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  1. 2 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    It passed inspection with flying colors.

    I'll have my own place soon and I'm still stoked, doubt I will sleep good for the rest of the week!






    The underpants knomes will not be staying!

    very nice JJ , can imagine that there won´t be a lot of time to sleep for the rest of week, it looks solid built and you´ve enought space and rooms to spend a comfy life in the new house. Good luck with it !!!


    Don´t take them away JJ , these are the best security guys you can get . Nobody in the world will step on your property 😁




    and you´ll know what´s below the stone 🤣



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  2. dark gray clouds and endless rain here, below 40 F , went to my doc this morning ,  I need further physiotherapeutic treatment, the inflamed nerves in my lumbar spine are not healing, I am not allowed to strain myself physically at all, even an unfavorable posture is enough and the nerve tracts start to hurt, so my doctor has given me very strong medication again.  And I also have to go to the dentist tomorrow, I have an inflammation in my upper jaw, but everything else is okay so far. I've invested so much money in the new apartment that I'm going to spend less money now, but actually I'm almost finished, everything that's important for life is there, a few more design jobs and that's it...


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  3. havent´t finished , download max is 2 MB as you know


    Debut from Duran Duran




    The Human League " Dare "





    finally the debut from A Flock of Seagulls " 




    I´m tired now ....it´s 10.35 pm   Goodnight ...............

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  4. Washed a lot of vinyl today and was in the mood to spin them as well , all Lp´s from the 1980tee´s as there were ...


    Tubeway Army " Replicas "




    Flash and The Pan " Pan Orama "





    Stranglers " Aural Sculptures "




    Heaven 17 " Penthouse and Pavement "



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  5. Well it´s 2.30 am here , the girls left my apartment one hour ago. OHH we spent a good time , the dinner was perfect , guided by a german Schwarz ( black ) Riesling.  They gave me bread and salt to celebrate the opening of the new apartment, which is an age-old custom. I also received a bottle of Italian Barolo Essenze from 2017, a very fine red wine.  It was a very nice evening with nice and meaningful conversations, we laughed a lot. I´m tired now .........

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  6. 7.45 am here , 44 F , grey sky but no rain, will be a busy day today , got lo´t s things to manage in the city council, late afternoon I have to prepare a dinner for three , at 7 pm i get a visit from 2 ladies, i´ve known both of them for over 30 years, we are good friends but have rarely seen each other, this was not possible before.....Will be a nice evening ...

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  7. 4 hours ago, Tim Sr. said:

    Thank you @Full Range

    Yes tonight is just let down, even if the music room has become more of a project room this week, but with two amps on the bench ATM the shop is unavailable, thus where better to do design than in the realm of audible pleasure. Yes Yes, I know... I know; I do not need another TT like  I need a hole in my head LOL


    What a living treasure trove, WoW! I immediately feel at home, wouldn't have a moment's peace and would immediately start to restore all audio components to their best technical and visual condition. Now you have enough time for that , be glad that you´re in retirement now , that´s a challange , can´t be better @Tim Sr.  ☺️

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  8. 5 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    You're thoughts on that are valid having just moved yourself!

    It might be a month before I haul in my treasures. Possible that I might get the hodge-podge flooring corrected after painting.

    Well JJ , we expect to spin with you in the cristmas time , fair enough 😉

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  9. 1 hour ago, JohnJ said:

    My forced hiatus from vinyl might be over soon!

    See y'all then :emotion-19:

    YES SIR JJ,  that´s indeed good news, but might take a couple of weeks till your audiogear is re-activated in your new house and listening room , but it really doesn´t matter. Congrats !!!

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  10. wet , cold and rainy here , the tt is running since late afternoon


    I started with Kenny Burell´s Midnight Blue




    followed by Stanley Turrentine´s " Nightwings "




    then the debut from Simply Red " PictureBook "



    after dinner and right this minute Dave Brubeck´s " All-Time Greatest Hits " CBS Label from 1974





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  11. 26 minutes ago, AndreG. said:


    New stuff is colored - mostly, the older LPs are black. Have to watch out, if I wash the coloreds too often they will turn black too...  🤪🙃

    The key takeaway is that while black vinyl used to be the only option for best audio quality, the advancements in vinyl manufacturing have made it possible to produce high-quality colored vinyl records as well. So, whether you prefer black vinyl or colored vinyl is ultimately a matter of personal preference.

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