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  1. 18 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

    Bunn A-10 has been the best machine I've ever owned.




    The original spray-head would overwhelm the BUNN filters if making more than 8 cups.  BUNN customer service sent two new smaller “slower” spray-heads at no cost.  The next size down solved the issue.  No more filter overflows resulting in grounds in the coffee.  I’ll trade speed for no grounds any day.

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  2. The Texas Instruments TPA3255EVM and Mean Well 48v power supply are housed in the black case above the pair of iNuke1000dsp amps that each powers a pair of Anarchy Exodus tapped horn subs.  The 2-channel system is now totally powered by class-D chip amps. The ability of the 3255. and the iNukes to accept the balanced outputs of a Pono player results in glorious sound in my small basement space.


    At present, the main speakers are the “Superized” HIPs in front of pairs of TH subs.  My wife slightly  prefers the HIPs to the DIY Supers inboard of the HIPs and so do I.


    The efficiency of the HIPs and TH subs prevents the chip amps from ever getting even slightly warm.  One knock on iNukes is their noisy fans.  To address this I immediately removed the fans.  Not once has either INuke been shut down by its thermal protection circuit, even after extended bass heavy selections at relatively high volume.  DSOM rattles objects upstairs but the fan-less iNukes soldier on.


    At idle, the tweeters are dead silent.  The power consumption at idle is minimal, heck it’s minimal at high volume, so I often leave the whole system powered on for weeks at a time.


    FYI, the three DIY Fostex 103 bass reflex single drivers in the photo are for TV/HT sound only.  My original plans to share the subs with the HT system never materialized.  It’s not worth the hassle to switch the subs from the balanced chip amps to the unbalanced Onkyo AVR.  In reality, the HT sound provided by the five (2 rear channels not visible) DIY single drivers is more than acceptable.  We would rather have the TH subs provide tight bass for music than explosions for movies.


    I can’t imagine a return to space heater tube amps.  With class-D chip amps replacing tube gear my music enjoyment has increased and my AC costs have decreased.  YMMV



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  3. 1 hour ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

    All original speakers The cabinet has some cosmetic wear and tear, could probably afford to be re-veneered."


    Is it for a pair or one 'cabinet' for sale? 


    Good catch.  Anyone know the answer?  $1,350 is not a deal for only one.

  4. 2 hours ago, rplace said:

    Bluenote Jems of Jazz - looks brand new


    This would be my choice.  May the better team win.


    This is is an important game for both squads.  Michigan just lost at home to The Ohio State Buckeyes and Sparty just lost at home to Penn State, which surprised PSU fan @EmilC who claimed to not know that PSU had a basketball team.


    No matter the outcome on Saturday both teams will make the NCAA tournament, where both teams could do well if healthy and inspired.

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  5. On 2/4/2020 at 4:33 PM, mopardave said:

    Klipsch K77 in good working order measures 6.1 ohm.  $40 plus shipping in us only.






    That veneer is stunning.  I believe you posted pics of that before, but another here would be nice.


    You, Kevin @kevinmi, and @Escher should put your heads together and pick a date and location(s) for the 2020 Genesee County edition of the Southeast Michigan Klipsch gathering.

  6. 1 hour ago, Tony T said:

    Both are old you said? Do you have one or two for sale. Within your ad, it looks like a singular K77(m) to me.


    Tony I replied to your PM.

  7. One pair of Klipsch phenolic tweeter diaphragms as used in Heresy 2, KP-201 and many more Klipsch tweeters that followed the EV T-35/K-77 tweeters, which they DO NOT FIT.  They work fine.  They will be shipped in the plastic boxes in which the Crites titanium diaphragms, which replaced them, arrived.


    They will be yours for the cost shipping. Send a PM with your ship to address, including Zip Code; I’ll send you the shipping quote.



  8. Dantonio’s football success is obvious.


    I first met him when he was an assistant under Sabin.  We were showing our then young sons the MSU campus during a summer when the campus  was pretty deserted. The football facilities were closed and quiet.  Mark saw us outside and invited us inside. He gave us a grand tour.  Our boys were thrilled.


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  9. Some would say this thread has been hi-jacked, but I don’t mind.  The information is useful to others and important.  My only request is to please avoid sarcasm and public spats regarding disagreements.  

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