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  1. Replacing Capacitors

    that’s right. you don’t have to wait until there’s a problem to replace your caps. I don’t know why but it seems people detect something is “off” with their sound & the caps are usually the whipping boy that gets blamed. why is that? my belief is that we all know that’s where most companies will cheap out to keep the cost down. caps, like tubes have a signature sound & therfore opinions will vary from person to person as which cap sounds best. I do seem to see many more people saying they had to replace their xover caps. not sure why, but why not. if you’re not happy with how they sound, tweaking the xover is alot cheaper than buying new speakers
  2. Replacing Capacitors

    you don’t have to change caps just because they’re old or leaking. changing the caps can make huge differences to your soundstage & presentation. possibly the single biggest mod you can do to your components. I changed the caps in my dac to jupiter foil & beeswax & it was the best thing I’ve evr done to my system I highly recommend reading capacitor shoot out at humble home made hi-fi
  3. I see the heritage grills aren’t a 1”x1” frame style but rather a board with cut outs where the speakers are. what kind of material is this board made of? it’s too light to be wood but also seems to dense to be a cardboard product
  4. Cap Question

    by the way, those heresys’ are stunning. if they were mine I’d do away with that little crossover & see if I could replace it with an ALK or crites crossover & get new speaker connecters that could let you use spade or bananna plug cables
  5. Cap Question

    patience was the key for me thaddeus. I too chose the jupiters for my dac & was stunned by the price. but I was determined so I saved up & waited. about 4 months later partsconnection had them 25% off & that’s when I jumped. so glad I did because they are everything described & more. brought my dac to a whole new level. I think they set me back $200 & they’re worth every penny
  6. Cap Question

    I don’t recommend purchasing caps soley based on cost. I spent considerable time on humble homemade hi-fi reading thru all of his reviews to find the caps that fit the sound signatures I wanted from my speakers. then widdled down that list by finding reviews on different forums from people who have used those particular caps. at the end there was 2-3 contenders, then it was about price and availability
  7. Cap Question

    I guess I went overkill then. for the super b’s in my cornscalla’s I bought rike audio s caps
  8. 89' LaScalas/Proper Tube Amp

    friend of mine has early 80’s lascalla’s. he really liked his musical paradise mp501 but was blown away by the musicality & seeminly perfect match with a totally modded dynaco st70
  9. 1979 cornwall. stock woofer, stock mid horn
  10. ok, finally had a chance to give them a listen & I’m completely blown away by the improvement. those near mythical sparkling highs that everyone talks about are now found! background extras (triangles, cowbell, wood block, tambourine) now have a sence of placement in the soundstage. background singers seem more prominent. there’s a very 3 dimensional feel making the stock tweets seem very flat & 2 dimensional & like they’re pushing & shouting. jazz horns are wonderful without ever seeming sharp or harsh & brushwork on the symbols will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. they blend seamlessly with the a55g mid drivers, synth & keyboard notes travel from mid to high as notes decay they seemingly float off into space. all in all, well worth every penny spent. this by no means is a little tweak, it’s a major improvement I haven’t made any adjustments to the crossovers
  11. if it’s less than a year old (marantz receiver) is there any warrenty left? if so I’d want to take it to whoever does warrenty/repairs for marantz & have it gone thru to make sure an output transformer or the balance/volume control isn’t crapping out. or possible a loose or broken solder connection on the board. worst case scenarios, I know but better to have it gone thru while under warrenty
  12. just received them today & must say wow! the pics don’t do these any justice. very beefy & solid. much heavier duty than the stock plastic horns I should receive the drivers on Friday (b&c de120’s) I’ll post first impressions hopefully this weekend
  13. Recommendations for speakers?

    I can’t believe nobody has suggested these yet. taking into consideration you have kept the jbl 100’s (I had hpm 100’s) unfortunatly I think they’re only available in black...tangent t5000’s they’re make by klipsch & nicknamed the super heresy. they’re no where near as big as a cornwall but have enough bass to shake the windows cranking classic rock. you should be able to pick a pair up $250-350 range
  14. Tube Amp for newbie

    a nice choice. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with it. don’t be too quick to sell the 120 ss amp. set it up & have a good listen. I haven’t heard one myself but have read some good things about them happy listening!
  15. Tube Amp for newbie

    I’m sorry for not going further in depth with my last post. by no means was I trying to imply that set amps are in any way inferior to ul or pp. I have a couple of friends in our audio club with set amps & they are simply stunning. my reasoning for steering away from a set is that in the original post he said he’s new to tubes. a set just seems to be more dependant on tube type, speakers, room size, type of music & listening volumes where as a ul or pp is a little more plug & play for a newbie, that’s all. I guess my first question should have been what type of music do you listen to, how loud, how big is the room