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  1. Just an FYI, if you are a Military Veteran you get Tidal Military Hi-Fi (Masters) for $11.95 a month. Same price for First Responders. I just signed up. Mike
  2. My head is spinning with all of the receiver options. I keep changing my mind the more I read and research. What I did in the interim is purchase a Schiit Modi 3 DAC and connected it to my MAC, then to an older Pioneer VSX-517 receiver I had in my son's room. With having the external DAC I have more amplifier options to choose from. I was thinking of the following now. 1. Jolida JD-1501BRC This does have a tube pre-amp stage 2. Outlaw Audio RR2160 3. Cambridge Audio CXA60 or CXA80. These are the older ones which was replaced by the CXA61 and CXA81. 3. NAD C326BEE 4. Yamaha A-S501 or A-S701 I would love to find an affordable tube amp. Mike
  3. I found a Yamaha A-S501 for sale locally for $225. The issue with the 501 is that it doesn't give me the USB input for laptop connection, you need to go to the 801 to get the USB.
  4. I saw that one. I read some reviews on it and I felt there were better options for what I wanted. Plus, his price isn't that good. For $90 more I could get a refurb with warrantee. The refurb looks like another way to go. I just looked at some and found a few options. There is a Cambridge Audio CX80 open box, which I like, for $699 NAD C368, which is a model up from yours, is $599 refurb. Although it does not have the USB module. NAD D 7050 refurb is $349 ($999 MSRP). This gives me everything cheap. I could also connect it to my TV.
  5. I am getting back into 2-Channel Audio and I am looking for recommendations for an amplifier. I am getting overwhelmed with the options out there and what I really need. I used to own Klipsch Heresy speakers, sold them, regret it. I am looking for another pair. The Heresy is my plan for the amp. I have a set of Vienna Acoustic Bach that I will use until I find the Heresy. I work from home and this system will be for my home office. The room is 13W x 15L x 10H. The primary music would be jazz and classical (some alternative/rock). The volume would be low to mid during work hours. I was leaning towards an integrated with built in DAC. Let me know if this is good or go separates with DAC. My source would be primarily streaming HD. I would prefer something used to get the most bang for my buck. Would love tubes. My budget is less than $1k. Preferably lower for a starter system until I really know what direction I want to go. If I buy new I have thought about a B-Stock Peachtree Nova 220SE for $950, Outlaw RR2160 for $849 or maybe something from Schitt. Used? Not sure, this is where I need some recommendations. Thanks, Mike Frisco, TX
  6. Thank you. I was looking for other models like the Chorus and Forte. I was not familiar with those. It would be nice to have a spreadsheet with technical comparisons.
  7. Wow, if I was closer to you I would grab them. Unfortunately I am in Dallas, TX.
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