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  1. I know the uses of the K260 horn, but I was wondering if it would be able to use it as a 2way horn with a Faital HF200, on top of a LaScala bassbin. 500hz crossover.
  2. Was not planning to use it as a coaxial, but rather just putting the horn (probably the K510) on top of the cab. That way I could still choose my horn and driver, and not be compromised in size.
  3. EUROPE: Klipsch K55M drivers.

    Oh, sorry phone error!
  4. EUROPE: Klipsch K55M drivers.

    1 pair (so 2 drivers), but if youre interested I might be able to also sell the K55V that are in my Heresy I s.
  5. EUROPE: Klipsch K55M drivers.

    As I decided to go for a 2 way with a K510/HF200 combo instead of the original K77/K55 3-way, I'm looking to sell my K55M driver pair. They are in very good condition, and I can also include a 1,4" thread (k55) to 2" bolt on adapter for a little extra. Also willing to sell the PH2380 horn I was gonna use. Located in Belgium, but willing to ship internationaly. I already got the boxes and filling. Price? Hoping for 375 euro. Greetings
  6. Thanks for clarifying! Is hornresp difficult to work with? In any case, what were the most important T/S parameters that worked for you? I doubt I would ever be able to master something as complex as that I might have a look at horn resp though. When looking at designing my own synergy/unity I followed your 10:1 ratio. And what was that efficiency? I'm guessing with 2 15"ers that will be pretty high. If you'd have to take a guess (or of you know it ofcourse), what would the overal effeciency of the MEH be? Maarten
  7. @Chris A, not sure if I ever proposed it , but what would you think about using something like Jack 10 from BillFitzMaurice (http://www.billfitzmaurice.com/Jack.html). It can cover the range it is required to, and it has great sensitivity. Weight and size wise it would also work. I know it would not perform nearly as well as a decent MEH, but it would be way better than a direct firing right? To recap, so this Jack10 with a K510/HF200 combo on top with a 475 or 500 hz crossover (active).
  8. I was (wrongly) under the misunderstanding that the distance determined the MINIMUM crossover, not one specific frequency. Also, what kind of woofer horn loading are you looking at in your model?
  9. Size is actually not a real concern, weight is. My size restrictions are pretty flexible. I don't have a girlfriend or wife so I can get away with almost everything. I live with my brother and I doubt he is gonna mind. I think I can manage up to 100x40x60cm in size for the height channels. I can mount up to 40kg, but I would like to keep that weight down to 30kg to be safe. Price is also not a real concern as that would only mean saving a bit longer. So if only the SEOS30 would work I could live with that. They are only height channels, so they will never ben run seperately for critical listening. I already asked you in another thread what the highest MEH crossover could be, precelisely because I would like to have the same for all speakers, and it looks like 500hz is pretty hard for a height MEH. This begs the question. What would be the best timbre matched setup in your opinion: 1: all 11 using same crossovers points, but having to use a hoger crossover for the mains (let's says the MEH). For example all 11 channels @700hz so that the heights can use the same cross as the ground levels. 2: Ground level at their native 475hz. Heights at an appropriate cross (7-800 for example), but using same high.freq driver etc. I know I have to compromise, but I'm not sure yet where.
  10. Did you ever use, or try, a higher crossover? If so, what was the highest it performed well at (or you think it would perform)?
  11. @Chris A Another question about custom height channels. I'm looking into a synergy horn that could work, but I cant seem to figure a way to get the crossover down to 500hz. Only option is using a SEOS30, but that one is too big. A SEOS22 could work, but has a crossover that is too high. Other option is to have the synergy use a higher crossover, but then I would kinda lose the advantage of the synergy in polar contral (especially in the smaller horns I would be using). What options do I have if I want to use the same driver (HF200 or 140). Would the horn you once recommended be a better fit? I doubt it, but who knows. (https://www.ebay.com/itm/11-x-17-ABS-2-Bolt-On-Long-Throw-Horn-90-x-40-For-Many-2-Exit-Driver-/331676072699)
  12. Playing with active crossovers.

    Ok, I feel kinda embarrassed right now.. I knew those threads and have read through quite a few times.. Just forget they had exactly everything I needed to know. Will try it all out tomorrow!
  13. Playing with active crossovers.

    Sorry, I meant: OEM Xilica xp4080. Cant be sure yet it's the same quality, but the person selling it was a reputable seller which also offered real Xilica products. That aside, it might be not as good, but I also need a few processor channels for my rears so at this price Is couldn't really get wrong. Will try to test the Quality over this week. Any way to test this?
  14. Playing with active crossovers.

    @Chris A just bought myself a knock-off Xilica 4080, and will be testing it in the next few days. Might try to actively amp my heresy (or Chorusses LR) which I'm using as a temporary center till my LaScalas get here. Just to get the hang of it (and REW). Other option is to use the passives, reset Auddysey and try to configure everything up myself. I only have free time for now, so I can do both and have loads of time to read up on everything, from guides to threads. what what you recommend to learn the whole process? Will of course be basing my initial try outs on your forum guides.
  15. I know there are a lot of suggestions out there, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me the exact(/best) specs to look for in a 15" woofer to use in a DIY LaScala bassbin. That way I can look for something reasonably priced locally (I live in Belgium).