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  1. What is a Q=2 filter? I looked up this woofer and it shows 46-2000 Fr with what I think is an excellent Xmax of 9.1mm. I also see a different Eminence woofer KL 3012 CX-8 advertises a 40-3200 Fr yet a lower Xmax at 7.47mm. Any thoughts on these two by comparison of the numbers would be appreciated.
  2. Claude, do the tweeter/lense combo you used here have a phase plug in there? is that even necessary? Thanks in advance.
  3. I'll leave them listed another day or two then pull this post. No need for them should equate to no need for the thread.
  4. Love all my dealings and purchases with the Crites organization. Fanboy
  5. No. But I did save the serial numbers if that helps. #069394459 and #069394460.
  6. Pair of KSM Crossovers. Speakers working when removed last month. $50 plus shipping.
  7. Thank You Claude. I'm starting from scratch so I will be bypassing the E type network. No failures to be revealed.
  8. @ClaudeJ1Thank you for sharing all this great information. I'm 100% going to (attempt) build my own pair of SH. Just want to be sure if this is the correct crossover schematic I should use? I have read this and your later thread and am wanting to get it correct on the first time. I did not see a later iteration of the crossover. I plan to build it myself. As for the drivers, so far I have two perfect condition K-42 woofers. I will be getting Dave's elliptical lenses and the B&C HF drivers. Not sure which mid drivers. I see there are two great choices. Ports and port tubes arrived yesterday. All crossover parts arrived minus two caps that are taking a bit longer to ship. Open for all encouragements, advice and criticisms. I will post my results here if you like. This shouldn't take long, thanks to your help. 1902617153_CornwallBnetwork.gif.jpg.3875afb13d386cce1a615390c7c047a8.jpg 2.webloc
  9. ClaudeJ1, I have decided to do this build in accordance with the instructions I see in your post. I was wondering if the schematic shown here is the one I should use/latest iteration? I will be using the same drivers (K-52, K55, B&C 110) and same cabinet modifications including Dave's horn and the bass port. I will be building my crossovers at the encouragement of your friend Jim and have ordered all my parts. I am ready to start once they come in the Mail given I am following the above crossover drawing. I haven't purchased the midrange drivers yet so if you suggest something better I will go that direction. Thanks for any input you can offer as I am fully open to all tips and criticisms. Plus, I am super grateful for all you have shared here.
  10. @ClaudeJ1 Getting started on the SH build. Going to build my own crossovers. Found a crossover pictured in a 2014 comment by you ClaudeJ1? Is this the schematic I should be using? My drivers are the K-42-K woofer (they look like brand new units), no mid drivers yet (advice on that is needed as I see what I consider a few good options) and I still need the tweets. I happen to have a pair of B&C DE360s just laying around. Don't ask how I got them, teehee. But I think those might be a bit overkill (if there is such a thing). Me not know. Dave is cutting some elliptical horns for me soon. I am also trying to find an appropriately sized elliptical mid horn (if there is such a thing). Otherwise I'll go with stock. Am I missing anything ClaudeJ1?
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