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  1. 18 hours ago, justinsweber said:

    I desoldered the connectors off the crossover and soldered 2 of the black wires +/_ directly to the crossover PCB inlace of the red/black.


    I’ll probably do the same; the black leads are plenty long enough.  I can see why PE suggested removing the connectors and splicing, rather than expecting novices to desolder and resolder at the PCB, but expecting a beginner to have heat shrink tubing about is almost as bad.

  2. A prompt and helpful reply was received from Greg at PE Tech Support.  He told me where to stick the Bluetooth antenna (in the kindest way possible).  He also advised that the connection from the KAB-230 could be to any of the three same sized receptacles on the rechargeable batteries board.  While the prompt and helpful support is great,  better instructions would have been even greater.

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  3. One pair packed per box.  FedEx caculated 23.0 x 17.0 x 16.0 @ 38.3 pounds.  One box is off to Ohio for $25.48, less than a third the cost to buy new from PE.  The other box awaits a UPS shipping label from the recipient , or instructions to send by FedEx.


    My garage now has some space, but nature abhors a vacuum.


    20190923_100937 (Medium).jpg

  4. 1 minute ago, Deang said:

    Win or lose, there are few things in life more fun than a trip to the ballpark!


    Truly awesome that someone turned your wallet in without ripping you off. 


    Probably a member of the cleanup crew.  


    Now I'll do what I should have done earlier, which is to scan the contents of my wallet so the next time it vanishes, I know which cards to cancel.

  5. Last night I treated my bride of 37 years to the final Friday night Detroit Tigers home game at Comerica Park.  She's a huge Tigers fan.  Win or lose, there's a great fireworks show following the game.


    Thanks to the secondary ticket market, we were able to get great seats at a great price.  Unfortunately, the team the Tigers put on the field is awful.  I'm no baseball expert, but these young guys make fielding and throwing errors as if they want to be returned to the minors.  The 70 win White Sox won 10-1.


    At the wife's request I ordered a pair of Ballpark Franks (the only time she'll eat a hotdog).  The young vendor tried to give me $5.00 too much in change, which would have more than wiped out her tip. 


    Toward the end of the game I bought a lemonade and put my wallet in a cupholder in the seat in front of me.  That little voice that warns you not to set anything on the roof of the car must have been engrossed in the game.


    This morning I couldn't find my wallet.  It quickly dawned on me that I'd put it in the cupholder.  A call to the Comerica Park lost and found reached a pleasant young woman who confirmed my wallet was indeed there. I immediately returned to the scene of the crime (the game) and my stupidity.  The wallet still had the cash and credit cards.  The karma created when I corrected the vendor worked in my favor regarding the misplaced wallet.


    Regarding the Tigers, wait 'til next year . . . and a few more after that.


    Comerica Park.jpg

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  6. Charles Woodson declares on TV that he is embarrassed by Michigan football.


    Sparty won easily at Northwestern, but that ain’t Madison.  I’m still not comfortable with the off-season coaching assistant musical chairs in East Lansing.  If MSU handles the Hoosiers next week in East Lansing, they get to deal with the Badgers at Camp Randall Stadium the next week.

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  7. To be fair to PE, the speaker wire connections are labeled on the board, but it is up to the assembler to make certain that the proper identical black wire is soldered to the correct wire of the correct crossover; easy for an experienced DIYer, not so easy for a novice, especially without a warning.


    The other end of #7 (loose in the attached photo) connects to the rechargeable batteries board, but at which of three possible points?


    The Bluetooth antenna (visible in the attached photo) has a self-stick backing.  If the assembled amp/control board module is to be removable in the future, e.g., to replace the batteries when they no longer take a charge, the antenna must stay with the module.  It would be nice if a suggested attachment point on the module were offered.  I can imagine that some possibilities are better, or worse, than others.


    I still expect it to look and sound great when done, but, IMO, this is NOT a project for beginners.




  8. Based upon my experience to this point, I would NOT recommend this kit as a gift for a novice DIYer.


    IMO, the fact that wood screws are used in thin MDF is a deal breaker.  I would not assemble this thing without reinforcing the thin MDF with hardwood and/or plywood attachment points.


    Beyond that, the wiring instructions are, IMO, inadequate and ambiguous.  Rather than a single comprehensive PDF with all necessary diagrams, there is a PDF regarding the enclosure assembly, the attached “wiring diagram” and references to three short and fast videos.


    The attached wiring diagram suggests multiple connectors at a single point, e.g., #5, #9, & #12 all connecting at a single location not large enough to accommodate all three.  Regarding the Speaker Cable #1, the cable supplied has four identical black wires coming from it.  The “assembly video” shows the input connectors (visible in the photo attached to the post above) being cut off the crossovers and the wires then being soldered to the speaker wires.  No mention of the need to confirm and preserve polarity.  Sure that’s obvious to a seasoned DIYer and easy to accomplish, but not to a beginner to whom this thing is marketed.


    Perhaps I’m dense, or I’m missing something.  What is your experience Justin @justinsweber, or anyone else?  



  9. The crossover networks need to be installed before the top will be glued into place.  After anchoring the networks to the floor of the enclosures, the leads to the amp will be hot glued, where they pass through the chamber walls, to seal the speaker chambers.


    I plan to put rubber feet on the bottom and the back, so plywood blocks need to be glued into place so the feet aren’t screwed into MDF.  Similarly, plywood blocks will be glued to the underside of the top to attach the handle.  Without the blocks, the handle screws would eventually pull loose from the MDF.


    Before the top is glued into place, I’ll seal the interior joints and seams of the bass reflex enclosures.


    After the top is glued and clamped into place, I’ll smooth the exterior joints and seams and probably use a router to round-over the right angle corners.  


    They intend the plastic port tubes to just press into place.  I will glue them into place from the inside prior to installing the top.  Therefore, the areas of the port locations were DuraTexed to make final painting easier.




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  10. The plywood glue blocks are clamped into place.  I’ll be more comfortable with six of the 8 screws anchoring the control plate going into more than thin MDF.  That center chamber is not sealed; the bass reflex speaker chambers on either side are sealed.


    The top is resting in place so the dado cuts hold the MDF in alignment until the glue blocks dry.



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  11. On 9/12/2019 at 9:28 AM, CECAA850 said:

    If you're looking for fast and easy, apply the glue, clamp in place then use a brad nailer to secure the panels to each other.  You can then remove the clamps and move on to the next panel without waiting for it to dry.


    I’ve used that technique successfully in the past on 1/2” or larger stock, but not on this 1/4” or less MDF.

  12. On 9/18/2019 at 10:25 AM, MookieStl said:


    Did it go MkBOOM yet?


    Perhaps this weekend.  Gluing and clamping the dowel sections to the MDF has slowed things down.  You can only fit so many clamps at a time.


    As an incurable DIYer I had to modify this thing.  In addition to the hardwood discs glued to the screw locations, I’m adding some plywood strips behind the control panel for reinforcement and to accept the screws that attach the panel.  Photos will follow.



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  13. 22 hours ago, Ray_pierrewit said:

    . . . lost none of the "punchy bass" I loved with the stock LaScala.


    I agree.  Efficiency was reduced, but not significantly.   IMO, La Scalas benefit from a good sub(s).  Having a sub makes the bass mod unnecessary.  Without a sub, the bass mod is worthwhile and, as has been said ad nauseum, is easily reversible.

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