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  1. What they are offering on the flyer with code is not the same as what comes up once i put the code in. It comes up with 204 for the 62, and it wont even apply to the 82s
  2. FRYS.com has the RC 62 ii today for their promo deal again, as well as their RF 82 iis, if anyone is interested
  3. Good to know. The more I learn the more I retain on what is what. Right now, I am literally at the ground floor in a lot of aspects when it comes to Klipsch and their products. I have had surround set ups for years, with less than ideal products and even less than ideal products for the shape of my room. I was a Bose-O for many years, and the prices are outrageous for what they sell the quality product of. They don't even sell a Center channel any more.. thats so strange. I had one from them, and it was the weak link to my set up. When I bought my quintets for my bedroom, I already had a sub, and it sounded so much better than the Bose. It was eye opening. SO, when I say I want to upgrade from my quintets for the sides and rears, In my bottom level mind, any upgrade will be significant compared to what I have now, because those speakers are meant for what I need compared to what I have.
  4. so skip the r 14s and the rs 42 ii's?
  5. If it wasnt so frustrating to scale down the pictures, it would have already happened
  6. Im kinda in your boat, not in a great room for surrounds for the sides in my 7.1. Would love to hear feedback as well. I have read the RS 35 is a good option for surrounds, but finding them an getting a good deal is key. I have personally always bought new, but am open to buying used for this just because they arent main speakers and im not in a great place for them to begin with. Currently using new RS 61 iis for fronts, RC 62 ii for center, non klipsch sub, and quintets for sides and rears. Honestly they are doing fine, but you cant know what sounds better til you hear it in action in your own room, so im sure they could be better, deeper, bassier
  7. Thanks. Any suggestions on RS speakers? I was reading on another post RS 35s would go with most reference speakers, what are the differences between them and the RS 10s and other surround speakers? I don't feel that the quintets im using right now are doing a bad job for what my room needs, but wouldnt mind another cheap upgrade on a used pair
  8. Yea, I mean some centers have keyholes for mounting. The one you are looking at doesn't. Like flame says, Mount a separate shelf underneath or above your tv, or mount brackets that can hold the weight. This can very much be a do it yourself job if you are handy like that. Just make sure whatever you do can handle the weight of that speaker. I was in the same boat when I got my new center, but I made what I have work. Still may do something later as far as a mount/shelf to free up space though. Let us know what you use so it can help us in the future!
  9. Yes. You just have to make sure the one you are looking at has those capabilities. Which ones are you looking at in particular?
  10. My next move will be surrounds anyway. Floor standing speakers will be the last thing I do
  11. It says when I apply the coupon code to the rf 82 iis is in store only
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-RS-62-Reference-Surround-Speaker/dp/B0041GH7C8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483212386&sr=8-1&keywords=rs+62+ii
  13. That's insane.. going from 550 center channel to less than 200.. wow. Are they all refurbed or something?
  14. Wow... I wish I had that deal... Bought mine for 329.. is this website something to keep an eye on regularly?
  15. **Update So as most of you here know now after reading my skepticism and also my anxiety about spending the money on the upgrade that it was WELL WORTH IT. Last night I watched a few different things cranked up: Star Trek (the newest one)- Not the whole thing, but just about 30 minutes Captain America III Civil War- Took me a little while to get everything set up to be a good balance between speakers and sub. Once I got that where it should be (about 2 hours in the movie) this stuff was rocking. I had my buddy over to hang while I got it set up and he was pretty damn impressed with all of it. Hell, he was impressed even without it being calibrated the way it should be. Here is the kicker, I moved my R 15M's and R 25C to my bedroom, paired with a non klipsch sub (which has been plenty for that room) and quintet satellites for the rears, and they sounded ok.. I mean was I already spoiled by what was upgraded? I figured at least the one thing that setup had over my den was that the room shape was waaaay better for SQ, but.. they really just didn't carry the same umph I am getting in my den. Let's get this clear, the set up in my bedroom is MORE than enough for that room. I have a set up to have my computer run through an HDMI and wireless mouse and keyboard so I can game in there, but it is only a few feet away from the tv. Any more could be overkill. This morning I woke up and me and my fiance tested the bedroom speakers out by playing the Justin Timberlake concert from Netflix. Sounded good.. couldn't complain.. Then we moved in the den to test the same thing out... Holy sh*t.. the difference was staggering. For those of you who are weary on making an upgrade jump, do it. If you have the entry levels like I did, there is a huge difference between what I had in my den, and what I upgraded too. Regularly priced $1150 and getting it for $660 was an incredible deal, much less with the gift cards I had to help. Thanks to everyone who eased my mind and kept me in check from stopping this from happening. I was teatering on the edge of cancelling this order. Thank god I went through with it.
  16. Thanks, I am on my work comp so I can't be downloading software, but I'll have more pics later for when my RB 61 iis come in today anyway
  17. So, can anyone explain how to downgrade photos? All of the pictures I want to post are over 2 MB. Why would it put such a low cap on uploaded pictures?
  18. Nobody told me how much bigger the RC 62 II was than the R 25C!! And sorry the pic is kinda blurry
  19. I get all my cables, not just HDMI, online. You can get long cables online for much better prices than actual stores. Plus they are in wall grade too if you are going that route
  20. Thanks for all the feedback! Cant wait to hear them and hear the difference between them and what I have now! Im always scared that I wont be able to tell a big difference and will have wasted money, but overall even with that fear I am comfortable with this move.
  21. For all the reasons Flame notates, and the fact that it would have been 279 X 2 as opposed to 329 X 1.. I wasn't up for spending that on what will eventually be the rear speakers in a 7.1. Now when I get to Floors... Im gonna go into at least the 500-700 range for each speaker on those.
  22. Thats how I feel about them too, i see people talking about a few days of breaking them in. I guess really to me that just mean a few days of them getting used to what they sound like as opposed to what they are used to. I will pin point little things over a few days and get a good picture of what the major differences are when i do an upgrade, but that doesnt necessarily mean that they are broken in. Honestly, the speakers break me in haha
  23. Exactly. Plus the 81 iis would have been a good bit more than what I felt comfortable spending Thanks for all of the feedback everybody, I certainly can not wait to get them in and test them out. Anyone know how long it takes to break them in?
  24. The fact that they match the new center was the biggest reason for me to get them. I want to eventually get some actual surround speakers for the sides and floorstanding speakers and will move the 61 iis to be the rears. I am looking at this as an investment for the future. I just cant do any of that in the house I am in and get the full effect. I have told my fiance that I am going to be very critical when we start house hunting in the future. If we walk into a house that doesnt have a decent size room thats a good shape.. that will be a deal breaker for us looking at it seriously. My bedroom now is a much better room for sound quality, but I will not put my best set up in here as of now because of the fact that I am not gonna have my movie room in my bed room for when people come over. Thanks for making me feel like this was a solid decision. I just wish I could hear them for myself before dropping the money. I look at it like I am on entry level.. which isnt really true overall since I was working with Bose... awful.. i know, then moved to quintets.. then got a good sub, and the R 25C and 15 Ms. They are borderline entry level, and these will hopefully sound a lot better and I will be sold on them pretty quick. Just sucks the room is poorly shaped.
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