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  1. I just bought a new Mingus LP which is excellent for sound stage placement. Every element has its own place. You could test your setup with this album. MY h1s ar not in corners, and the soundstage is much wider than where the speakers are... Read about why this record is so special here: https://www.allmusic.com/album/the-black-saint-and-the-sinner-lady-mw0000192238
  2. I have some U2 12'' singles from their Rattle and Hum period. I bought them when I visited London as a student, in 1988 I think, or was it 1989?
  3. Some people here are pushing me to expand my collection of jazz standard recordings... Please keep pushing me! Brand new, still wrapped... But not anymore!
  4. What program do you use to playback your hi-rez audio files? When I did some research last year, I learned that the good ones don't come free of charge, and that the OS of your Windows or Apple laptop very often will limit the output quality. To me, it's all too foggy and I prefer straight forward vinyl record playback!
  5. This to me sounds more like a copy writer trying to invent some new audiophile marketing babble... The secret sauce (snake oil?) seems to be 'ringing'... Add some expensive words to the mix and they can sell their DAC for tenfold the price of a budget DAC... The only thing I hear ringing here is the cash register!
  6. I used to have a Yamaha CD player around that time. I had it for a long time until it failed to recognize CDs and kept spinning. Not built like a tank, though. I took it to the dumpster. Which I now regret. Probably a lighter version of their CDX2000 model https://europe.yamaha.com/en/products/contents/audio_visual/hifi_components/hifi-history/cd-player/index.html
  7. Most expensive DACs come with licences for the more expensive, exotic formats, could that be it? And lots of inputs, outputs, special power sources (batteries! )
  8. That's pretty amazing. Most cheap 'modern' cd players fail after a couple of years of use because there are one or two sh*tty components in it with built-in obsoleteness to make sure we keep spending our hard earned money. (and they glue it together so the faulty component can't be replaced...)
  9. Another analogy would be digital camera sensors. Over the years, they have improved a lot, especially in low light conditions with high iso values. Most brands, like Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and Panasonic have great cameras in their line-up that cost about the same. But then again, each brand has some (older) cameras that produce pictures with a je ne sais quoi to them that makes the camera irreplaceable. The Fuji X-Pro MK I is one example, the Panasonic Lumix LX3 is another. If you own one of these, you'd better never part with them or you'll regret it for the rest of your life!
  10. Put the on the floor and in the corners, as was originally in the manual. Soundstage widely varies depending on source and amplifier, of course, I'm sure you're aware.
  11. Easy... A vitamin D deficit!
  12. I bet no one has this record in his collection... Let alone is listening to it. 😂 For what it is worth, the artist also uses his voice on Side B! 16:10 Same recording, but different cover art.
  13. Time to bring up a Class D amp! (doesn't get warm...)!
  14. I would say the RF7, but they have a hefty weight too. I have a set of RP160Ms, and compared to my 1972 Heresy set, they sound anemic also...
  15. Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage, track 3, Little One has a very soothing effect on my inwards.
  16. One of the few advantages of being on sickleave is that one can listen guilt free to vinyl reords. Did you know that track one, Like someone in Love, starts with Krall's voice accompanied by bass only? They are in perfect balance. Another proof that my system doesn't need a subwoofer.
  17. While remaining inclusive, I want to clarify that I prefer Joss Stone over Kidney Stone, and Josh Stone in my earlier post, that was a typo! Update on the kidney stone calvary: they shot at the stone, took out the old Stent, and put in a new one!
  18. Here's a nice little update... Going back to hospital today for surgery. Removing that stent, and 2nd attempt at taking out my friend, Kidney Stone... I prefer Josh Stone... Or even the Rolling Stones, or the whole Family Stone. But Kidney Stone must GO!
  19. A little bit more about Kevin Gray, who is mastering the analogue Blue Note tapes. He's a fan of tubes...
  20. Sometimes, a small gift, like a free felt mat, can make a person truly happy!
  21. My Blue Note order from the official BN webshop in France has arrived! Yippee! Sq of the records is exquisite. And I like the free felt mat! A long article about Kevin Gray's legacy: https://www.analogplanet.com/content/valley-mastering-engineer-kevin-gray-opens-cohearent-recording-aka-hackensack-west
  22. Uhm... , not if you go to bike to work: snow is messy, slippery and dangerous and causes, for cars, huge traffic jams!
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