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  1. @ODS123 - The difference is that you presume to tell newbies how they should approach our hobby. That your way is the "correct" way. In my opinion, new folks need to explore what our hobby has to offer and gain experience so that they can decide what matters to them - not you, not me. I can only offer what has worked, and not worked, for me in the 47 years that I have been an audio hobbyist. That may, or may not work for a newbie as each person must identify their priorities. Just my opinion.
  2. The only way you will know if the cables work in your system is to try them in your system and evaluate the sonic results with your own ears. I have listened to very expensive interconnects and speaker cables, cheap interconnects and speaker cables and everything in between. To my ears, in my preferred systems, I have found that the very reasonably priced Belden 8402 (shielded 2-conductor) with Switchcraft RCAs and Canare L5-CFB (75 ohm coaxial) with Canare RCAs interconnects and Dueland 12ga speaker wire work great with my SE amps and HE speakers based systems. All use tinned conductors. This combination has outperformed some very high priced stuff in my systems. It also sounds much more like music than the cheap generic stuff. This is just my opinion and YMMV.
  3. TubeHiFiNut

    Passive pre-amp

    +1 for the Saga using the 6SN7 buffer. Very transparent. Easy to integrate into your system due to the low output impedance of the tube buffer. Plus you get a remote. At $350, the Saga has to be one of the best audio buys out there. Just my opinion.
  4. Very much agree with this post. Well put, @Tizman
  5. To all of you who select your gear based on ABX/DBT testing: Good luck. Have fun. Enjoy the system you assemble based on ABX/DBT. Personally, I will continue to use the Observational method that I have used with great success for 47 years because I know it works for me. The best thing I can do for a newbie is to teach them how to trust their own ears while observing subtle differences in the sound of audio gear. Just my opinion.
  6. TubeHiFiNut

    Quicksilver Integrated Amplifier: A Quick Review

    Very nice review. Included in my various electronics are Quicksilver SET300B and original 8417 Monoblocks (updated by Mike Sanders to run EL34 tubes), Phono Preamp, Line Stage Preamp and MC SUT (which is excellent with my preferred Denon DL103 LOMC). A longtime friend has been running the Quicksilver Integrated for some time. His comments very much agree with the OP.
  7. TubeHiFiNut

    Schiit Saga to Add Remote to a System?

    The Schiit Saga is a full passive preamp with a tube buffer to lower the output impedance. I've used mine (with 6SN7 tube buffer) as the system preamp in both the main and living room systems and it performs very well. I went to a TVC based on S&B transformers in the main system but the Saga remains in the living room system where I am very pleased with it. If you do get a Saga to try, my suggestion is to use the Saga as your preamp (with 6SN7 tube buffer) and not double up with your existing active preamp. Just my opinion.
  8. TubeHiFiNut

    Schiit Saga to Add Remote to a System?

    To the OP - Which tube preamp do you have now?
  9. One thing I advise newbies to do is "keep it simple" and not go for a multi-channel biamped system.
  10. And here I am assembling a mono system to play my mono records.
  11. Have you ever tried listening nearfield to your Jubes, crossing the on axis well behind you?
  12. Very nice. How far away do you listen from each pair?
  13. TubeHiFiNut

    Quotable Quote

    "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky
  14. I wonder if the personality type (Driver, Expressive, Amiable, Analytical in the old S4 personality test jargon - there are lots and lots of these tests) of the listener determines their propensity to use and trust DBT/ABX testing methodologies? Further, I wonder if certain personality types (perhaps Analytical?) are subconsciously invested in NOT hearing differences? There are many subjects that diametrically opposed personality types (Driver and Amiable, Expressive and Analytical) have difficulty bridging - almost like not speaking the same language. Perhaps audio is one of those subjects?
  15. Plus, they sound like music.