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  1. 1 hour ago, Dell said:

    Hey guys, Sorry to unearth this, but I am currently trying to get rid of a fuzzy sound in one of my tweeters.  I just bought a set of 3.5's at a Goodwill for $100.  I won't go all into it, but I really just need help with the wiring.  They were both wired differently.  To keep it brief, how do you wire these?  The PCB has WW and TT and then two other wires coming off it.  I assumed the WW were the positive and negative leads that go directly to the woofer, but one cabinet has the W negative running to the input!  I was confused by this, but tried it.  It works, but still getting the fuzzy cracking in my tweeter at higher volumes.  I have no idea if the wiring could affect things like this, but I have tried almost everything else besides buying a new xo.  Thanks for any help on how to get these wired correctly and any other advise is also welcomed.  I removed the tweeter, swapped it, got a new woofer and even listened to the tweeter outside of the cabinet, so I know it's not the cabinet or the tweeter/woofer.  Thanks again!

    Hey Dell


    for me it sound like that the polymer diafragm is damaged and needs to be changed . I´ve seen origin K 84 K spare drivers on ebay usa. Have a look there. BTW you be good advised to order two diafragms to prevent a further disfunction. As well I think that the caps on the board shall be exchanged as well. Don´t have the values from the caps in my mind .   Order from JEM , the values are shown below the caps on the board.

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  2. I left my house again , can´t stand it there anymore because of continuing troubble w/the wife. Living by a good friend of mine in a neighbor town for a while. Due to my accident at work approx. 2 month ago I can´t work and beeing ill still. Have to look for an appartment as intended a couple of month ago. When I´m in better physical condition I have to find a new job as well. Things aren´t that funny here. Happy that my friend welcomed me with open arms and heart, he´s got a brilliant home audio system as well . This friendship is more than 40 years old .


    If the accident at work had not happened, I would have a new apartment long ago. My marriage is now finally over, I had in the summer still hope that my wife and I find together again, this hope I have now finally buried. You will hear less from me in the coming months, but I'll keep you up to date, I promise 🙂

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  3. On 9/12/2023 at 8:20 PM, Dave1291 said:





    that´s it Dave ? Think you´ve forgotten something .....



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  4. autumn has arrived here , average temperature is 70F , gets dark at 8 pm. I'm hardly ever at home, I'm constantly on the road visiting old friends I haven't seen in a long time. It is wonderful to meet them again after years, you have a lot to tell each other, unfortunately not only nice things in life.

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  5. 7 hours ago, GWSmith said:

    Here then is the livingroom vibe.  I use a laptop on the glass table  between the two loveseats for streaming via blue tooth into the Bang and Olufsen gear.


    Fun, fun, fun :), time to give the new 'Big Fudge' record cleaning system a spin with some vinyl listening. :D


    Enjoy your music my friends :emotion-29:IMG-2855.jpg

    very dignified and cozy Gary, good room acoustics and a great collection of Lava lamps, have you already turned them all on at once? That must look crazy good when all Lava lamps are in operation at the same time.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, AndreG. said:

    These look almost mint....  😂

    Cmon André  230 € bugs and you don´t have to order the two spare drivers in the usa , that will be more expensive ! and ..you got the complete spare parts till the end of your life 😗

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  7. 20 minutes ago, AndreG. said:


    Yeah, as always: "If I had waited a little longer..." Can´t be helped...

    JA ....the first time ever that I saw two offered pairs KG 4.5 w/in less than six month in this sec.hand german market, what a pitty for you as these have the two origin 10" drivers

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  8. 3 hours ago, grasshopper said:

    in these digital times...

     can digital medium give an accurate presentation of a frequency that is an irrational number ... like pi 10 or 100X? No?

    just asking....


    I know... this is the difference and why analog is better than digital

    But you also come up with questions 😂   and you overwhelm me with this question 🤔





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  9. 20 hours ago, AndreG. said:

    I let myself be inspired by japanese zaissu, seats for the floor. I make these from old chairs:




    For the times when I feel the need to support my back. 


    daaaaaaaaaaa , what did I said , another handcrafted masterpiece , very nice !

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  10. On 9/9/2023 at 3:32 PM, AndreG. said:



    Finally the powercord, I ordered two weeks ago, arrived today! Finally stuff can move into it´s shelves.






    The shelve itself is still an ongoing project. But now the TT and amp are off the floor at least!


    you´re our master craftsman André , well done !

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  11. hi-there-wave.gif.eb247ebe911ca87153ca5bba5a8561e8.gif


    Just a quick chim´in to say Hello again. I´m back from my rehab and my body constitution is better now, but far away from beeing 100% healthy again. This may never will happen because my body has already exceeded its working life capacity. But I do not want to complain. So...see you soon again !



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