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  1. Roland Cube 10gx for metal or Fender Mustang I for clean
  2. Epic air true, had em for awhile with the hook loops they never fall out, 7 hour battery life, extended by 30 hours with the external battery case, also ipx55 so the earbuds are waterproff
  3. Wife just bought me a new Samsung S9 at Best Buy. Added $20.50 for 24 months, so not a bad deal. Less than $500 for Samsung's flagship phone. I had a Samsung S6 that I had replaced the screen on, but wife dropped it a so I needed a new phone. Nice early birthday present. I still use my Samsung S3 as a music player, works great. She would probably drop me before she dropped her Verizon cell plan, even though we no longer are road warriors for MegaCorp. Eh, she pays so I see no reason to argue for a less expensive plan. For anyone interested in a Samsung S9, they are available online as well as in Best Buy stores. Several colors available.
  4. That looks extremely similar to the Staples Acadia chair which I've had and is complete trash: http://www.staples.com/Staples-Acadia-Ergonomic-Mesh-Task-Mid-Back-Chair-Black/product-nr_570621 https://wisepick.org/best-nursery-glider/ I keep going through these hundred dollar chairs and they simply don't last. The arm cushioning starts coming apart and the seat cushion becomes compacted and useless. Next chair I get will be a used Aeron or equivalent. I'm sick of cheaping out and getting junk chairs. I had a $200 chair that lasted a decade but they don't seem to build them like that anymore.
  5. Overall vocalist, I don't know, but I can certainly pick a favorite song/vocalist combo. Eva Cassidy's version of Over the Rainbow. Not a tough call for me!
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