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  1. WTB Surround sound system, projector and screen

    Yes, probably for another 5 years. Most content is 1080 and the difference in pictury quality between the two is very little, unless very close to the screen like a computer and even then pretty minor. I realize you dont know me so my opinion isnt worth all that much If you can get 4k for the same or very close in price then I'd opt for it
  2. Checking to see if theres any interest in a single vertical cornwall out there. I have a pair but think I only want to use one, need the extra space. These are not the prettiest but sound great. I bought these from a well respected senior member on this forum who redid the crossovers as B2. Everything else is stock, 69 decorators. Im thinking in the neighborhood of 400 bucks.
  3. Any audio experts in WA?

    Saving me money left and right! Thx Chris
  4. Any audio experts in WA?

    Ive also seen many people line the horns with foam or dynomat material, Is this something i should look into?
  5. Any audio experts in WA?

    I ordered the miniDSP UMIK-1 and plan to use REW. This will be the first of any kind of measurements Ive done. Im glad to hear I may not need to start over with speaker choice My dads living room has like a 12 foot ceiling where I think mine is closer to 9, ill confirm that, but his house was also old and solid - you didnt need to look for studs in this house to hang heavy shelves... I can remember walking out of the room and instantly the volume was halved or more, and there was no door or anything, I just think it was naturally soundproofed. They did have multiple couches and my mom loaded the walls with stuff, so I am going to look into at least those panels you mentioned. Any particular brand or website you know of that works well? I would like to exchange my 2 subs for a single 15" of some kind, and move it maybe to the back. Maybe the sw 115 or another brand depending on the reviews I find. I also have been considering just doing a 5.1 or 5.2 and dropping the rear speakers, or just using those small guys on the wall just to have noise in the back. 4 heresys is a little tight in that area. If I can get the left and right surrounds into the wall thatd be better, but they just barely dont fit between the studs. I will also play with the bass level - Ive noticed even on cd, some songs have great bass then some it sounds like the woofer was unplugged. I dont normally turn the powered subs on for music but I have, and I have mixed feelings on the results. Thank you for your response, I appreciate the advice
  6. Any audio experts in WA?

    Smaller as in reference line? I do have the klipsch quintet V 5.0 surrounds, but I want something with dynamic and enveloping sound for home theater, but more importantly something I can really crank in 2 channel for music. I mentioned I like loud but what I failed to mention is that I like it loud to the point that nobody else can stand to be in the room with me. Although if I cant cure the harshness I will have to stop that, I dont want hearing loss yet, im only 30...
  7. Any audio experts in WA?

    I was worried about that too. Ive set these cornwalls up in 2 channel and they sound really good and fill the room. The only time all speakers are going is when im gaming or watching videos, and yes the surrounds being close are overpowering the other ones. I was thinking about getting crazy and putting them in the walls between the studs which would move them back a couple feet and look pretty nice I would think. I used a klipsch surround kit in a box (2 speakers on back wall still mounted) and I couldnt hear them at all over the khorns. Maybe Im better situated with cornwalls for LCR and bookshelf s for surrounds?
  8. Any audio experts in WA?

    Thank you for the compliment! I was honestly hesitant to even post it... Some of the people on this forum have rooms that look so professionally done and custom, I might get there one day though. I do play a little axe
  9. Any audio experts in WA?

    None taken. It sounds very good to the people who come over to watch movies or maybe listen to some music, but most of them primarily listen to their headphones and smart phone. I do think after messing with the EQ even I will be happy with the sound. Im also researching the different ways to stream and looking for a DAC which may improve it
  10. Any audio experts in WA?

  11. Any audio experts in WA?

  12. Any audio experts in WA?

  13. Any audio experts in WA?

    Ah there we go, thank you
  14. Any audio experts in WA?

    Only the khorns are in their final spot, the cornwalls in the center I just stuck some temporary legs under them to see if being elevated helps. The 4 heresy for surrounds are just sitting on furniture, I didnt want to mount or install them permanently til I know its going to work for me. I still have many open projects in this media room so its a work in progress.. Other equipment includes Parasound a21 (khorns) Integra 7.2 ch receiver (surrounds) Hafler dh 220 (center) Blu ray player for playing cds 2 rs-12w subs ******Edit I mostly listen to rock but do listen to all types of music. When I crank it it's rock - Pink Floyd, Neil Young, SRV to name a few. I do like to listen at higher volumes, although I may tone it down a little now.
  15. Any audio experts in WA?

    The room is mostly square, except the back wall has a cutout for a bench and window. Left wall to right wall is 14.5 feet. Front to back is 15 feet, plus 2 feet for the large bench seating cutout. I listen about 11 ft from the front wall. The right wall has a closet behind it, and is only about 12 feet where it 90s to a 3 foot wall then the door to the room.