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  1. Got this as a late father's day gift. Double LP. The steamiest angel in heaven... RIP
  2. When the lady smiles... Was quite a controversial clip back in the 80s.
  3. There's a lot of wisdom in that...
  4. One of the best live albums ever! My fav song:
  5. The second of Blue Note's double LPs is Blue Note:Reimagined II. Some of their classics re-arranged by contemporary artists from the UK. A most versatile and unpredictable album!
  6. With some delay, my Blue Note order has finally arrived. Four double LPs at reduced price and I bought them 'blind', ie without knowing the music. What a delight they are! Here is the first one. Charlie Hunter is a guitar virtuosa who plays on a custom made 8 string guitar (bass and lead guitar in one...) Crazy if you ask me....
  7. Found this box of vinyl records today at the flee market in the small village where I used to live. As soon as I started looking at it, I could tell this was no usual junk but high quality recordings. Archiv, Argo, Edison, Deutsche Grammophon, harmonia mundi, Philips etc. Mostly Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Bach etc by exquisite performers like Alfred Brendel, Neville Marriner. The seller told me it belonged to his sister who had passed away recently, a gifted piano player herself. I bought the whole box for 20 euro. It contains 50 plus albums. Needed lots of musscle power to get it to my car... They are all in mint condition and sound really well.
  8. I couldn't resist the promotions offered by Blue Note's official French webshop. Where can you buy 'double vinyle' brand new for €13.99 a piece nowadays?
  9. What!?!? No Klipsch?!?!? What a waste of 1m dollars! https://www.facebook.com/reel/1724535141337259?s=yWDuG2&fs=e
  10. That space is huge for those speakers, I think. Plus there is no floor, ceiling or corner, which usually amplifies the low frequencies. You should add a subwoofer to this system. Just my 2 cents....
  11. I got this book about Prince, and discovered two great albums I didn't know exist: Madhouse 8 and Madhouse 16. Very jazzy!
  12. It's my birthday and I got this hefty book, a complete guide to the 684 songs Prince brought out. Time to take out my Prince vinyl records and CDs as well!
  13. That's not a turntable, but a drone... Michael Fremer should retire... Oops, he did that already... Michael must still live in a salary friendly, alternative universe, btw... Here's his review of a 'budget priced' ($1950) tonearm.
  14. I watched most of it and I liked the music and compositions too! Felt like I was watching a bad mashup of Game of Thrones mixed with LOTR. The music stood out, definitely!
  15. I'm currently watching a documentary about Sinéad O'Connor. I learned that there are actually two covers of the album The Lion and the Cobra. One is showing the artist shouting aggressively, for Europe, while the other cover is a subdued pose, for the American and Canadian market. Living in Belgium, I was convinced I owned the 1987 European version, but guess what, I own a Canadian import version... This is actually a big deal, considering the problematic relationship between O'Connor and the US.
  16. Mick Jagger is soon turning 80 years old... Interesting read about how the band members cope with aging. Hint: they have a cardiologist with them on tour... https://ultimateclassicrock.com/mick-jagger-rock-age/
  17. Hey, all my gear is either used or 'open box'. Love them all, was never disappointed by the quality!
  18. The RP600M got more attention because it was called 'SPEAKER of THE year' by CNET's Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg. https://www.cnet.com/tech/home-entertainment/the-klipsch-reference-premiere-600m-is-the-audiophiliac-speaker-of-the-year/ https://www.cnet.com/audiophiliac/
  19. I own the RP160M. One of the visual differences is there is a metal ring halfway in the tweeter horn of the RP600M. This is supposed to make the high frequencies slightly better. I'm not sure if it makes such a big difference, though. Just be aware of the fact that the Heritage line is in a whole different league.
  20. I've been off line for barely 24 hours and two pages full of great music! Have mercy on me, please! I guess you guys must be retired?!
  21. I came across these two versions of the same album on Amazon. One is from the official Impulse label, the other is from the 'fake' DOL label. Notice the big price difference? DOL issued records are sometimes great pressings (technically speaking), but they are grey market and often are ripped from CDs or other illegal sources and have a shadey provenance. They are flooding online webshops and supermarkets. I've quite a number of them in my collection, actually, and now regret I do. DOL, Waxtime, Wax etc. these are all bootleg - illegal - distributions originating in Italy, Spain, Russia (!) and should be avoided for moral reasons alone because you're funding crime and war! Instead of going for the cheapest on offer, I now go to the official distributer's webshops and buy there (they too often have promotions so you can find a bargain easily!) http://news.acousticsounds.com/post.cfm/bootleg-vinyl-giving-quality-album-reissues-a-bad-rap
  22. In Belgium, we have a campaign that says: "When you drink, use your common sense." It is legally printed on all beer ads (and videos). But that doesn't mean Belgians don't get drunk from time to time, of course...
  23. Heineken!?!? Real men drink Jupiler!
  24. You may have discovered another amazing 'fad diet'! If you market this the right way, you'll get filthy rich!
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