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  1. Thanks for the tips. They were in decent shape. Couple corner and edge chips but overall walnut finish is pretty good. If I'm reading the stamps correct they are consecutive '79 Belles w/ AA x/o's. Talked him down to $1750.00 and loaded them up. The owner was an odd collector w/ a basement full of speakers & equipment that he seems to know little about. A few pieces caught my eye including a pair of Altec Valencia's and a Sansui BA/CA3000 that needs some TLC. IMG_7266.HEIC
  2. Just got a line on a pair of Belles in my area and driving 2-1/2 hours to see them. Owner is quite vague and doesn't seem to know much about them. Asked for pics of labels or serial #'s and he says they are non existent on back of speaker. Grainy camera picture of x/o doesn't allow me to see which x/o they have. Any quick advice on identifying age etc. of them when I get there? Were there any other label locations or stamps on the Belles? Thanx
  3. Thought I'd update on my chosen obsession. My son (Millennial generation) just laughs at me and says I need real help. Its only taken 7 years and several thousands of miles travel time & $$$ to acquire. KG-1 (Oiled Oak 2 pairs) KG-4 (Oiled Oak) Academy (Oiled Oak) Quartet (Oiled Oak) H1 (Birch Raw 1978) H3 (Chipotle model unfinished walnut w/o base or grill, ) Cornwall (1974 Decorator Vert.II's w/o base or grill) La Scala (Birch Raw 1980) And.......Still looking for more Don't even get me started on my other Polk Speaker obsession.
  4. Dangit! Dangit! Dangit! Owner called me back yesterday and said the first potential buyer backed out over the phone but had 3 more people on the list to look at the LS's but because I had contacted her before they had and given her so much information about them she felt her husband (deceased) would have wanted to give me the next option to purchase for $2500,00.........Sent the check out today. I know, I know, I over paid and probably could have haggled her down. Don't haggle well and I'm a sucker for widows and offspring selling their parents gear. Will probably be getting divorced trying to convince my wife that LaScalas just 'seem' bigger than they really are. In my defense they are from the original owner, seemingly well kept except for some top panel discoloration/striations that almost appear to be sun damage since they originated in Texas and there hasn't been a pair of LS's offered up here for the last 5 or 6 years. These were only used for 2 channel and the black CV/KV4's were the HT system with a pair of HBR's for rear surrounds. I believe the CV4 are the earlier version as she believes her husband bought them as soon as they came out. Anyway I don't really want or need them but she said she's take whatever I thought was a fair price for them if they aren't sold by the time I make the 600 mile round trip next month to pick up the LS's.
  5. Yep, mosquito 🦟 is the state bird.
  6. Everyplace here has A/C. We open the door/window and viola A/C. !! Seriously our summers are getting warmer and warmer. Have a couple portable A/C units for my wife’s benefit. She’s in that time of life where her temperature is constantly in flux.
  7. ...stay warm???? Not really. I’m up in the interior at McKinley Village working on a Fire station addition. It was -20 this morning. Sun has some solar gain and it will warm up to the teens above by late this afternoon but spring time in Alaska can still be a b..ch!
  8. @billybob I say this every time decent speakers present themselves for sale in this state: Rarely available & over priced but shipping a pair of these LS behemoths from down south even if a steal of a deal just isn't practical. Think these might be worth a little more just due to our location. The owner is truly unaware of what she has and is relying on a 'friends' advice for pricing. Didn't know the KV-4's were considered sub woofer material, LOL.
  9. Just Curious, What is the going price for a set of decent LS's like these today?
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/596567071226535/?referralSurface=messenger_lightspeed_banner&referralCode=messenger_banner Talked to owner and her husband was quite a Klipsch fan. Also has a pair of H1's for sale. She wants $3K for the LS's & $1K for the KV4/CF4's. LS's sure look to be in good shape. Had her get the SN off the LS's. Consecutive 1980 pair of Birch waltnut stained. Already has someone coming to look at them this week and I'm 300 miles away. But might be a find for someone.
  11. Should be asking this in the Tech/Mod forum but while I'm here, what's the acceptable voltage range of the 2uf caps?
  12. Not likely, She's got better hearing than I do @ 57. And an astounding memory of the WWII and before. One aspirin and one blood thinner pill a day is her only medication. One of the last of a brave and valiant generation who's qualities are sadly lacking in our current one.
  13. I'm assuming this is the correct schematic for a '78 H1? Heresy I Type E
  14. Haven’t had a chance or time to pop the back off yet. But all individual drivers are producing sound.
  15. Impedance? What should the drivers measure?
  16. SQ wise, quite a bit. Hoping it’s age of x/o components. Less imaging, sound stage and highs are lacking. All drivers making sound just not quite right sounding. Don’t expect them to absolutely equal the 3’s but can tell they’re lacking from what they should be.
  17. @thebes Ok. They’re a far cry from the SQ of my H3’s. Pretty simple X/O design. Think I can handle replacing the few caps on these. Can you give me more specific PIO cap recommendations? Never ordered them before. Not concerned with cost since there aren’t many, just want good ones to improve the SQ. Thanks.
  18. Guess what I found so unusual was when the sales associate said those speakers had been in the store for over a year and no one had even asked about them. They were just glad to move them out. Probably left money on the table but have long since quit worrying about what if. Felt the selling price was more than fair for all involved especially if in need of some TLC.
  19. Was actually thinking of picking up a really clean pair of '89 Oiled Oak H2's offered on Facebook when I get back home. Offered @ $600 but think seller might take 5 bills. Then these HBR's showed up. Wife would not be happy but I'd have a pair of 1's, 2's & 3's. 🤪 Really can't justify having 3 sets of Heresy's but, but............
  20. So, I've driven 400 miles from home to visit my 100 year old mother in an assisted care facility. I'm limited to 1-20 minute visit a day w/ 6' separation and no contact due to the current situation. This is a great improvement considering there was no physical visiting at all until very recently. Anyway, with extra time on my hands and wanting to find my mom a little jewelry gift before heading home I stumble into a little Antique/gift shop near where I'm staying. After not finding much that she would find appealing in the jewelry section decided to just browse the rest of the store. Only took 30 seconds to notice this............ Immediately started looking for it's twin. Couldn't find it anywhere so asked for assistance. 30 minutes later it was found covered in wrapping paper and used as a Christmas Tree stand. Price tag on each speaker said $198. Explained to the well meaning but uninformed sales associate that those prices were well outside of reason and they must have been priced as a set not individually. After coming to a mutual understanding regarding this pricing error it only seemed prudent to make an offer. Ended up carrying them out for $150 for the pair. Will be several days before getting them home and tested. Hoping they are operational, new x/o's will be in order. Just couldn't help but give these survivors a 2nd chance. Not my best score but not my worst.
  21. Will probably prefer my Quartets with more bass but hate to pass up a nicely cared for pair of H’s. Will offer $500 and see what happens 😁
  22. These '89 H2 OO are being offered to me for $600. Seller says they sound great and are in pretty good shape. Know they will need some x/o updates. I know the seller from previous transactions and trust her but haven't kept up on H2 pricing. Due to current conditions she will not audition but will take them back if something is wrong with them. I'd be more inclined to offer full price if in walnut but all Klipsch speakers that I have found up here only seem to be in Oak for some reason. Seems a bit high but don't want to insult with a low ball counter offer. Is $600 in the ballpark? Thanks
  23. Well, Are upgrades installed yet? Have a pair of Quartets & the Academy that will be serving similar duty. New Crites X/O's & Ti tweets for both sitting in the basement waiting for time to install. Looking forward to your observations.
  24. Do they still provide this? Have been trying to contact Klipsch Support but no response yet.
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