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  1. Thinking of you, my friend. Hope you're doing fine!
  2. Quadrophonic sound It sure sounds very nice on my two channel system, but what were the required specs to play this? Does one need two needles? 😉😂
  3. Two big names in Europe for Bach and Baroque recordings.
  4. 3200sqf equals 300 sq m, which is 10mx30m. Pretty big space.
  5. La Scalas are so good they will even make a Sonos amp sound okay :-)) Remember it's the quality of the first 10 Watt that is important.
  6. It seems that a lot of us have been in some accident or another, getting hurt. I didn't need to think very hard what album to take out to break the curse! The album artwork says enough! To all of you: get well soon!
  7. Not sure if I'm listening to the same 1965 recording as your album, but it surely sounds really good. Von Karajan was at the top of his game in 1965, I think!
  8. Von Karajan directing the Brandenburg Concertos... must be like Pink Floyd covering Pete Seeger. Oh! They did that, with The Wall! On a serious note, I love Bach and I love Von Karajan! What makes this particular recording special, in your opinion?
  9. I just learned that Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms was recorded at George Martin's Air Studios, on the isolated island of Montserrat, which after 10 years of glorious recording projects, was destroyed by a hurricane and an unseen vulcano eruption. What remains of it lies within the 'forbidden zone'... No joke.
  10. You're definitely on a different track than Denon, who just announced a 15.2 receiver weighing a hefty 35kg!
  11. I'm currently watching this movie, about his final days: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Foolish_Heart_(2018_film)
  12. My B-system, in the den upstairs, is the Harman/Kardon 430 twin powered, playing vinyl with a vintage Onkyo turntable. Currently driving Onkyo speakers, but usually Klipsch RP160Ms. What I like about this combo is the 'electricity' that is in the air as soon as the needle hits the groove. This is so nostalgic... until the music starts playing, you hear the crackle and the static elektricity, but when the music starts, it all goes away and I enjoy the music. Love it!
  13. And here is the third thriftstore find of the day. No surprises with L Berstein's Symphonic dances from West Side Story, of course. But I'm positively surprised by William Russo's Pieces for Blues Band and Orchestra. How bizarre is that! Interesting person! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Russo_(musician)?wprov=sfla1
  14. And here is the second thriftstore find of the day. I can't imagine why anybody would get rid of classics like these, unless you'd died...
  15. Bought this one at the local thriftstore. A 1973 pressing. It was so dirty I used Dettol wipes to clean it. Think somebody puked on it. But the album has a lot of wear and tear, which always is a good sign. It is actually a very good sounding record.
  16. Replacing the caps is something that is easy to do, even I could do it, and you can always revert back to the originals of you're not impressed by the change. Even mid priced caps are cheap.
  17. My wife plays the cello and her instrument was built in 1907 in Paris and was restored before we bought it some years ago, in 2018. Since then, she has upgraded some strings and then upgraded the comb to a professional one. (Some may not know this, but the comb on a cello is held in place by the strings, it is not glued onto the cello!) Today, we upgraded the strings to some of the best availabe. I had given her the set back in July, for her birthday, but only today, with the assistance of her teacher, she put them on and played on them. First in the classroom, then at home. These upgrades have an amazing impact on the sound quality. The strings are labeled 'strong', which means they play loud, but at the same time - and this is a bit counter-intuitive - they also sound much more subtle, sweeter, whoolly, sophisticated etc. See any parallels with upgrading audio gear? 😉
  18. My album of Man of Spy pictures https://www.flickr.com/gp/ivanlietaert/7726w2iPK9
  19. Yes I am! I totally forgot I'm using a handle here - MeloManiac - which could lead to confusion. Please read my initial post (see above), in which I explain why I wrote this book. It was a very personal journey. Hope you enjoy reading it!
  20. In Belgium, we have the 'Man of Spy', whose museum I visited two years ago. It was my first source of inspiration to start the novel. Then, a good friend was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, which developed into part 2, and while I was writing I also got the idea to write about artificial intelligence and 'digital rot'. That's part 3. On the 15th of October, I'm taking part in a local art project to 'come out' with my writing.
  21. My book is finished and is now ONLY available on Amazon globally. Amazon's program doesn't allow other ways of distribution, so I had to delete the Wattpad page. https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B0B7MLG494/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_KDSGN7085HM18CT8B6Z0
  22. My 1972 Heresy speakers are mostly driven by my Leben Hifi CS300 tube amp (12wpc), but they sound equally magnificent with a 1970s Harman Kardon 430 'twin engine' (which means each channel has its own power transformer, which, in my opinion, makes all the difference).
  23. If the LED is blue, it means that your speakers are connected to some other source, maybe your phone or a tablet you have in the house. You should disconnect this device and then try to connect your computer to the bluetooth speakers. I have had a simelar issue with an Amazon Fire tablet that somehow always got priority to connect and by that prevented my phone to connect. Only when I forced the Amazon tablet to 'forget' the speakers, I was successful in connecting my phone. Your challenge may be to figure out what device is connected to the speakers... If the LED is white, you should be able to connect. If you can't... there's a problem!
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