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  1. Vertical cornwall pair, sound great, somewhat rough condition

    Can a more senior forum member weigh in on what they feel the condition and value of these is? I thought there would be more interest and am not looking to make money on the sale, just dont want to lose more than I have to. Already losing 250 on the shipping I paid to get them. Thanks
  2. Vertical cornwall pair, sound great, somewhat rough condition

    Ttt, lowered price
  3. Hi, I just picked these up from a forum member here a couple months ago. They need some tlc but work great as is. I just randomly found another pair that doesnt need any work, so Ive decided to let these go. Local pickup preferred in the Seattle area, but will ship at buyers expense. Before butting these up together as a center I did put these in front of my khorns and listened to some 2 channel music. They sound very nice, I was surprised how full the sound was (first cornwall experience). The previous owner updated the networks as B2 and replaced the caps a few months before selling to me. I dont know how to accurately rate their condition, but I would estimate a 5 out of 10. There are some chips in the wood and they are decorators without grills. Previous owners notes: 1969 Decorator cabinets with 1983 drivers (dual phase plug on mid) all ceramic magnets, which last forever, Price lowered to $775. Thanks
  4. X11i ear buds, new $23/shipped Ebay

    Ebay contacted me, said their account was compromised and items listed without consent... My order was canceled. I was able to cancel the paypal transaction juat now before it completed
  5. X11i ear buds, new $23/shipped Ebay

    Thanks! Got one too
  6. Are these setup for listening? I have never heard jubs and have been very curious about how they compare to klipschorns. If the difference is as noticeable as some say, I may pick these up from you and sell my current setup. Located in Marysville
  7. Belles and 2x MC75

    Youre right. This is so close to Seattle, there are probably 1000s of audio enthusiasts. The direction im coming from would take me 5x the normal time with the Friday traffic in that area. I would love to hear from anyone who is able to make it Friday so I can gauge for Saturday