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  1. Selling the recently restored Forte series I. Cabinets are a bit rough. Stands need refinishing. All electronics are upgraded- Crites diaphragms in the HF driver. Mids and woofer are original and in excellent condition. Crites crossovers upgraded with Jupiter Copper/Foil, Duelund JAM and Obbligato caps. Duelund resistors. Duelund tinned copper wire. Come check them out. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  2. Been running the Forte for a couple weeks now. Using Crites crossovers. I am slowly replacing the stock caps with my own. The first move was to drop in a pair of Jupiter CF 1.5uF - I had these on the shelf from a previous project. After running those for a week, I added the Duelund JAM 1.0uF caps. These are a new 'budget' line from Duelund. Really digging how they sound now. In the meantime, I got an offer to trade my Tekton speakers for a modded Dynaco ST70 (DIYtube). So I'll run this until my new amp is built.
  3. Interested!
  4. Any downside to installing the crossover on the board below the woofer, and under the foam?
  5. Ok, thanks. Almost think I should do that. Too much bass for this space. But I'll wait to make any moves.
  6. Alright, new XO's are in, and I'm running them for a bit before I mess with setup. Question on positioning in a small space: With the passive drivers what happens if I push the speakers closer to the wall? Currently have them about 30" from the front wall.
  7. Another shot - finish is uneven. But I was able to match the stands and cabinets. American Walnut stain. Again, not perfect, but I dig it much more than the black. Should have the crossovers tomorrow. Look forward to putting these things to work.
  8. Hello! I've had both the Primaluna Prologue premium integrated and an Amps&Sound Mogwai more recently. I don't have Cornwalls and haven't heard the Dialogue HP. Both amps offer great sound, though the PPP offers more features like multiple inputs, remote, etc. The Mogwai is more budget friendly and offers the same tube rolling opportunity if you get into that. Of course the HP has 10 times the output of the Mogwai. I've also got Matt from ToolShed Amps building a 3watt stereo amp for me now. I'll post on that down the road. There's no substitute for listening in your space, of course. In my experience both PL and A&S are solid amps with good sound and reliability. Never had issues with either.
  9. Great article! Really dig this community, and, now have better insight into it's dedication and enthusiasm.
  10. I did something similar...tape and heavy paper over the front/drivers. Ya, I dig it! Much better than the black paint, even with the scars. Some damage to the veneer - not sure where these lived before I grabbed them. Hah! Thanks for noticing...we got a new mattress today.
  11. Well, it went's really hot out here today, so it was drying before I applied it. But, so far so good. Even with the flaws in the veneer it's better than black. Stands will wait for a rebuild.
  12. Alright. No matter....I'll be stripping and refinishing mine. Likely to be a disaster, but I don't like the black. Be back later with a status.
  13. Are all the Forte I series - the black finished - walnut veneered and painted black?
  14. Nice! Did you find any material change to performance with that kind of lift? I was wondering what raising the speaker beyond the original design might do.