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  1. Let me know if you know where some are? Preferably in California.
  2. I have K43's in my Cornwall's. I was thinking of swapping them out for K-33 pros? Anyone game?
  3. Anyone on this forum have access to software that can calculate how large my bass ports should be based upon the internal volume of my Cab? Should the bass port just be a round hole of a certain size or should be a rectangle? Also, should it have an adjustable plastic port? see https://www.parts-express.com/Port-Tube-2-1-2-ID-Adjustable-260-386
  4. Anyone on this forum have access to software that can calculate how large my bass ports should be based upon the internal volume of my Cab?
  5. Boy, those bass ports are huge ... estimate 4"?
  6. Does anyone know what the difference is between these two woofers and what actual MODEL speakers they were originally installed into as stock speakers?
  7. Should I increase the size of the ports on these speakers for greater Bass response?
  8. yes, , a little. I need some ideas on how to add more bass to these speakers.
  9. Not enough bass. THe bass is anemic. THe high-end is crisp. I put titanium diaphrams which was a big improvement. THe components are: Mid = K-57 (3545) Tweeter = K-79 (8544) K-43 woofer Wondering if I should put bass port tubes that are adjustable to experiment with getting better bass? https://www.parts-express.com/Port-Tube-2-ID-Adjustable-260-387
  10. I bought them resized smaller from a guy . THey were damaged in a fire.
  11. nickyboy6100 - yeah, I can see how you say they look like 301's. THere is bracing that goes from front-to-back ebtween the mid and the woofer. It has a solid back. You have to remove the woofer to get access to inside the speaker. My question is would it make any difference if I moved the ports to the bottom, below the woofer? I have no idea. Or, would it be better to just ENLARGE the ports I already have? -bob
  12. nickyboy6100 - yes they are resized grilles to fit the cabs.
  13. OK, here's a fun question for all the speaker mod folks on this forum. What if? ....What if I measured the internal volume (sq. inches) of my existing cabs (which are smaller than the standard CW2 cabs) ....then determine how much internal volume I am missing because of my resized (smaller cabs) vs. the standard CW2 cab. Once I get this number, build an extra extension to my existing cab using tis number to get my cabs up to the standard size of a CW2 cab. Obviously, my cabs are not going to be the exact width of the standard CW2 cab but they would have the SAME internal volume just a bit narrower and taller. I could cut a piece out of the bottom of my existing against the back of the speaker and that would act as the SHELF to lead to (3) rectangular bass ports just like on the standard CW2 cabs. See pic. Yes, I know, this is sort of a crazy idea, but it's a way to potentially reuse these cabs without having to trash them. JUst curious if anyone with experience in designing and building cabs would care to pipe in on the potential of this idea? Obviously, the way these speakers perform now are not working for me because there is not enough internal volume for the bass response, thus the bass response suck. My thought process here is that it would be way easier to build cab extensions to my existing speakers than to re-build from scratch. THoughts? Criticisms? Tips?
  14. I'm searching for someone who is a pro cabinet maker that can build CW 2 Cabs from scratch for me. Just curious if anyone knows of anyone in Northern California that has experience doing this?
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