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  1. If you saw behind the scenes at any restaurant, you’d have a hard time eating out anywhere.  Our business did some work for a large mid-scale chain restaurant that just opened a new place a few weeks ago.  Walking through the kitchen you would think the place had been open for years, rather than weeks.  It will be a while before I can eat at that place.



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  2. Elton John will be at Little Caesars Arena (LCA) in Detroit in May.  Two concerts sold out quickly, so they added two more shows.  Tickets went on sale to the public yesterday.   I figured they’d be expensive, but I know my wife would enjoy a final opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I checked them out.  She could not enjoy a concert knowing it cost more than $600.


    The least expensive tickets are more than $300 each for bad seats in a hockey arena.  Our older son works for LCA and gave us free tickets to Hall & Oates last year.  We had great seats if we were at a Red Wings game, right at the centerline about twenty rows back, but terrible seats for a concert.  The sound was awful.  Even for FREE I was disappointed.


    Those same seats at Elton John would be more than $500 each.  Perhaps Elton has better sound people, but I have a hard time imagining any seat in a hockey rink can be worth those prices. Who pays these prices?  Am I just a tightwad curmudgeon?



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  3. 16 hours ago, ILI said:

    Never having soldered before, I found it a little daunting, but all is fine. Probably not the cleanest soldering, but I double checked all connections and was very happy the speakers produced sound when reconnected! 


    You probably did just fine.  


    Did you watch some of the many soldering YouTube videos?  In my experience, keeping the soldering tip clean with a damp sponge and avoiding “cold” joints are the keys.  If the solder doesn’t heat and flow to the connection, or if the connection moves in the instant before the solder sets, the connection looks dull, rather than shiny.  A cold joint will still show as a connection, but it will cause problems in the future.  Shiny is good, dull not so good.

  4. PWK hated MDF and insisted on Baltic birch plywood (BBP) in his speakers.  He told me this personally as he compared the BBP construction of the Khorn to the MDF construction of the Speakerlab knockoff.  It’s interesting that Speakerlab switched to multi-plywood in the later years of production.


    To the best of my knowledge (what say you @JRH?) MDF was not used in Klipsch products while PWK was still in charge.  It’s pointless to argue now about which is better.  Choose what you like; I choose to agree with PWK.

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  5. That's the plan.


    This time I checked the rechargeable batteries immediately.  They all showed ~3.5v before charging. 


    I'll assemble the amp/control module and test it prior to the weekend.  With good weather over the weekend I should get it Duratexed and playing this weekend. 

  6. Epiphany!  


    I was wondering how to test for left/right channel orientation without having to solder and possibly remove and re-solder the leads to the crossovers.  Then it hit me, by putting the back on last, there is no top or bottom to this thing until I install the feet and the handle.


    With that in mind, I can pass the leads through the sidewalls, solder the leads to the crossovers, and play Take Five and a test program.  I can flip it over until the percussion is on the left, and then put the handle on the top and the feet on the bottom and the back. 



  7. In college in the late 60s - early 70s, two buddies and I were hired to drive semis for a moving company (what were they thinking?).  I was the only one who could drive a stick.  To get experience, my friends practiced on my 67 Corvair 4-speed.  I tried to warn them that the carry-over to a semi tractor would be minimal.

  8. Roger Ridley seems to have been the inspiration for Playing For Change.  Unfortunately, the world lost a treasure on November 16, 2005 when he passed at 57.  Fortunately, PFC carries on.


    Bruce, would you consider editing the subject line to alert members regarding the marvelous PFC?  I know it’s always fun to poke fun at Marty, @thebes, for his bizarre dislike of the Beatles, but PFC is too important to be hidden behind a joke.


    That said, the occasional accordion seen in the PFC videos reminds of a comment I heard from a musician who described “perfect pitch” as tossing an accordion into a dumpster and hitting a banjo.  My apologies to banjo and accordion fanciers.  One thing the PFC videos demonstrate is that whatever the instrument it’s all music and it’s all good.




    This short PFC video is unlike the other excellent PFC videos in that Aussie, Kim Churchill, sings his original composition by himself.  I encourage you to listen to the end where he explains the poignant story behind the song.


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  10. On 10/9/2019 at 4:37 PM, Dave1290 said:

    @DizRotusI wouldn't count Sparty out.  Although they do have a good QB Taylor is just one dude.  Sparty might just step up.  Gonna have to watch that one also and jump back and forth hoping to settle in somewhere.  I don't count anyone out ever.  Wait, I take that back ichigan maybe.  lol


    Dave you were wrong.  Sparty was awful.  When your longest offensive play is a fake punt, your offense sucks.  


    Wisconsin is very good.  The Badgers vs Buckeyes in two weeks will be fun to watch.

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  11. The second MKBoom arrived yesterday.  This one will be a gift to my nephew.


    As before, it arrived well packaged.  The lower attached photo was taken after removing the panels from the foam packaging and prior to gluing on the dowels.The first task is to glue the hardwood dowel sections to the screw locations to give the attachment screws more to bite into than thin MDF.


    FYI, the first MKBoom, when wired as instructed, has the left and right channels reversed,  This was first noted when the initial percussion on Brubeck's Take Five was in the right channel, rather than the left as recorded.  The reversed wiring was also confirmed by a system test program.  On this one, I'll confirm proper left channel/right channel orientation before final assembly.


    Now the question is whether to see if my son cares about the reversal on his.  If he does, it can be corrected, but I suspect he won't care.


    IMG_0893 (Medium).JPG

    IMG_0892 (Medium).JPG

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