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  1. Crites speakers sells replacement gaskets. This, is the most likely source of the distortion you're hearing. before you spend another cent, replace them.
  2. I've had really good results using Benjamin Moore Advance Hybrid Alkyd Acrylic enamel.
  3. I used it for everything but the mahogany trim for the build that I detailed elsewhere. It takes about 5 days to cure, but then it is quite durable. I then clear coated it with automotive 2K poly, but it probably wasn’t absolutely necessary.
  4. I’ve had extremely good results using Benjamin Moore Advance hybrid alkyd/latex enamel. I restored a pair of H700 Heresy decorators with it and used it on my current speakers. It’s better sprayed than brushed or rolled.
  5. Heresy IV will run circles around Heresy I: the tweeters are far superior, the mid horn is better, as is the woofer and the crossover network is better tuned. Further, the H-4 offers better bass extension- the ported cabinets dip into the 40Hz range, compared to the mass roll-off of the H1, which is above 50Hz. That said, your Heresy 1 have a lot going for them: the cabinets are made of real wood and many prefer the K55 squawker driver to anything Klipsch has used since. There are things you can do to make them better: first and foremost, the gaskets between the mid horn and driver are dried out and are probably adding sibilance to the sound- it's super easy to replace them. Your capacitors are likely due for a refresh- even if they measure well, their ESR has probably drifted into undesirable territory. It's not difficult to replace them yourself and there are options if you don't want to break out the soldering iron. you may or may not find improvements in replacing the tweeter diaphragms, they are a known weak link in vintage heritage speakers. Lastly, your cabinets would respond well to being refinished- I've seen far worse. without delving into mods, refreshing your Heresy 1 will improve the sound, but the Heresy Four is better in nearly every conceivable way.
  6. If your capacitors are 55 years old, they're likely due for replacement. Even if they measure correctly for capacitance, their ESR is likely well out of spec. The resonance could be due to the gasket between the K-55 and the horn- at their age, they're likely dried out, but in my experience that often expresses as sibilance and distortion, but ymmv. Definitely replace the gaskets and definitely recap your networks. It may or may not solve your resonance issues, but it will definitely improve the sound. If the resonance is coming from the horns themselves, there are ways of taming that, but I'm not sure that we're allowed to discuss those things here.
  7. I have one from when they were delivered with Ortofon Red cartridges- I loathed that cart, but really enjoy the deck with an Ortofon Blue. I expect the Sumiko Rainier cartridge is a a better OEM selection. After trying different mats, I ended up with a clear acrylic platter and I'm quite pleased with the whole package. While I do occasionally miss the Denon DP-37 automatic TT that I had from the late 80's through the early oughts, especially the automatic lift and return part, the SQ of the table and cartridge is excellent.
  8. get an automotive crossover. @THD+N has used a PRV crossover in a home audio setting, but it would be perfect for your application.
  9. For the amount of money you're spending, you'd be better served with a tube amp.
  10. I'm currently bi-amping with tubes on the mid and tweeter horns and SS on the direct radiating woofer; I'm using a Schiit Sys passive pre, Dayton Audio DSP408 crossover, Glow Audio Amp Two and Emotiva Mini-X A100.
  11. I've just started using a Dayton Audio DSP-408 and am quite pleased with its performance, bi-amping my speakers with an Emotiva Mini-X A100 on the woofers and a 15WPC PP EL-84 tube amp driving the horns; it's a great value. Many others are using Mini-DSP crossovers and I've seen a thread or two about using car audio actives, though I was less than impressed with the Timpano Audio TPT-SP4-BT.
  12. I have three Klipsch Pro Ti Drivers available for sale in excellent condition, $50 each plus shipping. First up is a K-66E mid driver, Pulled from a Klipsch KP362 flying array speaker SPECIFICATIONS: 16 Ohm Throat Size 1" 25.4mm Nominal Impedance* 16Ω Minimum Impedance 14.8 ohm @ 3.3 kHz Power Rating** 80 W (AES) Resonance 0.58kHz Usable Frequency Range 1200Hz-20kHz Recommended Crossover 1.2 kHz / 18 dBkHz Sensitivity*** 105.8 Magnet Material Ferrite Magnet Weight 34oz, 0.96kg Voice Coil Diameter 2" / 50.8mm Voice Coil Former Polyimide Diaphragm Material Titanium DC Resistance (Re) 11.9Ω MOUNTING INFORMATION Overall Diameter 5.25", 133.4mm Driver Volume Displaced 0.01 cu.ft., 0.5 liters Depth 2.2", 55.9mm Weight 4.7 lbs, 2.1 kg $50 Plus shipping Next is a Klipsch K-68-A, used in K-301 and cinema speakers * Voice coil: 1.75" (44mm) * used in KPT1201, a professional theater surround speaker. * 1-3/8 threaded connector and 1" throat * Diameter: 2.75" (70mm) * Length: 4.25" (108mm) * Impedance: 8 ohm, DCR: 6.5 ohm * Titanium dome with edge wound voice coil on Kapton former * Driver has been fully tested and is in proper working order with no issues. * DCR: 6.3 $50 Plus shipping Finally, I have a Klipsch K-792, the pro version of the K-79 Tweeter and horn used in many Heritage speakers from the mid 80's on. It was pulled from a KP-362 Flying Array speaker. 2 - 20Khz linearity (5db channel) @ 1m/axis/mls stimulus, efficiency around 100dB/w/m, Fs=1100Hz. Diaphragm Diameter 2.188″ (55.58mm) Voice Coil Diameter 1″ (25.4mm) Nominal Impedance 8 ohms DC Resistance 6.2 ohms Dome Material Titanium $50 plus shipping Please contact me to purchase, PayPal, Venmo and Apple Cash are accepted.
  13. The Klipsch K604 is the pro version of the K602 used in speakers like the Forte II and Chorus II, but with a 1-3/8 screw fitting for drivers like the venerable Atlas Sound K-55 and A-55-G driver, as well as a number of pro drivers used by Klipsch, JBL, PRV Audio and more. Use these to replace cracked squawkers in your KP362 arrays or fit them to your Fortes to use the K-55-V Soldered Lug Terminal drivers for classic heritage sound. $120 plus shipping.
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