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  1. Got a new batch of fine old blues records from my buddy when I took the last three back. Here's one just for you Full Range. Maybe you could keep an eye out for Volume 1?
  2. Great link mungkiman, Thanks! Some of those shouldn't be too hard to find, I'll be on the look-out now that I know they exist.
  3. And now for something completely different.... A record album with THREE sides. That's right, "The Monty Python Matching Tie and Handkerchief" LP has three 'sides'. One side (B) has concentric grooves, two completely different tracks on one side of the album. The labels on both sides say "SIDE 2". According to the Wikipedia page, the original UK release in 1973 came with a real tie and handkerchief, and was distributed through menswear stores. My American issue from Arista Records in 1975 did not. I bought it new and played it many times before accidentally discovering the hidden track. Does anyone know of any other albums with this unique feature? Cheers, Jim
  4. I knew I had the King Crimson LP, but I had forgotten about "God Save The Queen"! Thanks Full Range, for motivating me to re-discover the Fripp in my collection. Fripp talks about Eno and "No Pussyfooting" in the liner notes, "The system of recording by which two Revoxes form a signal loop and layer sound was introduced to me by Brian Eno in July 1972 in his small front room while we recorded what became the first side of "No Pussyfooting"."
  5. My listening line up for this evening, three rarities borrowed from a friend who deals in blues vinyl.
  6. I think they are the bias points, but you could try a post at the Dynaco forum to find out for sure, those guys know their Dynaco. http://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com
  7. Congrats and many hours of happy listening! Jim
  8. I was having some coffee with an old friend this morning and he mentioned needing to haul a bunch of crud out of his storage unit to the thrift store. Long story short, He gave me a Jamo 7.2 center channel speaker, a Denon AVR-1312 (with remote but missing the volume knob), and a KSW-10! A little rough around the edges, but it all works !
  9. Well Alex, I don't know how much of a warranty we should expect with equipment built from kits, most of the responsibility for converting a box full of components into a quality piece of gear lies with the builder, so I guess I pretty much 'self-warranty' what I build, but I believe I learned enough about the amp while building it that I'll be able to handle repairs or component replacements, and I won't have to ship the amp off and wait for it to come back. I'm not knowledgeable or experienced enough with all the different types to make tube recommendations, but I'm using matched quads of new production Tung Sol 6550s with 12BH7s in the driver board, I'm happy with the sound I get from them, but I haven't tried the KT-88s and 12AU7s a friend loaned me. Maybe this weekend I'll plug them in for a while. Overall I'm happy with my 125s. They weren't my first tube kit, the first was an inexpensive kit with not very high quality components, but I learned how and why to upgrade it with bigger capacitors in the power supply, better caps in other places and better output transformers. Soldering is really pretty easy, and a handy skill to have in your repertoire, for example you might decide you want new capacitors in a crossover at some point. There's plenty of how-to videos you can watch and a little practice joining two pieces of wire should teach you the basics pretty quick. There's several reviews on the ST-70 kit linked to on tubes4hifi, here's one ST-70 review that's pretty recent. I hope this helps you out some, Cheers, Jim
  10. Hello Khorn79er! I'm a noob here too, and wouldn't have much to add if Tube Fanatic hadn't suggested you take a look at building an ST 70 kit from Bob Latino. I built a pair of his M-125 mono blocks last fall, and I think if you can make a good solder joint, you can build the ST-70. The instructions for my 125s were clear and easy to follow and walked me step-by-step through the build and the amps worked the first time I powered them up. There is also a bunch of knowledgeable, helpful folks over on the Dynaco forum who have built the kit and will help you out if you have any questions. http://dynacotubeaudio.forumotion.com/f2-basket I had a question about the power transformer and Bob answered my email almost immediately, ON A SUNDAY! Cheers, Jim
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    Ha! Good one!
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    Thank you Sirs, one and all, for the warm welcome! I hope the prophecy of Carnac The Magnificent comes true for everyone someday, (there were 2 pairs on Craigslist in DFW yesterday, coincidence?) but the DIY'er in me says I should build a pair of Mr. Crites' CornScalas when I get tired of the KGs. Don't worry 'bout me on those fuses, I'll wait for the WiFi enabled ones that send a text when they blow. My system is pretty basic, Pioneer PL-540 turntable, Pioneer SX-1250 receiver (bought those new in '78 or '79?) an Audio Note Kits DAC 2.1 and a couple of M-125 mono-blocks from Tubes4Hifi, (running matched quads of new production Tung-Sol 6550s and 12BH7 drivers). I use the pre amp of the SX1250 to drive the M-125s. Cheers! Jim
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