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  1. Ryan from WA

    Open box and chip and dent Klipsch at great prices!

    ... And sold
  2. Ryan from WA

    Open box and chip and dent Klipsch at great prices!

    460 delivered (WA tax adds $45) is insane... I have zero use for this but its in my cart 1 click away... I messaged about them having 1 more to make a pair. Almost hoping they say no, I have a brand new pair of Heresies in boxes that im not sure where im putting yet...
  3. My house has 4 in ceiling speakers that are all routed to an outlet in the opposite living area. They are above the foyer and in the formal living room and Im guessing the previous owner had his tv and stereo components near this outlet in the front/living room but we do not. What im trying to figure out is what do I need to get these speakers going? When we moved in 6 years ago I tucked the wires into the wall and got a flat outlet to hide them from the baby we were about to have. Id love to play some holiday music for the holidays then the occasional radio listening. I may be interested in being able to connect via bluetooth to play something off my phone or something. I have these parameters in mind: 1: Small footprint. I dont have a shelf to put large receivers on by this outlet, its kinda out in the open. 2: An all in one system would be 👍. I dont know the speaker wattages, the ceilings are taller than my ladder goes. Hopefully knowing that isnt critical. 3: I have a couple hundred bucks to play with on this. ANY suggestions are always greatly appreciated.
  4. Ryan from WA

    Value of Lascalas / Belles?

    If we're looking for a community opinion on aesthetics, I actually think La scalas with grills look better than belles of the same finish and condition. Belles are way harder to find though, been looking for one for a center between khorns for a while. A la scala is just a hair too tall in my setup. Still havent heard either speaker in person..
  5. Ryan from WA

    Forte IIs $350, Milwaukee Area

    The ones listed at $4999 were updated to pending pickup yesterday. They were nice, and oak, but at $5k... Thinking about listing mine... Doesnt help that I believe there are dozens of people searching seattle craigslist daily and deals are gone within an hour it seems.
  6. Ryan from WA

    Lascala’s up for auction

    Coytee that always confused me too..."Yeah I just got these massive speakers because they were really fun to move and pack up the stairs all day that one time"
  7. Ryan from WA

    Looking for Emotiva UPA-7 or 5

    If there are leftovers once River finds his I may also be interested if someone is looking to sell theirs Ryan
  8. Ryan from WA

    Heresys 2s For Sale $350

    Are there blueprints anywhere for those grills? They take your speakers to a whole other level.
  9. Ryan from WA

    Danley SH50's very good deal

    Congrats Pat! I would have loved to get these. Hoping something pops up on the west coast sometime.
  10. Ryan from WA

    For Sale Klipsch RSW-10 Powered Subwoofers

    Oh wow, thank you I didn't realize. Maybe I should look at exchanging mine soon then...
  11. Ryan from WA

    For Sale Klipsch RSW-10 Powered Subwoofers

    I actually have r10sw subs... Didnt realize rsw10 was something else completely... Why not change the letters to make it less confusing? It looks like the rsw10 specs best the r10sw
  12. Ryan from WA

    KLF-30s in Houston?

    I have a pair of heresy 1s and apair of heresy 3s depending on what you have on your sig, if youre interested...
  13. Ryan from WA

    Want To Buy: Emotiva UPA-2

    Id be interested in that if you wanted to pm me on the side. You in the nw?
  14. Ryan from WA

    Opinions on amplification needed for 7.1 HT

    Its decent - do you know how to mess with room eq? If so you could help me make it an experience! I have a mic but havent got to mess with it all that much
  15. Ryan from WA

    Opinions on amplification needed for 7.1 HT

    "There is no AVR I know of that supports 2 center speakers." I currently use a hafler dh220 to power the center cornwalls, avr is only on surround duty. Center out to an rca splitter so both speakers get the same signal. I use 2 speakers to try to get more coverage out of the main dialogue channel. Even with 2 speakers it's not perfect. Im thinking of building a stand that will aim one slightly higher than the other. Its a relatively small room and I want to watch movies with groups. They are vertical cws, laying down and butted up to each other, so theres little distance between the horns. A parasound A21 powers the khorns, but Im looking for a 5 channel or 7 channel amp that could double as a 2 ch. for stereo (when the tubes wont suffice)