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  1. All outta room. The slab is sunken 1’ in my living room. So the cornwall sit on top of the slab, and goes right about to the bottom top plate on my pony wall. e
  2. I’d like to test some chorus. Of course they won’t fit where I need my surrounds, but cornwalls will.
  3. I don’t know what day I’m on, but they aren’t going anywhere either.
  4. I figured there wouldn’t be many that had done a direct a/b. Fairly specific request. Still glad to see some feedback.
  5. Has anyone had the pleasure of comparing the new FIII to a pair of FII with new caps and Ti tweeter diaphragms? Interested in how close the 2’s could get.
  6. There was only one when I bought it. Otherwise I probably would have both.
  7. Very interesting info. I’d be curious as to why exactly Roy ended on using the ports instead of 2 drivers. Maybe it added total output? I think it’d be cool if we could get closer to 15hz with the two sealed 18’s or the single driver with the port tuned lower.
  8. Thank you for looking into this. That is great news that the idea wasn’t condemned. I better hold off on trimming the front wall out while I experiment. I’m excited to see what we can do with this. All the sudden my right xlr on the anthem avm60 is staticky at times. So it’ll be getting sent off and traded for a new one. In other news I rescued these forte 2s for $200.
  9. Temporary layout til I decide where I want everything to be permanent. Ordered some blanks to fill the gaps.
  10. I’d pick cornwall. Oh look it’s 5am
  11. Thanks it’s called skip trowel texture. The philips hue lights really give a lot of options for color. 16 million color choices at the touch of a button from your phone app. I haven’t put in the led light strips in the top edge of the soffit yet. Hopefully this week I’ll finish it as well.
  12. I did some reading on the skhorn and found out depending on the application you run all the ports open or close them to tune lower. That would be something ask Roy. I really don’t want to mess with his handy work unless he says it’s doable. Id be interested in trying it if I could trade a little output for a few more hz lower for LFE for movies. https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=140 I dont believe I could use the full 136db(might be closer to 140db with room gain?) in the house anyway. Especially if I build a tuba ht low profile for the back of the room if needed to smooth the response. Maybe you could inquire to your ole designer buddy?
  13. From the initial useage of the 1802 before I tore the room apart I was very impressed with it. I have no worries about output potential. I’d be really happy if I can strengthen the bottom end around 20hz.
  14. The floor is tile. I have a 10x10 area rug for it.
  15. Shouldn’t need much for bracing. I braced everything decently when I had the drywall off. Then used 1/2 sound board under the drywall. The room is 16ft wide.
  16. “hi rick. its not that that i think that you took a wrong turn or anything like that. i often see people switch out components and claim that it was a good thing without really understanding what they did. klipsch and i take a lot of pride in making these systems sound the best that they can and that includes picking components and other things that should make the speakers sound the best that they can. so when people replace these components, i often find myself asking "what led them to change these thing?". obviously we take so much care when we do replace components to make sure that the resultant change guarantees the same freq response, polar response, phase response, etc to make sure that the change keeps or makes the speaker better. there are quite a few people that claim "better" but don't offer or present any data as why its better. on the 55g, i have heard that its distortion is lower. but that is not the case. i have played with that driver and it does not represent any lower significant distortion. in fact, because of the exit throat of the driver, it is quite the opposite. i am not picking on the 55g or any one component. its just that changing anything results in something that is not the way klipsch spec meant it to be. if they were to make sure that keeping it to klipsch spec was a priority then maybe. just to be sure, klipsch doesn't recommend any of these changes or authorize them. ultimately though, its your ears that decide what you like. just like, its klipsch ears that decide what is klipsch or not. take care”
  17. It seems like everyone that has bought them likes them. That can sometimes give a little bias. I’ve never heard of someone not liking them though, so that is good. Roy didn’t seem like it was a good idea with some turbulence with the different sizes.
  18. Avm60 if your looking for pre/pro. 1120 if your looking for a powered unit.
  19. Messing with the philips hue lighting. Got the jubes dusted off. The room still has a long way to go. Another step done though.
  20. Can’t wait to get all the gear installed and get the jubes up and running again.
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