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  1. Welcome to the Forum! As for Your replacement caps, take a look at this thread: Are You sure your grills are attached? Usually they are fastened via velcro-pads to the cabinets. If not removed for a long time (decades?), they can be hard to pry off. Take a butter-knife, for example, wedge it between the cabinet and the grill and losen it gently. If the pad comes of, no problem, just glue it back into place.
  2. I love wooden floors. The floor of the living-room in our old home was wood too, don´t know wich though, but it was very dark.
  3. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    Interesting. Wikipedia draws a blank, amazon Germany gives me three Albums of Aragon: Mouse, Don't Bring the Rain and Rocking Horse and Other Short Stories From the Past.
  4. Welcome to the Forum! I don´t own Carvers, but i say this - if it sounds good to You, why change it? As for the verneer, You could use some acetone and strip a spot of paint on the bottom of your Heresy to get a peek. Just my two cents.
  5. Well, actually i was thinking about getting rid of the old verneer (bummer, because i think it was walnut...), fixing the cabinet and re-verneer in oak, since my 1.5s are oak too. On the sonic-side, the box seems to be working, just have to find the right placement for optimum base.
  6. Here´s some pictures. It´s no impossible task and i might learn something. My colleague is a carpenter and he will help me out for sure, so not all is lost.
  7. Ok, so it´s been delivered... but. - I haven´t connected it yet, only measured ohms, the drivers seem to be ok, high setting gives about 9 ohms, low is about 5. But the cabinet needs a rebuild, all four corners are banged up, badly, even the MDF took a beating. It looked ok on the Ebay pictures, so my guess is our postal service dropped it a few good times. Packaging wasn´t enough to handle 20 kilos of speaker i guess, i feared as much without original boxing. Gonna hook them up tomorow and see if the drivers are good. Also pictures tomorow. On the plus-side, the cable i got to connect the 1.5s and the SW looks pretty sharp. This will be a bigger project than i thought.
  8. While oiling & waxing of the wood is still in progress, all the remaining parts arrived this week.
  9. @Peter P. In another thread You mentioned: "If I were to connect the kg sw to the 2nd channel outputs, I would have even greater bass because the Heresy II's would continue to run full-range, ADDING to the sub's output." Have You run this option or are you satified with connecting the SW like Klipsch intended?
  10. No biggie really, thanks!
  11. Short Update: SW is supposed to be here saturday. While waiting, i ordered new cable, banana-plugs and prongs.
  12. Welcome to this forum Jim Pearce! Thanks for the info, but You do realize that this thread is 18 Years old and the OP has not logged in for seven years?
  13. Mongolian language & throat singing lend themselves very good to heavy metal i must say.
  14. Yes Sir, report coming up, Sir!! Your input is very much appreciated! Since i couldn´t audition the sub i´m a little worried. As per the owner it was used until rencently, but you never know... I´ll know more next week.
  15. So i did it, pulled the trigger and bought the thing. Even got a little discount, paid 125€, shipping included. Curious in what shape the SW will arrive here and what verneer is under that black finish... A question to owners like @Peter P., is there a way to see if booth woofers are ok, without breaking the enclosure open?
  16. Had to order on Friday...
  17. The one in the eBay offer is just plain black - now, but that is one of the points that tempts me to buy it. I saw that post´s pictures and others on the net. some really beautifull sw bass-bins out there.
  18. That´s what i hoped for. Why do You think it´s being used so rarely, most KGs had enough bass as was, people liked going active better?
  19. Did that too, for example: Call me selfish, but maybe i wanted some more recent input, but You´re right of course. So far thumbs-up only, reasuring.
  20. Thanks, but it was not my intention to go jurassic anyway. ^^ It´s more like lessening the bass-load on the 1.5. In fact i ran my 1.5s like that before with the Yamaha, so i know about the cables, i can stow those away under the desk. I´ll wait a little longer, but the feedback so far lets me think that i might pull the trigger on this one.
  21. I forgot, here´s the link. It´s in German, but you´ll the pictures: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/klipsch-subwoofer-kg-sw-vintage/1571923707-172-1861
  22. I´ve been looking at said KG SW on ebay for some weeks now and i have some questions to once/still owners. I would team up that sube with my KG 1.5s and a Yamaha A-S201. Does that sound like a worthwhile idea? Another idea would be to use it with my Heresys, once those are done, but i also have a Yamaha active sub i was planing to use for the Hs. To be honest, maybe i´m just intriuged by the fact that the SW belongs to the KG line, looking at the pictures it leaves a good impression and it´s fairly cheap, sub and shipping about 160€. So, what are Your opinions?
  23. Even if Mr. Collins can´t play the drums anymore, still nice to hear him sing...
  24. Among my friends, i am the only one who has a real stereo set-up, let alone HT. Either they don´t have the space or it´s homes where music is only a background and not actively listened to. Everybody has an Amazon-, Netflix- etc. account, but watches on their laptops or phones... Maybe it´s an era of music & movies on the go? Often i hear opinions like: "It´s just music, why all the hussle...". or "Too exppensive." or "Too complicated.". Are we geeks? I mean we are, but, we are in the age of "Fast". I´m rummagin´...
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