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  1. The world is rife with this type of crap. Indians, pakisthani's, bangladeshi's, kenyans, nigerians etc etc go to the the middle east (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait) to "work" after paying their way for flight/boat/bus, and the instant they arrive there, their passport gets confiscated, and they cant leave. Then they're stuck in jobs paying 1/10th doing much harder labor than originally advertised and living in tiny 6'X6' shacks with no AC in 125F weather ... When the US abolished slavery, well, it continued for another 100+ yrs to the middle east from africa, and worse, it morphed into this.
  2. Proceed PAV - I always wanted to try that, in fact I want to try the amp 5 on my emotiva umc1, but I only have the fronts hooked up out of an sae 2200 - khorns and it does better even for movies cos its a rather small room.
  3. The avp is the pre hdmi build, maybe the avp2 had different circuitry, the avp made the amp 5 sound too soft and muddled and lacking punch. There was a different pre amp they had as well, a different 3 letter acronym, I wanted to try that at some point. I got sort of scammed out of the avp though I should also blame my own stupidity there, but somehow it turns out to have been a good deal in the end. The amp is definitely better of the 2. The avp just looked like a million $$$ though.
  4. Whenever someone fool puts that canard up, I usually reply with yep very rare, cos no body wanted them back then either.
  5. Now that I know he's sold the amp 3 - hopefully I'm not thread dumping. The amp5 is a clean 120+ lb. I am very reluctant to ship it. Its available for demo in NC/SC area. It sounds fantastic with hard to drive capacitive loads like a carver amazing AL 3, and will obviously allow vertical bi amping with the center run out of the 5th channel. On a easy to drive heritage klipsch, its a bit unneccessary. For the $$ get tubes or even a smaller cap coupled amp like a Marantz 2230, or a pure class A. It has individual power supplies for each of the 5 channels. Rather small chassis (same as amp 2 and 3) but obviously that 120lb isn't going away anytime soon. The weak link in the proceed series IMHO is the pre amp. The avp I had with it was just a let down. Well its gone now, so use your preferred pre/XO etc etc and blast away.
  6. I have an amp 5 I would sell for $800 - If I could ever find a box that will carry it ... Excellent for vertical bi amping a stereo and running a center or of the other one ... Cool. Srinath.
  7. If I win the lottery man, I'll open a speaker factory ... and shut down the speaker factory when I wanted to rest - I cant find it now - but the actual quote is - a wise man would open a boiler factory and shut down the boiler factory when he wanted to rest - what book was it in - Google as we all know is for the youngus who dont know what a book is. Well if I win the lottery ... speaker factory - a brew pub, and a motorcycle parts manufacturing facility - all in 1 massive building. Steam punk at its finest. Chopper front ends, handlebars, beers, distilled (not by heat - every fool with 2 pennies to rub together has one of those - freeze distilled) spirits, and speaker kits and horn and this and that all in 1 unholy block. I'll also put it in the seediest part of town, hire a bunch of people with mad skills they may have learnt in prison, or just hammering together stuff in their backyard/car. It'll be the unholiest collection of mofo's (men and women) ... Mean looks are not only encouraged ... even required. I'll make biking cool again, drinking fun again and sound louder again. So now I bought a lottery ticket when the jackpot was like 400 million 5 yrs ago. Anytime, now, I'm expecting it to win.
  8. I watched them in the 70's and 80's. Yea too tacky now, but was fine back then. But adjusted for the time it was made, Goldeneye and Living daylights are by far and away #1 and 2, distant 3rd IMHO that one with the aston martin Vanish - Die another day. A lot ate tied for 4th. Like View to a kill. Or World is not enough. Almost makes up for that dismal tommorow never dies. Some of the older bond movies all slot in neatly between 3 and 4. But really You're gonna put something else over Goldeneye - watch it, remember it was 1995. Watch Living daylights then - 1987 - with Miriam D'Abo. Nothing even comes close to these 2 for the tech of the day they were released.
  9. What If I promised to never do anything to their appearance because I hear with my ears, not my eyes, and I am not a fan of any specific sport or team ... Though Indian Cricket team wears blue ... No wont touch em, I promise. Then can I have them ... I wont be putting em in a bond fire either. Cos I dont like James Bond all that much nowadays - golden eye was the best. Brosnan was the best bod, oddly followed by Dalton and living daylights. The BMW R1200C was a great bike, but If Tommmorow comes was a terrible bond film, and it went better on the next one with the aston Martin Vanish ... but ever since sliding downhill. Daniel Craig was better in Munich than in any of the Bond movies.
  10. I've had a few of these industrial things with spray painted bed liner paint. I typically have been able to peel that off - do not use heat cos that causes them to soften and dig into the grain. Then sand the wood - still have a few flecks of the bed liner but it may just add to the wood "character" then stain it etc like you do normal wood.
  11. RIP brother from a musical mother - No I'm not from a musical mother. More from the make it louder side of the family.
  12. OMG … yes RIP Ennio Morricone. May you not get dug up from your resting place cos someone was fooling someone into thinking there's $$$ instead of the unknown one next to you. (sorry for the spoiler) BTW I actually am surprised he was only 91 and I didn't know he was alive. So Clint Eastwood now coming up on 90, man were they the same age when they made those movies. LOL. Makes sense actually.
  13. Cool. I've got 8611 date code (11th week of 86 in my Khorns) I'll call you tomorrow.
  14. Will do tomorrow. Nothing like a Klipsch receipt hanging on the wall for someone like me who's been dragging stuff out of smelly goodwills for decades. LOL. A fresh crisp speaker and receipt will be put on the wall LOL. I have also been wondering if those NOS like speaker exchange etc are selling stuff they may have stockpiled 20 yrs ago. Some stuff ages just sitting, and in fact some of that type of aging (like ferrofluid dry out) is worse when sitting.
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