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  1. Try seeing if the omnimouns will grip the bottom of the RS-3's. If that does not work, you might try double-stick tape, or some sort of thin foam on to underside of the bracket and clamp it in place with the omnimount. I hate to see anyone have to drill into artwork.
  2. I must agree with Ray here. It is important to get exposed to several different manufacturers before you decide. For me, it was the first time I heard a pair of Heresy's. After listening to different mfg. of the day (a/d/s, Boston Acoustics, Polk, etc.) I found Klipsch to be unbelievably different in every way! Some people I have come in contact with do not feel that way. I even spent a small time in my life selling Klipsch, as well as other respected mfg. I found that no matter how much I loved the Klipsch sound, design philosophy, and company philosophy, I just could not sell them on the sound of Klipsch. Since that time, I think that Klipsch has come full circle in offering more speaker lines that suit more diverse taste in speakers, as well as price. I am not so much trying to steer you away from Klipsch as I am trying to get you to try different brands. If you find Klipsch to be the speaker that has no match, like I did -- So much the better. I think that will explain why so many of us have such a passion for these speakers! KLIPSCH -- LIVE LONG AND PROSPER -- YOU ROCK!
  3. tblasting, I think you may have a multiple problem. I can't speak to your receiver problems, but I have had extensive use of the DBX-3BX. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice piece of equip., but it can be very dangerous to speakers-especially with an eq. in the mix. I have seen several tweeters fried due to the use of the DBX at relativley moderate volume levels. Some of these tweeters were other brands, but I have seen Heresy tweeters fried due to the use of these DBX units. They are great for boosting dynamics, but sometimes they cause more harm than good. I would try taking the DBX out of the loop and see how things go. I missed mine for about two weeks, but soon got over it.
  4. Try a KLF-C7. I don't own one, but I listened to one extensivley about 6 months ago. It is very detailed and efficient. It is made to go with the Legend line, but I think it would be a very good match for Chorus.
  5. Tom, What are you using for the rear? Are you using a sub? Thanks for the tip on Steely Dan. I think I will listen to "Aja" in the dark tonight.
  6. Tom, I used to have a pair. I think it was around 10-15 degrees, but that is just a guess.
  7. Just a curiosity question... Why are the RB-5's the same retail price as the RF-3's? Is it because Klipsch is marketing them to recording studios, or is there really something that us RF-3 owners are missing? You would think by having two 8" woofers, a Tractrix horn, and a larger cabinet the RF-3's would cost more; or the RB-5's would cost less than $800 retail. Also, I notice the RB-5's have a different woofer number than the RF-3's (K-1084 vs. K-1038). Is that part of the price difference even though they are both 8" woofers?
  8. Do you have any specific problems with the way the system sounds? I have a very simalar set-up and think it sounds fantastic. How are your rs-3's mounted? How far apart are your rf-3's?
  9. He probably took the grills off his first pair of Klipsch and thought the mouth of the sqwaker was for something else.
  10. I have a Direct TV system that supports DD through a toslink cable. I have viewed very few DD programs. In fact, if you want to get DD on Pay Per View, you have to look for the newest movies and select it in letterbox (which I prefer anyway). The point is, the broadcasters (Stars, HBO, etc.) need to get with the times!
  11. Kathy, My personal opintion is to stay away from 16 guage zip cord. With runs of wire that long, you are more than likely going to get some signal loss. I would use a minimum of 14 guage. I just went from 16 guage to 12 guage on my RS-3's, and noticed a difference in bass output and clarity.
  12. Is your DVD player hooked up through toslink or coax in your receiver? I believe if it is hooked up through regular RCA jacks, it will not pass the DTS signal. Does your Denon switch to DTS mode when the movie starts?
  13. I am sure the Boston center sounds good, but it will never tonally match, or have the same efficiency as your Chorus. Your best bet for matching would be a KLF-C7, or RC-3. As for rears, you could try RS-3's--They are rather impressive.
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