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  1. Klipsch Atmos Speaker Setup

    h As you can see, even the big towers with build in atmos module ( (RP-280FA) require you to wire the atmos module separately.
  2. Klipsch Atmos Speaker Setup

    You need to wire them to your height terminals and tell your receiver that they are dolby modules (amp asign).
  3. Thanks! Will have to read though it a few times again, but I think I'm getting it Will try it out later this evening. The optimisation of my sub is another thing I'm tring to figure out thats for later.
  4. Playing with active crossovers.

    @Chris A Although I should be studying, I'll be trying out what I proposed here, tomorrow, while waiting for my LaScala bins to come. Got the UMIK today, and did a sweep and tried out what you mentioned in your PEQ guide. Good stuff! (as always). Not sure on all the parameters though. I get the cutoff, but what about the "LF cutoff", "LF rise Start & End" and the "LF Rise Slope", for the moment, I just copied you but I'm not sure what they exactly, or to be more exact, how to use those to get what I want. I played with them, and I see a difference in the target, but still not sure on what to put it.
  5. Semi unrelated question. Would you recommend horizontal vertical placement of the heresys/K510 heresys. Or doesnt it really matter as they are just heights? PS: I might have a line on 2 or 3 K-402s (2 without drivers)(see the garage sale section) so I might have to think about that synergy horn sooner than I thought! How hard would it be to copy your design? (how much skill does it require etc).
  6. Anyone interested in buying the pair of jub bins? I'm interested in (all) the K-402 horns, but not in the bins. So would anyone be interested in splitting the jubilees?
  7. Would you ship to Belgium? Very interested! Also in your pair of K-402, but I'm guessing youre not selling those horns seperate from the bins?
  8. Yeah I have been going through the height channel problem for a while, and decided that best option would be using regular height channels, as its still better then non-wall mounted "Atmos enabled modules". It's not officially recommended, but a lot of users agree that atmos works very good with regular channels (this way my surround is also compatible with a lot of other formats). I'm mounting the heresys with PA wall mounts (and a 35mm adapter screwed onto the Heresy) as they are good to 40kg, I'll send a pic next week when I have them up and running). Custom height channels are a future project, the k510 just looked interesting! Looks like a good match for the k402 as they are used together in the 3-way.
  9. PS just saw a thread about the K510, which has supposedly good polar control. It's no K402, but might work as a 2-way height channel horn (in a heresy cabin) with same driver as the K402. PS havent heard back from my k402 dealer (about the driver chouce), but I'm no hurry so I'll give him some extra days before I ask again.
  10. La Scala for PA use.

    Well, I already have 4x K55M, and if I buy the K402 I just need an adapter (which I have found for around 20euros) so not so expensive to just try it out !
  11. La Scala for PA use.

    Yeah it's a more expensive route, but it'll be worth it! Maybe I'll do a 4xK55 into the K-402 setup (will definitely try this out once I have all the stuff). Hope I can pull it all of before the festival (still enough time, and if not this years, definitely next one!) PS friend of me was very excited about this project, so we might start our own mini festival just to showcase the power of the tower!
  12. La Scala for PA use.

    OK, little development! Have finally made contact with a dealer for a K-402 horn! Still having my 6x LaScala bins made so I might just do a triple LaScala tower with a Jub horn on top (+ some extra LaScala horn/drivers and tweeters to top it off).
  13. I'll let you know if my dealer can get his hand on some other driver or buy the horn without the drivers. PS never checked it, but is there noone selling his K-402 in the US? I can get almost anything over here (Klipsch speakers etc), but the K-402 will have to be shipped in all cases (even with my dealer it has to be ordered from the US, which costs extra) so in this one case a second hand K-402 from the US would still be the best option.
  14. Oh sorry, thought you were talking about the 1132, which is used in a 2-way. The 1133 is used in a 3-way, but I was hoping it might be used in a 2-way too. Maybe I didnt understand what you meant with: "1132 with the custom phase plug design by Roy over the K-1133 midrange driver configuration". EDIT: I found what you meant. "I cross them at 4 Khz, which is where the K-1133 driver starts to roll off" . The phase plug you mentioned is what gives the 1132 his higher extension (and sacrifices some of his low end). 1133 is more than 100eu cheaper, which is why I was asking. Will have to go with the 1132 then! Or I could go 3-way (as the 1133 would give a better midrange, no?)
  15. PS would you happen to know if the 1133 is useable in a 2-way (not at extreme dB)?