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  1. 1 hour ago, Rivernuggets said:

    @314carpenter, you pursuing these? if so, good luck!

    They're even Walnut.

    @Rivernuggets , want to come team up for a listening session? Help me decide? 


    Contact to the seller will not occur until after I return from my trip to Dubuque Iowa in a 3 person, 3 city, Klipsch gear parking lot swap by Diamond Joe's Casino. One lucky guy gets it all. Not me, I am in it for the cash.


    From what I have read so far...LaScala is  prefered, but the difference is marginal, and I do not have the floor space for the depth of a LaScala. Belle is the go to when depth is a concern. I measured and I may have 2" to spare if I place one Belle shoved into the corner. The other end is open on a 30' wall, but feng shui says to keep everything centered of the TV which is centered and mounted perfectly with the cathedral. No, I am not putting more anchor holes in my walls.


    Other choice is to split Belles with a forum member and use one for my center, since I have had no luck on those Chorus II walnut. Either way it would be weird for home theater with the timbre between Chorus II and Belle. 🤔


    Currently there is 34" between the right side wall and the right side of the right hand AV rack in the picture below. 








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  2. 1996 was the first and only time I had seen and heard Belles in person when they were actually available for sale. The impression they left me still remains. They did not follow me home then, as I was into car audio at the time, and lived in a 600 sq ft. lake cabin. Now I can not help but wonder, should I do what Jill did on the other thread and buy a house they will fit in because they won't fit here now?


    Actually in all seriousness I could fit them in, but the center channel would need to go. Run with phantom center, Belles front LR with 300 watts each, rears Chorus II with 150 watts each. I could even pay for the Belles with the sale of my Chorus II and Forte II. Not actually sure that is a come-up though, financially, or acoustically. Then there is the challenge of finding a compatible sub. Oh, the first world problems continue. 

  3. @wvu80 what have you got on these? Asking you nicely. I may put in a reasonable offer. I do not have an inch of space to put them, and may have to find a new wife, but I am afflicted. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.


    Never mind, I picked up your spreadsheet on another thread. Thanks again.

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  4. 3 hours ago, wuzzzer said:


    Mine was a craigslist deal that feel through.  Then a forum member bought it.  I should have just avoided craigslist altogether.

    I will be in Dubuque Iowa Tuesday to make the hand-off. Then I hit the casino!🤑

    Funny thing, when I suggested we meet in Dubuque, the buyer told me he was meeting another guy from a town 30 miles away from my home, for the same purpose....the buyer is purchasing a pair of Klipsch Heresy and a pair of SW12 subs from him. Maybe we should car pool.

  5. SOLD


    There is some dust that showed up under the lighting. It was not easy to get good photos of black lacquer and still get fine detail to show the condition while keeping the color accurate. The grills are far more black than in the pic though.







  6. That looks like a very nice unit. looks as though it could be very quite while still capable of purifying many cubic feet of space. I love the air purifier I have, especially in the theater room. I hate seeing dust moving around the projector lens. I just leave it run and turn it off when it is movie night.

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  7. 2 hours ago, glens said:

    I'll chime in on this, too.  The primary reason for this is that those designs spill sound all around the room, and none of them will do that well unless they're positioned well away from boundaries, stealing precious (usually) room space.  It's why they create a more 3d image, though it's more often than not a coloration in and of itself.

    I completely agree with you. I originally had my "other" speakers in what is now my Klipsch room and in a/b testing I realized that my room needed directivity and not wide dispersion. Most of us have to make some sacrifices because of the rooms we listen in. The Klipsch designers really have done great work in considering the room as a major part the equation. Did I mention I think the cabinet work is freaking awesome.

  8. 16 minutes ago, Westcoastdrums said:

    You wanna help me out with that?   Did I mention that I ONLY own klipsch speakers?   Did I mention also that I DO NOT want to buy anything else?   

    You got plenty of credibility in my book. Just between you and me, ssshhh don't tell the others, I own and buy more than only Klipsch products. To show my allegiance this coming weekend, Klipsch will be my first stop at the Axpona 2019 audio expo in Chicago, Illinois

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Westcoastdrums said:

    Ummmmm, the hell is someone supposed to say to that?   You wanna add sowmthing or....?

    Just having fun deciphering the communication breakdown by multiple parties in this thread. Just hoping to lighten things up in here.



  10. One more available. 


    Like new old stock.


    It is perfect in every way.  Literally as close to new old stock as you can get. Fresh pics coming Sunday along with a new special price for Klipsch Community members only. Look for the new thread Sunday in Garage.


    Shipping is double boxed to protect the original Klipsch Academy box and packaging.



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