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  1. I will pay you whatever Scrappy is offering minus 15 %
  2. They're calling it an amplifier?
  3. Someone listed their 70s khorns in okay shape, all original for 10k a couple weeks ago. I think people in my area aren't really interested in selling their stuff, rather just seeing how much they can get for it. Most people believe their stuff is worth more than it is, and think they should get a discount off whatever you're selling... Most of the klipsch stuff on craigslist around here has been reposted again and again, some of it I swear for over a year. I guess it is a bit of a niche market
  4. Pretty decent looking. $1200... OBO... He also got a sack of empty milk cartons and a single shoe he cant find the mate to for 2 hunert https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/for/d/richland-vintage-klipsch-heresy-ii-12/6924146618.html
  5. Dont you all go calling at once now.. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/ele/d/puyallup-authentic-klipsch-klipschorns/6884794966.html
  6. Journeying to seattle any time soon?
  7. Been looking myself, may be interested in splitting a pair with ya but im in WA. Figured id toss it out there anyway Ryan
  8. 460 delivered (WA tax adds $45) is insane... I have zero use for this but its in my cart 1 click away... I messaged about them having 1 more to make a pair. Almost hoping they say no, I have a brand new pair of Heresies in boxes that im not sure where im putting yet...
  9. My house has 4 in ceiling speakers that are all routed to an outlet in the opposite living area. They are above the foyer and in the formal living room and Im guessing the previous owner had his tv and stereo components near this outlet in the front/living room but we do not. What im trying to figure out is what do I need to get these speakers going? When we moved in 6 years ago I tucked the wires into the wall and got a flat outlet to hide them from the baby we were about to have. Id love to play some holiday music for the holidays then the occasional radio listening. I may be interested in being able to connect via bluetooth to play something off my phone or something. I have these parameters in mind: 1: Small footprint. I dont have a shelf to put large receivers on by this outlet, its kinda out in the open. 2: An all in one system would be 👍. I dont know the speaker wattages, the ceilings are taller than my ladder goes. Hopefully knowing that isnt critical. 3: I have a couple hundred bucks to play with on this. ANY suggestions are always greatly appreciated.
  10. If we're looking for a community opinion on aesthetics, I actually think La scalas with grills look better than belles of the same finish and condition. Belles are way harder to find though, been looking for one for a center between khorns for a while. A la scala is just a hair too tall in my setup. Still havent heard either speaker in person..
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