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  1. It seems you've got an impressive Danley setup over there. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing some pics.
  2. An Audi? I presume you are aware of the impact on handling with the engine mounted in front of the front axle? Anyway, this is not a car forum, so I'll stop here.
  3. Buy a used Porsche 997 or 997.2 instead, it's more versatile, has better handling and it's far more economical to run. However, it doesn't produce the glorious V8 or V12 hawl, but an exhaust mod works wonders in this respect.
  4. That was my thought exactly and reason for posting that system.
  5. This is what the rear looks like:
  6. Here in Europe Danley/Pure Groove has become increasingly popular, but it's the bigger Jerichos and SHs that you'll primarily see at festivals and in theatres. Also, from Europe (Germany) is this high end system, based on, or at least inspired by the Synergy concept. These are marketed as "point-source cardiod dipole horns". "It is a 150 Hz upwards completely front-loaded 3 way horn, with additional bass supplement with two 15" bass drivers per side. The 1m² main horn works from 150Hz to 23Khz. The main horn is loaded by 5 drivers, the driving surface is therefore many times larger than the conventional horns. On the back of the acoustically rearwardly open housing is an Airmotiontransformer. The whole is supplemented by the towers with two 15 inchers per side, each driven by 500W power amplifiers. It is active and dsp-controlled and available with 2, 3 or 4 basses per side". This guy works almost exclusively with BMS drivers. And now the best thing about it: It's only $350.000... for a pair, if that helps 😉 Tom Danley is aware of this manufacturer, but apparently there is no violation of the patent involved.
  7. The TH-50 seems to be the perfect complement to the SH-50. It's a pity the smaller Danley Synergies are still rare on this side of the pond.
  8. The last 2 plots show impulse and frequency response after applying active Impulse base PEQ, I presume? That's quite impressive!
  9. The number of drivers dramatically increases power handling as well. My experience with CBT's is extremely limited > exactly 1. I guess, these are not particularly tube-friendly, but neither are Synergies. Isn't the max. sensitivity of a CBT defined by a certain 'law', dependent on the sensitivity of one driver times the number of drivers in parallel, or series, or a combination? I remember there's an upper limit to the increase in sensitivity with line-arrays.
  10. The CBT I listened to was a low budget project and probably not the best example. Still impressive though. I've found high sensitivity highly desirable. The best loudspeaker systems I know are HES. I could never go back to 80-85dB speakers, like the 6 pairs of Dynaudio speakers I owned throughout the years.
  11. I've listened to DIY CBTs and those sounded amazing. The only drawback was the limited SPL. A MEH would probably satisfy most, if not all my needs & desires.
  12. @ClaudeJ1 Those Sardurnis look well thought out. With the (upper) mid as close to the supertweeter as possible and drivers properly aligned. I bet these sound wonderful in a medium sized room.
  13. In this thread some topics were touched on, that may not be clear and obvious to everybody. This easy to understand AES paper deals with some important issues related to horns, waveguides and drivers. Here's part 2.
  14. I came to the same conclusion through different reasoning and sources, as I don't have first hand experience with K510 or K402. OS disciples are plentiful....that is: among the DIY crowd. To my knowledge OS waveguides were used in only a few professional products from the 1990's. It's rather old news by now. With the advent of advanced modeling and simulation techniques, only fundamental theories remain functional. This is not to dismiss OS waveguides completely, but to put things in perspective.
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