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  1. 3 minutes ago, JJkizak said:

    The ozone layer prevents the Earth's water from evaporating into outer space.

    Wasn´t it the ozone layer that keeps UV- light from saturating Earth´s surface, i thought the magnetic field keeps the suns charged particles ( i.e. solar wind) from striping our planet´s atmosphere and water, like on Mars?

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  2. Hello, welcome to this forum! I believe You´ve still got the "old" terminals on wich you use just screws to tighten bare wire to the speakers, right? If so, look closely, on one side, where the screws go into the terminal, the plastic is colored red. This may be hard to see if the plastic is dusty ( As it is on my Heresy Es.).

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  3. Greetings, fellow Forum Followers,


    This weekend i got a used Marantz DV7001 wich is connected to my Marantz SR6008 now. In the manual i read that the 7001 is capable of CD upsampling, but the signal is put out only via the analog outputs. My question is: Is it worth going from HDMI sound to analog output and upsampling, will the difference be audible with on my system (See my sig..)?

  4. Yes, still pure. My uncle bought these years ago, then gave them to my mother and now i have them. I´ve been running them for some some years now, but haven´t listened consciously, but all the drivers are working. At some point i will hook them up to my Marantz and see if the caps need replacing. Thanks for all Your input!


    I definitely have to replace the cloth on the grills and i need one new badge. Found badges on Ebay and i think i will order the cloth from Bob Crites Ebay channel.

    For the caps, if i replace them, i haven´t decided yet between Mundorf or Jantzen and wich class i want to go to.

  5. That depends - soundwise, it could be as simple as just re-capping the crossovers to make them sound better again.

    The problem with restoring them 100%, at least for me, would be, i probably wouldn´t want to part with them. after having spent that much time and energy...

    For You, the better you can make them, the higher the price can be, You ask for them.


  6. For starters have a look at these links:





    And Reference Premiere:




    The manuals show You each series, i think if You want the bookshelves of each class, the small centers should be sufficient for You. Hope this helps for a start.

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  7. Zuerst, mein herzliches Beileid zu Ihrem Verlust.


    The 1.5s have four holes on their bottoms for mounting on a "omnimount" wall-mounting-system. I want to fasten my speakers with two bolts to my risers, using those holes. German M6 can only be screwed in with the tip. There is a difference between metric and imperial threads. I searched a few local DIY markets, but up till now came up blank...

    Have You encountered this problem before?

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