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  1. Never Fight A Man With A Perm
  2. I DO Know What You Mean Leslie West Decodes His “Mississippi Queen” Tone | GuitarPlayer P-90 single coil
  3. Some Smoke......................
  4. Many big businesses, agencies, officials, groups & individuals thrived/profited from lockdown/restrictions. Waiting for full-on automation to 'kick-in' and fill the void of job vacencies; also as a reaction to increasing min wage hikes. That's my last 2 cents. How Many Restaurants Will Permanently Close This Year? - Restaurant Engine 2020 Nearly a third of California's restaurants permanently closed as pandemic set in - ABC7 Los Angeles 2021
  5. I have no idea why one bowl of soup and two egg rolls cost $28- insanity. Maybe restaurant has to pay staff $30 per hour and customers absorbing cost. I don't know. Snow crab leg prices? Eat king crab, much better. Auto industry on track to lose $200B this year. Find out why. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously, if you seek the answers, you will find. There are many reasons. Do a little research-production, origin of production, labor, money, logistics, politics, ...........
  6. Sincerely sorry about your Mother @JohnJ. I was unaware. Mask-mostly likely.
  7. @w30bob said: " Now how did I get here..........oh yeah.......crossover capacitors! So here's a dumb question. If people think they hear differences in capacitors made of different material or brands......why doesn't someone just build a switch box with a number of these different capacitors in there and switch between them while listening?
  8. "Hush" you say @billybob? OK - Enjoy The Silence
  9. When I Awoke and Realized It Was A Dream - I Cried, 96 Tears
  10. I Had Too Much to Drink Dream Last Night
  11. @billybob I joined their fanclub
  12. FWIW: Facebook Overpaid FTC Fine By $5 Bln To Safeguard Mark Zuckerberg, Lawsuit Claims | Nasdaq
  13. "I asked Warner Brothers to give me a tape of the beep sound. They sent me a tape of a human voice attempting to sound like a car horn. And the tape just went Beep, beep (PAUSE) Beep, beep (PAUSE) Beep, beep." The whole tape was like that! I went to Purchasing and I asked who on the approved source list sells us horns. (We were really out of time. This whole Road Runner car was being done, not overnight, but in less than two months.) They gave me the three horn vendors that we were permitted to buy horns from, so I called the chief engineer of each of these three companies and told them the story. I said, ''I'm going to send you a tape in today's mail. I want you to listen to it at once. Call me back as soon as possible if you have anything in your roster of horns that is anything like this sound: "Beep, beep! Very shortly, they all called back. Two of them said, "Not a prayer!" The third one, the Sparton Horn Company and Richie Vanstroodle-who turned out to be a heck of a guy-really wanted to get into the swing of this thing. He said, "Hey, we've got a horn that sounds pretty close. We're building it for a military vehicle. It's built to government specifications. It works under water. And it's really expensive because it meets all these requirements: Forty-five dollars a piece." I said, "No way! I tell you what, I want you to get your best cost estimator to review that horn. Have him work all night at this. Call me back tomorrow and tell me the cost after you take off all the waterproofing and everything else but keeping it a legal horn, meeting government regulations. Tell me what you can sell it for." They called back and it turned out to be like a 47-cent penalty over what we were already spending for horns, so we had a horn. Sure, we said we'd buy that little bit of "plus;" at least I say "a little bit." People in the industry would drive each other up the wall just to save a dime on a car. But a dime times a couple hundred thousand cars is a lot of money! In that case, we would have done a lot to save a small amount of money on each car. Cars are implicitly the product of a lot of cost reduction: coldly looking for pennies, trying to get the money out so we can be a competitive company and sell a car for a competitive price. But we had the horn and it almost fit into the car. The horn was held by one bolt. There's a little tab that goes into one hole and there's a second hole for the screw that mounts the horn. That hole in the horn bracket was about 5/32 of an inch long. So we had to have them move that hole that little distance and moving that hole that little distance was the biggest tooling cost ($243 out of a total of less than $500) associated with the production of the Road Runner car! Anyway, we had the horn. It turned out that they had a test that had to be conducted on every horn before it was authorized to be released: an engineering cycling test. The horn was placed in a sound-proof box and the switch was flipped-beep, beep, beep, beep-twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. At that rate there wouldn't be enough time to get the test completed in order to support buying it for the start of production of the car. Remember, we were doing this car at the very last minute, so there were a number of things that came up which almost scrubbed the car." Jack Smith and the Plymouth Road Runner | Allpar Forums
  14. live- right now-Benny Benack Quartet & Jam Session - Live at Smalls Jazz Club - 9/22/21
  15. He plays guitar and was into the 'straight edge' scene.
  16. 1957 Fender Factory Tour - No OSHA - No A/C - We Don't Need No Stinking Shirt
  17. Misirlou 1963-Dick Dale-Leo-The Strat-Amps
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