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  1. Just now, EmilC said:

    Ok Buckeye fans. Back off Jimbo.

    You guys are getting a bit mean spirited. It is the Holidays after all

    Back Off??? Were not the ones talking crap. Let's see Called us OSU fans dickheads, Hopes Columbus gets blown off the face of the earth, some snide comment about Ohio Corn Hole. If he can't run with the big dogs he needs to stay on the front porch. Just like his team! He sure likes to attempt to dish it out! 

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  2. I have no problem with Joe winning the Heisman either, he is a great QB. But....the Heisman is suppose to be for the best college player, and that would be Chase Young. Joe just did not fit into OSU style of offense. LSU was willing to change the style they played. That decision has helped Joe and LSU become one of the best teams in college football. Joe will go on to the NFL and become a very good QB, as long as he gets the right coaching. 


    jimjimbo why do you have so much hate for the Buckeyes?? Just don't see you saying much about your team doing anything against Bama or any other team for that matter. Your like the little kid at the play ground. When you can't beat up the kid who whooped you, you tell him your going to get your BIG brother to do it. Your team has not had a signature WIN in how long?? We as OSU fans love the Wolverines as we can count on ONE thing during the year, A WIN!! You may want to lay off of college football for a while, it seems to raise your blood pressure and that's not good for you. You might want to consider rooting for the Wolverine Tiddlywinks team, I hear they are pretty good.





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  3. 16 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

    Strength of schedule?  OSU vs. LSU?  Are you on drugs?

    Nope not on drugs....you may want to re-read as what I stated. Maybe you don't understand since your a Xichigan fan. Let me explain since we had to play XICHIGAN, YOU hurt us in our strength of schedule. I mean after 16 out of 17 *** whoopins the committee counts that against us. LOL 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Pete H said:

    That said, you know I'm a PSU fan so you don't hate me and I would really like to hear your Chorus 2's at some point since we're both Ohioans.  

    Hey Pete your more than welcome to hear them anytime. I have 2 pairs of them one pair with Crites updates and one pair without. I'm located near Lima...You??

  5. Ohio State would have been number 1, but strength of schedule of having to play the losers from Up North hurt us. I am sure the selection committee counts that one every year as a gimme. 


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  6. https://www.us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVReceivers&ProductId=NR1200


    Take a look to see if this meets your needs. I have one and love it. 75 WPC, 2 sub hook ups, pre-amp out so you can add more power down the road if you want. You can hook it to you TV and use it for 2 channel. I am using it now and streaming Amazon Music HD, works great. It has a list price of 599.00 but get a hold of Corey or Steven @https://www.facebook.com/PaducahHomeTheater/?eid=ARBd4uUdZ3kXR2n9QDY8BH2lFDKcfjrXrAamGCmeehSTR1XOfnGf0m-lZlRZEG7xh_JZ5zzSno0SuyH_ for a better price.



    Marantz 2.jpg

  7. Can't wait till the end of the Alabama game to see Saban get crucified in his press conference. Up 35 to 7 in the second quarter, and Tagovailoa re-injured. It will be interesting in what his explanation will be.


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  8. Had a DJ service for 15 years 78-93, We did school dances , weddings, parties etc. We were booked almost every weekend of the year. We used La Scalas,  talk about a lot of fun lifting those things around. Some of the halls we did events at were a nightmare to get them in. One in particular I hated was the Elk's club. We had to carry them up the fire escape stairs, because management didn't want the members to be disrupted. I am glad we were young and strong back then, wouldn't want to do it now. We got a lot of business because of those La Scalas, everyone loved the sound of them, and how loud they could be cranked. 

  9. Found a really nice pair of black Chorus 2's only 80 miles from me. Thanks @absolve2525 for the Chorus 2's and helping load them. On a side note on the way home, I was getting out of daughters F-250 to check and make sure they were riding OK stepped down and broke my ankle. Since I am off the Chorus list now (2 pairs ) next person up. Only took 3 days to find them!


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