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  1. Ubuntu LTS releases are supported for 5 years. Support for 14.04 ended 4/2019. Support for 16.04 will end 4/2021. Support for 18.04 ends 4/2023.
  2. Official support for Ubuntu 14.04 ended at the end of April. Current LTS version is 18.04, which will be supported until the end of April 2023. I would upgrade to 18.04 and then assess what does, and does not work.
  3. My CazTech SET845 monoblocks are from Canada. Been pleasing my ears for 20+ years.
  4. The EAT looks interesting. I'll have to learn more about it.
  5. If the table was used by a DJ regularly, it potentially has a lot of hard use. Wear and tear can be hard to see if you are buying the table online. Good pics from a variety of directions are a start. Check for obvious wear marks on the exterior. Unfortunately, a closer inspection will have to wait until you buy the table and it arrives - hopefully in one piece. Given that the table has arrived safely. When you get the table, verify cleanliness. Look for any play and/or friction in the arm bearings, any signs of abuse or rough usage showing on the plinth and any play in the platter and main bearing. If you see wear and feel play in any of the bearings, I'd return it. Buying locally or, better yet, from a local dealer helps eliminate the uncertainty. Just my opinion.
  6. The "DJ" table will have the features that DJs value and use regularly - and which you will probably never use at home. If you do decide to get a used Technics SL-1200 (certainly a very viable option), I would take care to make sure it has not been "rode hard and put away wet".
  7. Been playing records for several decades - seriously since the early 1970s. IN MY OPINION: 1. Each drive system (direct, belt, idler) is capable of excellent sound quality if properly implemented. 2. My preferences run to high mass tables as opposed to the yoke/spring tables (AR, Linn, Ariston, etc.). Of note, the latest Rega tables seem to be very interesting low mass implementations and worthy of an audition. 3. The phono stage is very important as is matching the cartridge and phono stage. I have tube and solid state phono stages an prefer the tube stages. Only one way to do understand what's right for you and your system - listening to various combinations for yourself. 4. I prefer a Step Up Transformer (SUT) to a high gain phono stage for Low Output Moving Coil cartridges. Yes, different SUTs match up better with certain LOMCs. 5. Buying used will definitely allow you to either save money or get a lot more table for a given price. 6. Pay close attention to matching cartridge compliance and tonearm mass. 7. Listen for yourself and make your own decisions. As with all things, YMMV. De gustibus non est disputandum
  8. I use a KingKo Audio KA-101 in the living room system. Power output : 2 x 12W Tube : EL84 x 4, 5AR4 x 1, 12AU7 x 2, 12AX7 x 1 Input : CD, AUX1, AUX2, PRE-IN Dimension(cm) : (W)20 x (D)23 x (H)21, (W)8" x (D)9" x (H)8" Weight : 11Kg Power consumption :120W It's got three inputs so you can use it as an integrated amp plus a direct "power amp" input that bypasses the selector and volume control. http://kingkoaudio.com/en/pages/KINGKO-AUDIO.html I really like this amp - a lot. When I get the Man Cave back together, it will take a shot against the various SE amps in residence on the modified Belles with Community SRH90 mid horns and Pyramid/Sequerra T1 Ribbons and the Lowther PM2A/Medallions. I THINK the KA-101 is still available for less than $1,000US but you'll have to contact KingKo directly to confirm pricing and delivery. No affiliation whatsoever with KingKo Audio. Just my opinion.
  9. Qobuz streams available selections in FLAC and offers the best quality. Tidal and Deezer stream in CD quality. Tidal also offers MQA selections which some claim as an improvement, but you do need an MQA enabled DAC. All the rest (Spotify, Napster, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon Prime Music) max out at 320kbps MP3 or AAC. YouTube music supposedly has some hi-rez selections but the rest are all over the place. I have all of them and have compared all of them over a loooong period of time. I use Qobuz, Tidal and Deezer regularly when I want to hear streaming at its best, Pandora Premium for background music when I don't want to think about selecting albums and pretty much any of the above on airplanes. I really like the Spotify interface and huuuuuge library. If and when they start streaming in at least CD quality (preferably Hi-Rez), I would certainly use it a lot more at home. These are just my opinions and YMMV.
  10. In addition to the Topping TP60 and TPA3250 amps I previously recommended, the Allo Volt+ D amp should also be considered. Thus far, I have only listened to it using the stock 19vdc power brick. Speakers are Tangent RS2. I use the Schiit Saga as a preamp. Clear, clean, decent image size. Maybe not the last word in excitement. All in all a very competent performer. Just my opinion.
  11. @Don Richard - We are actually in agreement regarding cable and wire. I've had some of the semi-mega buck stuff and found that Belden 8402 with Switchcraft RCAs for interconnects and Dueland 12ga for speaker cable sounded better. Very reasonably priced stuff that sounds very good. I would also add Canare to the list of reasonably priced interconnects and speaker cable. Just my opinion.
  12. +1 to this. I get more than enough volume driving my Belles in a 14' x 25' basement listening room with my 3 watts/channel 2A3 SET or my 4 watts/channel EL84 SEP. Just my opinion.
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