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  1. Sweet! Me: X1000 or SA300 (el-34) with Forte II or Chous II and FM100.
  2. These guys liked Fisher and used Klipsch Chorus in some test systems: VTV issues : http://www.enjoythemusic.com/diy/0414/vacuum_tube_valley.htm
  3. Very impressive! Old-style/first-version knobs. I have several Fisher items also.
  4. "The Entertainer" (Joplin) played on a 1915´s Piano--
  5. drift away in the soothing soundscapes of super bon bon
  6. REM - Wichita Lineman- 94 & 96
  7. Geno & Daddy G: The Russians ain't no joke on this cover
  8. The Bros Johnson Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter #23 1977 - YouTube The Brothers Johnson - Stomp (Album Version) (Slayd5000) - YouTube The Brothers Johnson - Stomp! - YouTube
  9. Happy Monday from Lou Rawls y'all
  10. How did you obtain above photo of me? That's cool! -------------------------------------------------------------------. Something like this:
  11. Memphis in May- Luther in Gospel tent, Allman Bros on Main Stage. Miss River spans one side of venue. Watch the Mighty roll by and watch concert- spectacular! One year there was a beer guy who roamed venue with keg cylinders (similar to small co2 tank size) on his back providing refreshment to the masses-pure awesomeness!
  12. Saw her pre-Trucks in the '90's at blues fest in Maryland. Great voice. Check out mic on drum.
  13. Billy-Bob, Full-Range, John, Dave and the Boys: Went to ball game tonight (giant 25oz beer ), on way home stopped off at brewery beer garden then bar in LA (redneck riviera) on way home. Rock Lobster played at ball game (a first and never heard at ball game/had season tickets Balt Orioles 10 years in past ) and Black Sabbath at Red Neck Riviera bar-strange occurrences and strange days a brewing. Checked Trucks/T scheuldue; if ant anyone game for Jacksonville or N.O. let me know.
  14. "Why? You have the other one?" No, I need a mate for a lone flip-flop
  15. King Biscuit Blues Festival - Helena, Arkansas (kingbiscuitfestival.com) AND
  16. WRNR FM 103.1 https://onlineradiobox.com/us/181fmtrueblues
  17. I remember song from the movie. -Rocky 1976- Kool and the Gangs Summer Madness- - YouTube
  18. "Welcome to the Forum and sit HARD on that gold card! " Now THAT's funny!!! And true.
  19. Tweeter horn should be same size on all. Use that and woofer for reference. Best I can do: Threw in II's just because -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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