in my dac cause I wanted that slightly rounded off, warm natural, vintage british sound (& love them) for the crossovers of my custom cornwalls I thought more jupiters might be too much so I went with rike audio s caps (crystal clear & totally neutral) I really think they let the characteristics of the equipment shine thru.
  6. have to agree with Dean. b&c de120 first. the crites a55g mid driver is incredible. do yourself a major favour & when you decide to recap the xovers use some higher end caps (see humble homemade hifi for sound characteristics) the results of using “boutique” caps will take your breath away. (in my build the mids were too forward, a solen 1.8 resistor was the solution)
  7. looks great. I like the extra braces across the back for the rear panel to attach to. no insulation inside? what about adding a resistor to the hf to tame it a bit?
  8. hello, operator...how may I direct your call? (giving away my age with that one)
  9. I’ll second that on the faital horns. mine have a screw on adapter to use my a55g’s & the soundstage is incredible
  10. looks good. now we want to know how they sound
  11. absolutely. why the factory didn’t put something in there to keep the slap echo under control
  12. lol. Schu stirring the pot. I also love analog meters! the more the better, the bigger the better.
  13. an absolutely fantastic documentary. I also had the whole series on my pvr which ended up biting the biscuit & I lost everything on the hard drive. just can’t bring myself to drop $100 on a dvd. I’ll eventually find it on upay
  14. my 79 cornwalls have what looks like tissue paper 1” thick
  15. I’m a rum guy (don’t hold it against me) lol I saw this once 3 years ago locally $350. turns out it’s made, bottled & distributed from the island in small batches only. a buddy went there on vacation & brought me this one back. only cost $60. talk about one hell of a mark up
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