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  1. Spoiler alert ... But in the last movie in the twilight series Bella attacks a cougar - does that count as "cougaring a cougar".
  2. Better pic of the other label.
  3. This is the label. I also have another friend who has C00 rb2 8776892 and whatever its other pair is.
  4. Oooo signature on top is too faded for me to read it. PS - It says Bill something I cant read. The one on the bottom seems to say nuBradford in cursive handwriting. I can have my friend send me a better pic of the sig and post here and he'll be happy to print out your confirmation I'm sure.
  5. Thanks found it. In 1980 and 24690 and 24691 CW's ever made. Do they have K77 with square magnet as original ?
  6. When were these cornwalls made ?
  7. Yea I'm pretty OK with taking the 5K and up for 2405. I have excellent mids that do 700 - 7K. The worry is the 500 to 700 if my bass bins can go to 700 or I need different mids.
  8. IIRC the Jubilee was a 2 way. Or am I mistaken ? Maybe the jamboree is not. Let me look.
  9. I was hoping to do 2 way but if 2 way well then I guess its 3 way. The 2402 (modded to be 2405)'s are good 2400 hz and up. But Jamboree bins with eminence Omega's aren't good to 2500 like some of those 15 EV/Altec's were ? I will have to think it over a bit more, I can do a grill vane face on the 2402 like someone on AK has developed, and use a soft dome mid that works 700 to 5K - but again for 3 way I have better options than the 2402 I guess. I have ESS amt 1b's sitting around too BTW. But they're promised to someone else in case he does some other stuff.
  10. I have a Jamboree set that is a little work in progress. I have been holding onto 2 JBL 2402's that were modded to be 2405's for use in the horn section to be mated to the jamborees. Am I on the right track ? Is the 2405 a good one to mate to a 402 or similar horn and mate it to the jamboree.
  11. I think mine is Inspected by Charlie Alexander or Oleander, and Tested by Terry Greene ?? I keep getting -200 when trying to put pics up.
  12. Aaah OK I guess mine is also a B - Mine says KB-OL I think.
  13. And they're the C style, same as mine. The best part - the tops and sides etc come off easy and can be moved with ease.
  14. I had a set of phillips speakers 2 8" and mid soft dome and tweeter soft dome. I wish I knew what model it was atleast, because I've built soft dome mid speakers and am wondering if those were any good or was it just my imagination and inexperience. Also a set of cables that looked like jumper cables and had this massive rectangular box type thing - again dont remember brand and model. Got $125 for it and was like - cool I got 125 for 20 foot of speaker wire. A few more I traded out but wish I had em still. But few and far between. I missed buying a few as well, for me its about the experience not the actual item.
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