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  1. Sometimes it is difficult to keep my garage/workshop above 60 degrees for certain wood working and finishing jobs. This should help out on the coldest of days. I have an LP hose long enough to keep the propane tank outside, just have to remember to shut off the gas before spraying anything.




  2. Bought this for one reason only. Tone mapping via HDR optimizer function. Looking forward to better looking 4K spinners on my 106" Stewart StudioTek FilmScreen and less projector settings roulette. Will absolutely be keeping my OPPO-203 for all other purposes though.





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  3. The two K-25-K woofers I have are best suited for someone who only wants ORIGINAL parts for a Forte II restoration. I Probably have the only 2 available in the country at the moment. No one in the current market is scraping Forte II's for parts and all of the original replacement K-25-K's have been gone for 15 years.

  4. Yes, different in some parameters and manufacturing technicalities, such as a much smaller magnet, but sonically adequate enough for original crossovers and cabinets and most importantly your ears. The K-28-K is/was recommended as the drop in replacement for K-25-K due to the lack of OEM replacement parts for the K-25-K. 

  5. On 1/18/2020 at 11:40 AM, avguytx said:

    I messaged him yesterday and he sent me a pic of the part numbers. When I get home, I'll post it. 

    looking forward to your upcoming post

  6. 1 hour ago, Les Lammers said:

    Which sounds better, BT or Wi-Fi? 

    There is no debate to be had there. Everyone should now be aware of the fact that WiFi is better SQ over BT. The Zen Blue series is all about lower cost, higher performance. For those that want higher SQ than BT can provide, while still maintaining an ultra low price point, check out the following link

    Product Of The Year 2019:‌ Desktop Components- The Wondrous iFi ZEN‌ DAC Headphone Amp/DAC Combo Review!


    stretching the budget and you could have a better dac with this...


    available here...




  7. 3 hours ago, Les Lammers said:

     What have you compared BT to? I'm not certain it would better wi-fi. https://www.lifewire.com/what-to-know-about-bluetooth-3134591

    quoting from the article above

    "Most Bluetooth audio products are built not by the company whose employees wear their brand, but by an original design manufacturer you've never heard of. And the Bluetooth receiver used in an audio product probably wasn't made by the ODM, but by yet another manufacturer. The more complex a digital product is, and if there are more engineers working on it, the more likely it is that no one knows everything about what's really going on inside the device. One format could easily be transcoded into another, and you'd never know it because almost no Bluetooth receiving device will tell you what the incoming format is."


    The last phrase intrigues me enough to go further into detail here. I happen to know that the new IFI Zen Blue wireless streamer is indeed a device that does tell you what the incoming format is. It is also the ONLY bluetooth receiver on the market that supports all codecs including the new LDAC and HWA codecs 


    Per manual:

    Codec The colour of the ‘iFi’ logo in the centre of the front display represents the file format received:

    Format      LED

    AAC           Yellow

    aptX           Blue

    aptX HD    Magenta

    LDAC*       Cyan

    HWA*        White

    SBC           Green

    *Available via future firmware update


  8. To add to the thread I thought you might to read about what to look forward to in the coming year with the next generation of bluetooth capable hifi products.


    Quote" “Legacy [codecs] can only process up to 7-8kHz [of human hearing],” says Alfonso Carrera Usabiaga, director of marketing at Fraunhofer IIS. “So what’s the point in having streaming audio codecs that are so excellent, when the last mile is bringing the quality down. LC3 has been fundamentally designed to bring this super wideband experience to your ear.”


    I also would love a plug and play steaming dac that I could add to my Denon X4400H.  I am confused by the "home theater bypass" feature on some higher level products.


    And lastly, I have been following the development of the new low level IFI products, specifically these 2 products



  9. 2 hours ago, babadono said:

    Unfortunately I have been informed that   More speakers = my death.:)   Or worse.

    This deal may be worth it if the risk is slightly less than death. Kind of a buy 3, sell 2, keep 1 @ half off. Glad this is no where near me though. I have finally reduced my inventory down to 6 pairs of unused speakers.

  10. I have found a few sellers on CL admitting to me that they had little to nothing to do with the property other than to settle an estate and were looking to maximize the return for the family. Told me they had a rush of buyers "willing to drive hundreds of miles" to pay more money for their under priced stuff. Boom, relisted for more money. I believe some of these CL "sellers" have never sold a thing in their life, but somehow get tasked with the sale anyway. I learned it is better to steer clear of these "maximizers". I continue my search for the original owners who love to sell their stuff to "someone who will do something good with it."

  11. 2 hours ago, Matrixx9 said:

    So that is a 6 channel amp? 

    1,2,3,4,5 or 6 channel configurations are all possible options. 3 channels and up utilize all internals without waste.

    2 hours ago, Matrixx9 said:

    Is it meant for audio only?

    It is an amplifier, so yes.

    2 hours ago, Matrixx9 said:

    I've only seen odd number amps  to account for the center channel before 

    Adding a monoblock amp for the center, to augment a 6 channel amp,  would make for a very nice 7 channel setup. I use the Classe CAV-150 bridged for the front 3 channels giving me 300W/LCR. I have different 7 channel amp powering the 6 remaining channels @200W each. I love the excess.

  12. On 12/13/2019 at 3:39 PM, wvu80 said:

    There is a Denon 4400 I'm looking at for $300

    This is what I would recommend you go with. No need to look any further. Why downgrade from there? The price is more than right. I paid $800 for mine even though the MSRP was $1499. I have seen nothing develop in the past 2 years to justify the newer models existence. A Marantz SR6012 will cost you $650 and will provide very little difference if any at all. Just make sure pay for and use the Audyssey editor app. 

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  13. CF4 V3.

    Original owner finally turned them over and I was lucky to be the first contact. This will be my first pair of this series. FWIW I have had KG 5.2/5.5 before.  I never even heard Epics before and wanted to give them a trial run to see what all the praise is about. Not thinking a long term relationship here, more of a fling. Too bad they are black. Later when I have time I will refinish them to make them look like new again. Probably the coolest part is that I can now join the Epic owners group. Just listening to classic Christmas music tonight.













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