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  1. Completely agree with Chris here. I do not see much merit in building something this complicated without the advantages of true synergy horns > a point source able to play loud over a wide freq. range. It also makes me wonder if a nice coax of decent quality in a small fronthorn loaded box wouldn't be a much easier and more cost effective solution. Still, much respect for the effort.
  2. ARX

    2-Way Summer Project - Belle Build

    The Belle pictured in the first post is almost definitely finished in light (American) stained walnut veneer. From a distance it looks similar to some cherry veneers, but if you enlarge the image you'll notice the typical walnut grain, especially on the edges.
  3. ARX

    K-402 in wood!

    Actually, creating a high quality 3d model from the K402 would not have to be very expensive. All you need is a decent (DSLR or System) camera, a tripod, appropriate professional photogrammetry software like: Autodesk ReMake, Agisoft PhotoScan, RealityCapture, or 3DF Zephyr and a workstation. It's not that difficult to convert a point cloud into a useable CAD model.
  4. ARX

    K-402 in wood!

    Arash, with regards to horns in general and specifically: tractrix horns and waveguides, I have read other threads in which you share plans and experiments with Faital Pro drivers, the LTH-142 horn as well as the 18Sound XT1464. You have also expressed a preference for the XT1464. As I am working on a similar Klipsch / Altec inspired 2 way, I would be interested to learn the aspects in favour of XT1464. By the way, I share your preference for phenolic diaphragms over titanium. Therefore, the HF146 is on my driver shortlist.