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    audio space as3i integrated amp (winged c el34's), musical paradise dac2 (jupiter beeswax caps, black sands audio violet power cord) dragon audio server, monster power conditioner. qed usb, interconnects & speaker cable. focal 826w speakers now put in storage & borrowing 1979 cornwalls & planing to custom build my own pair of cornwalls

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  1. shrinking cornwall

    looks great. I like the extra braces across the back for the rear panel to attach to. no insulation inside? what about adding a resistor to the hf to tame it a bit?
  2. hello, operator...how may I direct your call? (giving away my age with that one)
  3. shrinking cornwall

    I’ll second that on the faital horns. mine have a screw on adapter to use my a55g’s & the soundstage is incredible
  4. shrinking cornwall

    looks good. now we want to know how they sound
  5. Lining the inside of Cornwall IIs

    absolutely. why the factory didn’t put something in there to keep the slap echo under control
  6. lol. Schu stirring the pot. I also love analog meters! the more the better, the bigger the better.
  7. PBS documentary "Soundbreaking"

    an absolutely fantastic documentary. I also had the whole series on my pvr which ended up biting the biscuit & I lost everything on the hard drive. just can’t bring myself to drop $100 on a dvd. I’ll eventually find it on upay
  8. Lining the inside of Cornwall IIs

    my 79 cornwalls have what looks like tissue paper 1” thick
  9. Unobtanium

    I’m a rum guy (don’t hold it against me) lol I saw this once 3 years ago locally $350. turns out it’s made, bottled & distributed from the island in small batches only. a buddy went there on vacation & brought me this one back. only cost $60. talk about one hell of a mark up
  10. my cornscallas...so far

    round bottom spikes so I don’t tear up the risers positioning them
  11. my cornscallas...so far

    just picked up the grills from the upholsterer. it’s the klipsch heritage fabric from Bob Crites. 1/4” plywood with black melamene finish. drilled 8 holes to install cup magnets to hold it to motorboard
  12. 6CA7 first impressions

    absolutely, experimenting is what’s so fun about this hobby
  13. my cornscallas...so far

    my buddy is building the crossovers for me & sent this little teaser type super b all internal wiring will be duelund 16awg tinned copper
  14. my cornscallas...so far

    thanks (the pics don’t do it any justice) nothing touching the back panel. I used a strip of 1 sided foam strip to seal & prevent vibration of the back panel
  15. my cornscallas...so far

    so the woofer is reinforced on the motorboard by the mid brace & notice the the bass port shelf is now doing double duty as another reinforceing brace under the woofer. I’m hoping this will eliminate any vibration or resinating