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  1. Not really an actual theatre, just my living room system… Marantz AV8802a Sherbourn PA 7-350 Dayton APA102 bridged x 2 Lab Gruppen FP14000 clone Peerless STW-350f 15's x 2 Klipsch RF-83's/ RC-7/ RS-62's/ RS400's/ RB-10's Eminence APT-80 super tweeters Nvidia Shield TV Pro LG BP-620 Sharp Aquos 65" 4K UHD TV Panamax Max 5500/ Max 4400-20A
  2. Very tempting, those are mint!! The Barbara Miller signature edition too!
  3. I already have 2 of the RF-82 woofers in my RC-7, so I was able to use those to verify the fit, so no need to use a picture. Nowhere did I say the DCR of the RF-82 and RF-83 woofers was the same because it’s not…it was mentioned by the OP in the first post of this thread that the RF-83 uses 3 16 ohm woofers(which aren’t available anywhere) wired in parallel which would achieve an impedance of 5.33 ohms. Wiring 3 of the RF-82 8 ohm woofers in series/ parallel will also work out to 5.33 ohms, which should work well to replace the original woofers as there is no other(new)option to replace them.
  4. What do you mean compare the markings on the magnet? I won’t be getting the direct replacement woofers as they’re discontinued and not available so any woofers I do get wouldn’t have the same markings on the back. The fitment is identical to the RF-82 8” woofers.
  5. Has anyone found a solution to replacing the RF-83 woofers yet? 2 of the 3 woofers in one of my speakers have acquired some small dimples over the past few years but still function perfectly, however, I would like to replace them…the 3 16 ohm woofers in parallel=5.33 ohms. 3 8 ohm woofers wired 2 in series to get 16 ohms then in parallel with the other 8 ohm woofer will also equal 5.33 ohms if I’m calculating correctly, so I see no reason why these 8” 8 ohm replacement woofers wouldn’t work… https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-1011974-rf-82-mkii-woofer/
  6. I read through the first 14 pages of this thread then skipped to last page so I'm not sure if this was mentioned here or anywhere else possibly, but has anyone done an upgrade like this on RF-83's? I would imagine they would also benefit from higher quality parts in the crossovers and have similar results...
  7. I have a beautiful black Paradigm Studio SUB 15 1700 watt sub for sale. I don't have the original box but I will pack it well and ship it by Fed Ex fully insured. $1400 US plus shipping. Includes grille, Paradigm PBK room correction kit and heavy duty 10 gauge power cable. Located in Winnipeg, Canada. Thanks for looking.
  8. bump up, price reduced a bit...
  9. I am looking for a pair of these but with the USD>CAD exchange and shipping to Canada they would end up being close to $600, a bit more than I'm willing to spend unfortunately
  10. It did sell or is no longer available, I don't know why the ad is in spanish and I can't seem to change it to english but VENDIDO is SOLD.
  11. This is the only recent one I could find... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RT-12D-Powered-Subwoofer-Black-Item-Was-A-Store-Demo-/272329804775?_ul=AR I listed mine on e bay for $1895 CDN...as far as I can see it's the only one for sale anywhere so we'll see what happens.
  12. Thanks! I've watched many of your videos on youtube, I'm a big fan haha
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RT-12d-Reference-Series-Subwoofer-/162449421138?hash=item25d2bd7352:g:0FwAAOSwDmBY3ATC I am selling my RT-12d sub if anyone is interested...more pics in my e bay ad
  14. Hmm ok I was thinking that they were worth quite a bit more then that...I'm planning to list mine on e bay in the near future and start at a fairly high asking price and see what happens. If someone has one of these already and wants a second one bad enough I'm sure they'll be willing to pay a premium for it.
  15. I have a nice pair of K 6 K 8" woofers from a Klipsch Tangent T40 speaker. Perfect working order. Asking $99 for the pair. I will include shipping in Canada at that price. Thanks for looking.
  16. Hello from Winnipeg, Canada...I'm new here but not new to Klipsch. I had an RF-82 5.1 channel system a few years ago then switched to Paradigm Studio and now just recently switched back to Klipsch with an RF-83/ RC-64/ RS-62/ RT-12d set of speakers that I picked up locally. The RT-12d sub is quite impressive but I'm planning to go bigger so I'm thinking of selling it...I would like to get the most I possibly can for it but still want to be reasonable, so I'm looking for opinions on what to ask for it on here or on e bay, etc. before I actually go ahead and list it. I know that these are the most powerful and most sought after/ hard to find sub in the Klipsch reference line so I would imagine I can get a decent amount for it. It's in excellent condition with the original box/ packaging, ARC set up mic, grilles, etc.
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