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  3. Since the PA5 worked so well with my system, I ended up getting a second. Now the Jubes are fully powered by the PA5s. Makes for a much more compact stack. See before/after pics below. As mentioned in a previous post, the 402s are dead quiet with the PA5 (vs the Denon AVR) and much clearer and more responsive. Powering the bass bins with the second PA5 really tightened up the base (vs. the Sherwood receiver). The fully PA5-amplified Jubes is a big step up over what I had. My complete system is a headless Intel NUC8i connected to the miniDSP 4x10HD via Toslink and then to the PA5s via balanced connections. I typically use a laptop to remote into the NUC, but sometimes an iPhone or iPad. Any device able to run Remote Desktop works for KVM. The NUC runs multiple functions: streamer (typical Amazon Music and Tidal), miniDSP controller and also hosts REW for test, analysis and correction. It’s way overkill for these functions; it’s set up as a gaming machine that I put together for analysis of 4K and 8K UHD video. Now I’m thinking “what next”? I’ve nearly completed a 16’ tapped horn for a sub, but after the improvement in the bass with the PA5, not sure how necessary it will be. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Mine was fulfilled by HiFiGo as well. I think they quoted 3-4 weeks but I got it in just over 2 weeks. I might try Shenzhenaudio for the next one, but I’m going to wait for your and Westcoastdrums impressions of it first. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Where did you purchase from? I used Amazon and was about 2 weeks total. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Westcoastdrums, the PA5 is a dramatic improvement over the Denon. In addition to the absolutely quiet background (I put my head as far as I could into the 402 and heard no noise at all … it sounds the same whether the amp is on or off!) the mid/highs are much crisper, brighter, and “faster” (if that makes sense). I’m not knowledgeable enough to understand why. Maybe faster slew rate or higher damping factor? Unfortunately the specs on the Denon are quite limited so I can’t do a technical comparison. But as soon as I turned it on, the difference was instant and real. I haven’t experienced high quality amps in decades, so I really don’t know what a great amp sounds like anymore, but the PA5 sounds really good to me and pairs well with the 402s. One thing I came across is that after having the PA5 on for a while, I got a high frequency hum. I should have put it in the spectrum analyzer to check the signature of it. In troubleshooting I found that the hum went away by disconnecting and reconnecting the mains to the miniDSP that I’m using as a preamp as well as an EQ. I eventually was able to get rid of it altogether by making sure the PA5 and miniDSP power cords were well-separated. I originally had them in a common conduit. I’d be very interested in hearing about anyone else that experiences this with their PA5s. I’m looking forward to what happens on the Jubilee BBs when I get a second PA5. I’m currently driving that with another really cheap integrated amp, so I suspect I’m currently missing the true BB experience. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Tom, no issues with the miniDSP. It’s dead quiet as well. I’m running a souped up Intel i7 NUC as my source with optical out to the miniDSP. Most material is streamed and high bit/high sample rate, so system SNR is excellent now. Overall I’m very happy with the miniDSP. Only limitation I’ve come across is the max of 5 biquads per channel. But I figure if I need to PEQ more than that (5 for BB, 5 for 402s), I’m doing something wrong. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I purchased a PA5 before Christmas and it arrived just before New Year's Day. I got it to go with the Jubilees that I purchased from @PrestonTom back in October. I first started with an old Denon AVR-2000 to power the K-402s. However, the noise floor was much too high and annoying with the sensitivity of the 402's. I first put a voltage divider on the output of the AVR-2000 to get me by ... helpful, but not good enough. Was seriously considering the Hypex nCores and just about pulled the trigger on first a Buckeye - but was too impatient to get on his build list - and then the VTV. After reading Amirm's review, and seeing the PA5 specs (noise < 16µVrms) I went ahead and got the PA5 since at $350 it was a no-brainer to check it out. The PA5 is dead silent and problem solved! Plenty of power ... the loudest I ever listen is around 85-90 dB SPL so the PA5 has a lot on reserve, even for the 16 ohm 2445J's on the 402s. I'm ready to order another PA5 for the BBs and possibly one more for the 16' tapped horn (Danley DTS-20 inspired 8' tower) I'm in the final throws of completing. BTW, in the audiosciencereview thread there were complaints about the use of TRS connectors on the PA5. I just cut a stereo TRS patch cable into two as I needed to have individual wires anyway to connect to the miniDSP 4x10HD I used for the Jubilee crossover and PEQ. Also BTW and a bit off-topic, after years of tinning wires, I purchased ferrules and a crimping tool based on a comment somewhere on the forum for the balanced connection to the miniDSP. Highly recommended!
  9. My Sansui 1010 from mid-70s. A lightweight compared to the others, coming in at 10 W per channel. Haven turned it on in decades. Not worth much, but it was my first. Saved up all my wages from my first summer job to get it. It started my interest in hifi. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Tom, Thanks for all your hospitality yesterday and entrusting your Jubilees to me! Tom is right ... my first listen of Jubilees and I think that once I pulled my jaw off the floor I said something to the effect of "Holy cow, what a huge soundstage". I may have included a few supporting expletive's in that sentence as well. Tom's work is awesome; these are definitely a one of a kind in appearance. Tom's passion and attention to detail really shines through. I am really looking forward to getting them set up in their new home. Tom, it may take a few days or so as my day laborer (for the rest of you out there, my son) quit on me at about midnight last night once we unloaded them into the garage and he headed home, saying "see you at Thanksgiving" knowing very well that I'd manhandle them into the house long before then. Yes, these babies are huge (heavy); best workout I've had in years! Once I get them set up, I'll post some pictures in another section of the forum and give more of my impressions. Thanks again Tom and please thank your girlfriend for me (and my wife) for the sourdough bread! It's absolutely delicious! Steve
  11. Thanks Tom! I just emailed you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Tom, I'm VERY interested in these. I live in central Jersey, so about a 3 hour drive to pick them up. This is my first post on the forum, but I've been an avid reader since I joined about 18 mo ago. I've learned a lot from you and all the other members ... I was just about to begin a LS clone build based on all the great advice here. However, having your speakers would definitely put that build on the backburner. As your channeling PWK suggests "Why not make your next pair of speakers your last pair of speakers?" I'm a long-time Klipsch fan and owner ... bought my first pair in the '80s. KG5.2s. They are still going strong and I listen to them daily. Have not yet had a pair of Heritage speakers ... hence my plan for an LS build. BUT, your speakers would put me two levels above the LS! I don't believe I can PM you as I don't have enough posts, but perhaps you can PM me if they are still available? They will go to a very good home! Thanks! Steve.
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