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  1. Some of the Record Heads in this forum may also be movie buffs. New release. January 17, 2020


    John Carpenter Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998 With Exclusive Slipmat




    Disk art is ok, but not a fan of the cover art.




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  2. 19 minutes ago, Maximus89 said:

    My ears understand Deans work for my Klipschorns and i'd go back to him before getting those Klipsch approved caps. Same for La Scalas/Belles.  For CW or Hersey or Forte or Chorus or KLF, etc, i'd for sure go that approved route considering the low cost. 

    Deang is done. Call JEM and report back. Then if they won't do the work, call the place I suggested earlier because they are legit, but not factory accurate "voltage tranfer curve", but can definitely build a high quality board. If you read the links I post you will understand why so few are involved in this kind of work. Applied math yes, applied income...well a few actually figured that part out pretty well.

  3. Practical capacitors and inductors as used in electric circuits are not ideal components with only capacitance or inductance. However, they can be treated, to a very good degree of approximation, as being ideal capacitors and inductors in series with a resistance; this resistance is defined as the equivalent series resistance (ESR). If not otherwise specified, the ESR is always an AC resistance, which means it is measured at specified frequencies, 100 kHz for switched-mode power supply components, 120 Hz for linear power-supply components, and at its self-resonant frequency for general-application components. Additionally, audio components may report a "Q factor", incorporating ESR among other things, at 1000 Hz.


    Ask again once you understand all of the above including the links provided.

  4. 2 hours ago, Maximus89 said:

    "The factory board used interactions between closely spaced parts as part of it’s tuning.

    I'm curious if madisound would be able to do that "board interaction between closely spaced parts" with their own board @314carpenter? Bob mentioned it's a very complex crossover.


    If this is in fact true, then I have no problem saying it is a very poor design choice intended for one single purpose only. What you can do then from this point forward is entirely based on your budget and willingness to move away from the original network. Anyone with the technical capability of measuring and designing a new network for the purpose of solving specific issues with a poorly designed crossover would find it very time consuming and therefore very expensive. There are countless speaker models out there in the world to choose from. A relatively low budget model will never get the attention required to address these kind of things. I own a couple of pairs of speakers, which are of a very highly regarded design, and also happen to have an extremely complex crossover, and parts count alone prevents anyone other than a few motivated owners with high level of talent and knowledge from doing any refinement except on their very own pairs. I am just saying you will likely not locate a tech, service center, or even a DIY'er who will want to do this work at a budget that will commensurate with the value of your speakers. Your choices are very limited. Compromises will need to be made. Or buy new speakers.

  5. 21 hours ago, Maximus89 said:

    Anyone do any crossover work on their CF-3 series 1 and/or KV-4?   Capacitor and resistor upgrades with premium parts?  

    Looking for someone to do the work as i don't think Dean or Bob work on these OR looking to buy plus trade my stock version 1 CF-3 networks for your upgraded networks. 

    While i'm here, anyone got a pair of CF-4 ver. 1 for me to take off your hands¬†in Texas, Louisiana or Arkansas near Tx border?¬†ūüėĀ






    Simple. Send them a crossover schematic and they will build a board for you. Printed circuit using high quality parts. You can choose the level of quality. If you want to tweak a circuit design, just send them a valid schematic with the changes and that is what you will get. They are local for me. I have talked with the owners in person multiple times over the years. They build anything you send them. Not brand specific. They design and sell their own models also.


    Send them this


    or this



    They will look something like this (for demonstration purposes only)



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  6. I know it has been a while, but I thought it was important to add this here. I envisioned something similar earlier, but this is much better than what was available at that time.


    Alexa Care Hub.



    Introducing the Care Hub, a free feature in the Alexa app that gives you new ways to remotely check in on parents or loved ones. With an Echo device at your loved one's home and the Alexa app on your phone, you’ll know they’re up and active. You can also get notified if they ask Alexa for help. It’s a simple way to feel close even when you're apart.


    It’s easy to check in and know everything is going well throughout the day. A quick glance at the activity feed shows your loved one’s activity by category (like entertainment). You won’t see the song they played or what they said. Set up alerts to notify you if there's no activity or when the first interaction happens every day. It’s reassurance for you and independence for them.


    Alexa will call and send a notification to your phone if your loved one asks for help. You can then call or drop in on them through the Care Hub, or decide to contact emergency services.

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  7. Updated the List. Over 60 Titles to choose from. Discounts available for Orders over $25.


    Blu-Ray's I Have For Sale (New Unopened)


    Ant-Man And The Wasp w/slipcover (Walmart Exclusive disk only) 
    Spider-Man 1
    Spider-Man 3 (w/digital code sticker) (maybe illegible)
    Robocop (Metalpack) https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/RoboCop-Blu-ray/103953/
    Taboo (TV Series)
    The Road Warrior
    Barbershop The Next Cut
    The Hunger Games Catching Fire w/slipcover
    Freeway Killer
    Help I Shrunk My Parents
    Help I Shrunk My Teacher
    High Voltage
    Jack And Diane
    Scary Movie 5
    Touchy Feely
    We'll Never Have Paris
    Superman III
    Jackie Chan's First Strike
    The Conjuring 2
    A.D. The Bible Continues (TV series)
    Going In Style
    Killer Klowns From Outer Space
    Master w/slipcover

    DVD's  I Have For Sale (New Unopened)
    Freedom Fighters: The Ray
    Batman The Killing Joke
    Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 2
    Batman Secrets Of The Caped Crusader
    Justice League Doom

    4K's I Have For Sale (New Unopened)

    The Incredible Hulk 4K (2008) (slipcover)
    Spider-Man Homecoming 4K

    More BLU-RAY's  I Have For Sale (New Unopened)

    Jungle Book (live)
    Patriots Day
    Friday the 13th/ A Nightmare On Elm Street/ Freddy VS Jason Triple Feature
    Jurassic World (Round Tin)
    Life (BBC Series) (Oprah Winfrey)
    Coffy (Arrow) (RegionB)

    BLU-RAY's I Have For Sale  (Used Opened)

    Cinderella https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Cinde...lu-ray/118775/
    Mad Max Fury Road https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Mad-M...lu-ray/141430/
    The Revenant https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-R...lu-ray/123436/
    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1
    Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2
    The Revenant
    Cinderella (Live)
    Spider-man Homecoming
    Aladdin (Live)
    Avengers Infinity War (rental)
    Frozen Planet (Disk 3 only)
    The Omen Collection (Fox)

    DVD's I Have For Sale ( New Unopened)

    Spider-Man 2 (Superbit w/slip) https://www.blu-ray.com/dvd/Spider-Man-2-DVD/18825/



    DVD's I Have For Sale (Used Opened)

    Indiana Jones The Complete Adventure Collection
    Planet Earth

  8. 5 hours ago, EpicKlipschFan said:


    bully you?? LOL!  calm down, nobody is trying to bully you & there is no fight... i simply commented on your post above that was clearly bashing the item he was selling.  old news? guess i wasnt aware that we could make derogatory comments on members for sale threads now.  & i missed your other comments on this thread that you deleted, but i imagine they were nice & polite...  


    apparently you dont recall getting all bent out of shape when i posted a simple question about the passive you were selling or another member asked about the pricing, you made multiple snippy posts (now deleted) telling us to remove our comments because they were causing "controversy" on your for sale thread... even went so far as to PM me demanding that i delete my comments so you could "clean up your for sale post"... but now its ok to do that?  good to know.    






  9. 1 hour ago, EpicKlipschFan said:


    so its ok for you to bash a members for sale thread, but when someone questions your pricing on your for sale thread you get all bent out of shape & tell them they are causing "controversy" & to remove their comments???  gotcha!


    "I would appreciate it if you would please exit the thread without further comment."  "Please clean up those posts. Please do not post in my garage sales again." - 314carpenter

    Old news. It is now ok for anyone to question and comment. Not just me. Anyone. You too. No one is special here. We learned all about this prior to this thread creation. I did not and will not bash any thread. I feel like YOU are trying to bully me. That is not OK. STOP.

    This is the way.

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