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  1. 5 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    YEA MAN!!!!!!!


    I LOVE early 70s ZZTop better than the rest!

    Not a bad song on that LP with the feast inside!!

    YES YES I agree, but I admit to liking them all!! I always have to start with this one to hear La Grange!! Best version on this album


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  2. One more day of routing wires, cables, and harnessing.... Vinyl has to be patient cuz I ain't for sure

    So with a partial system, it's a u toob day


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  3. That is the reason I asked the brand. In the USA it is not common to stop at a hardware store and buy a Gum glue. Since Gum refers to a sap typically (Gum Arabic, Mastic, Dragon tears, Amber...) just not commonly found over here. As a violin maker, working with various types of varnish, these are common materials, most of what my adhesion is made up from, and I ?might? have a bottle of PVA here somewhere. The only Gum Glue I did find on Amazon US is 91% water and 9% Polyvinyl Alcohol, not Polyvinyl Acetate such as Tite Bond. There are many white glues out there, some PVA, some Casein based,  and some of variations on the themes.

    From what I "could" find, the Studymate gum glue is most likely based on Mastic, and or Gum Arabic, the MSDS does (Will) not say.

    It works! and others say PVA does too. As long as it can be removed without damaging the vinyl, I say go for it! Heck maple syrup should work a little, just be sure to get it washed off well, I do not think the stylus would like the change in velocity. Dried Syrup would surely rip that stylus out in a heart beat. Silly putty!, Auto body clay, so many things that could be pressed into a groove and attach to the dust, lifting it out.. works for me! A nice wash will also do a lot to remove the dirt and grime, and of course that opens the barn door to the obvious chemicals and degrading the vinyl.

    With the advent of the more sensitive cartridge and stylus, we do want to clean and preserve our collection, preserve the stylus from hitting the potholes in the road, so it makes perfect sense to experiment with new ideas on how to clean, and follow that path of "Discovery" of what works the best for you.

    It is just as important to do a good preen after playing that album, good sleeves and proper storage.

    Just my thoughts here and a big thank you to @Full Range for the tips and advice here today.

    Good stchuphff!



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  4. 58 minutes ago, MicroMara said:

    TTTTTssss..I told you before that´s the wrong way to wash them




    I know, I know... I never listen...

    To everyone here thank you for the participation in the humor, it has brightened my day!


    @Full Range what brand is your glue? may I ask



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  5. 23 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

    I dunno, but I'm starting to like that @Tim Sr. dude.  He's showing potential and could become another red-headed step brother in here.     😂   💪  😂

    HA HA HA! Yeah all that RED! went gray in my late 40's! Gray went white in the early 60's LOL

    What comes after White??? nahh don't answer that!


    It is going to be a few more days here before the Vinyl hits a platter, some extensive rewire work happening.

    I read earlier @JohnJ about getting things back, and I have to hurt with ya on that. I will only say when I gave up on that reality, it began to happen :) after almost 20 years! I have to admit how wonderful it feels to push that power switch!! ( feels more grand with speaker wires in mouth (the bare parts) especially if I forgot to turn the volume down.

    Hang in there @JohnJ I have faith for you.

    ... Might have to move the Dual at least and hook that up from a table or somethi........ I NEED MORE SPACE!!! sorry got out of control there.


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  6. Another performance from music academies in Zagreb and Liechtenstein, Valter Dešpalj was a master of cello and of teaching as well. Luka Šulić (Two Cellos) is in this performance





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  7. 25 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

    Did not know the Two Cellos went their separate ways.

    Yeah, sadly

    Always wished either one (Luca or Stjepan) would have done more work with Zita Varga from their school.

    Is one heck of a music institution there in Croatia.


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  8. 19 minutes ago, Full Range said:

    Love the Coop 

    Have almost all the records except for the most recent ones 

    Just a few early ones here:

    Muscle of Love, Love it to Death, Billion $ Babies, Killer, and Schools Out

    Flac and Wav I think I have all of the albums, Just not the same as a vinyl play

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