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  1. FS Cornwalls in Walnut

    The verticals have vertically aligned horns so that when they are laid on their side the horn is horizontal, generally as a center channel speaker in a home theater setup. These speakers arent vertical, though they are great speakers in what appear to be great shape.
  2. FS Cornwalls in Walnut

    Interested. Pics? * Found pics at audiogon. Was hoping these were the verticals.
  3. FS: McIntosh MC30 monoblocks

    Sweet! Never owned nor heard any tube amps, but after researching and reading online from the sounds of it Im missing out. Been wanting to pick something up and Mcintosh just looks so nice. But for now... GLWYS
  4. FREE Stand Design Audio Rack/Stand FREE

    I checked it out, shipping this to me across the country is a minimum of $300 - doesnt make sense for me at that point. Anyone else please feel free to inquire. Rplace and I couldnt be further apart lol
  5. FREE Stand Design Audio Rack/Stand FREE

    Pm sent
  6. FREE Stand Design Audio Rack/Stand FREE

    I like it but im guessing this cant be shipped... Im in Seattle
  7. ISO/WTB Single Cornwall

    Thank you! Vegas is about a 20 hour drive for me here on the west coast (seattle) but I might get desperate here soon. I emailed crites for a parts and price list, but Im not sure I can build one. Id jump on anything within a few hours drive for sure
  8. ISO/WTB Single Cornwall

    Vertical? How much and where?
  9. ISO/WTB Single Cornwall

    Make any progress on that project? I am in the exact same boat, but I do have single cornwall 1 about 90 minutes from me on CL - $350. I would rather have the vertical type, trying to keep the center speaker short. I thought 2 heresies bridged would be the trick but I like the bass of the cornwall at center.
  10. HT 2 12" subs vs 1 15" sub

    I am trying to keep my center speaker under 24-30 inches tall so the projector screen I eventually get can get down that low. That rules out a cornwall or a belle or la scala that might be a better fit with the klipschorns. Would a single heresy speaker provide a good sound as a center in this setup?
  11. HT 2 12" subs vs 1 15" sub

    Thanks for the great responses! I picked up a pair of heresy 1s earlier today and swapped them in to my surrounds (rear L+R - replacing a couple small klipsch quintet speakers) and watched a couple movies... Even with having quintets as the center and surrounds (barely heard with the klipschorns up front) the addition of the 1 pair of heresies made such an impact to the sound quality that I am very happy with my current subwoofer situation. It showed me where improvements are needed and where they are not. I ordered a new pair of heresy 3s a week ago that Im waiting to come in, and my plan is to use them both as my center channel. Ill keep an eye out for a final pair and a proper amp to power these 6 speakers and Im confident I wont feel like Im missing anything... For a while. Then on to my first projector endeavor.
  12. HT 2 12" subs vs 1 15" sub

    I currently have 2 12" klipsch r-12sw subs for my HT as well as klipschorns up front and Im wondering if I would be better off with a 15", looking at the 115sw specifically. Would I improve the sound? Do the 12s not match with the klipschorns? Im thinking about trying to facilitate a 2 for 1 trade - Two 15" subs are not in the budget currently. To me the current setup sounds okay but I am easily impressed. I also dont have my permanent surrounds/center so I dont have a complete setup to judge yet. Thanks for any input! Ryan
  13. FS: La Scala's and Emotiva XPA-5 Gen 2

    Emotiva gone?
  14. Marantz mm7055 5 channel amp

    Hi. Im looking at stepping up my HT a bit, but I've only been into audio tech for a couple years... I have a parasound a21 for my khorns, and am looking at upgrading my klipsch quintet surrounds (you know, so I can actually hear them) possibly with 6 heresy (2 as center) or some combination of heritage speakers - with space being a premium. I was looking at the parasound a51 since im happy with the a21, but at $4700 that would slow down my HT completion a bit. Would this amp do a good job at powering what I mentioned above or some similar combo of speakers? Thanks Ryan