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  1. Ryan from WA

    CD Collection

    Sent PM
  2. Ryan from WA

    Palladium p-17b looks like good deal

    That sounds like a sweet plan! Id love to check that out if youre close, if not maybe some pics when all said and done??
  3. Ryan from WA

    For Sale Klipsch RSW-10 Powered Subwoofer

    I use 2 of them in my heritage HT and have no complaints
  4. Ryan from WA

    Pangea AC9 Power Cord 5 Foot Excellent Condition SOLD

  5. Ryan from WA

    long list of Records & CDs for sale

    His experimental rock sound has that same sort of 'take you away from it all' affect that I get with ambient music. If you get bored (very bored because its pretty out there) look into Here come the warm jets, On some faraway beach, or anything from the Taking Tiger Mountain album.
  6. Ryan from WA

    long list of Records & CDs for sale

    You like early Eno at all? Not sure if Ive come across another human besides my dad who enjoyed Eno's early experimental rock (70s)
  7. Ryan from WA

    La scalas and cornwalls in Seattle

    https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/ele/d/speakers/6589798305.html https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/ele/d/speakers/6589798574.html 1100 for black la scalas w grilles and 700 for cornwalls, appear to be decent shape. No affiliation, im just hooked on looking around craigslist and sharing the deals (that im not intending to pursue :D)
  8. Ryan from WA

    2 pair of Belles in Western Washington

    I wonder how one of these would look between my birch khorns... Been looking for a belle for a while. Did they even make birch belles?
  9. Ryan from WA

    Is that what I think it is in the ebay picture?

    See if I woulda just stopped at 'remote' id be sittin pretty
  10. Ryan from WA

    Is that what I think it is in the ebay picture?

    Its a remote for the tv
  11. Ryan from WA

    WTB Surround sound system, projector and screen

    Yes, probably for another 5 years. Most content is 1080 and the difference in pictury quality between the two is very little, unless very close to the screen like a computer and even then pretty minor. I realize you dont know me so my opinion isnt worth all that much If you can get 4k for the same or very close in price then I'd opt for it
  12. Checking to see if theres any interest in a single vertical cornwall out there. I have a pair but think I only want to use one, need the extra space. These are not the prettiest but sound great. I bought these from a well respected senior member on this forum who redid the crossovers as B2. Everything else is stock, 69 decorators. Im thinking in the neighborhood of 400 bucks.
  13. Ryan from WA

    Any audio experts in WA?

    Saving me money left and right! Thx Chris
  14. Ryan from WA

    Any audio experts in WA?

    Ive also seen many people line the horns with foam or dynomat material, Is this something i should look into?