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  1. Why no love for the Quartet's? Where do they fit?
  2. One more update for anyone who might stumble across this in the future. I decided to not replace the crossover caps. I am happy with the sound and I don't think they would offer a sizable "improvement" in my situation. What I did notice in my inspection and disassembly was that the drivers benefited from some tightening of the screws. One passive radiator in particular was quite loose and I suspect was not sealing properly. Probably not an issue with the ported models but with the passive radiator models a good seal is much more important. Bass seems a little punchier now.
  3. Anyone ever buy one of these and test it out? The Gjallarhorn is very tempting and I expect enough power for me.
  4. I got the new diaphragms installed today and they filled in what was previously missing. Obviously the highs that were completely missing before have been restored but maybe not so obvious, the midrange seems much less muffled or veiled now. I didn't replace the caps and I will hold off for the time being. Not sure that they really need to be changed out but if I do have some free time I might start by replacing one speaker and doing a comparison.
  5. I haven't heard back. But I may purchase the diaphragms from the link @001 posted. With the USD to CAD exchange rate plus shipping, I suspect it is an equivalent price or even cheaper for us Canadians. Given the options, why wouldn't one go with the genuine part.
  6. My gear for this setup is pretty modest, just a Yamaha A-S501 and the internal DAC. I'm pretty limited on what I can do with gear here and if any more starts appearing in the living room I'll be in big trouble. I might try temporarily relocating some gear from my Acoustat setup in the basement where I have a NAD preamp and a beefy Harmon Kardon Citation Poweramp. I may grab a Schiit Modi Multibit DAC for the up upstairs setup but more likely I will eventually upgrade the Yamaha to an A-S1100 or A-S1200.
  7. Well I wish I would have held off and just grabbed these in the first place. Oh well, maybe I will still order them and keep them on hand.
  8. On a side note, I have really been enjoying the speakers even without the tweeters. I spent the last few days listening and think I settled on the best position for my 13'x24' room. Speakers on the short wall, about 3' from the side walls, 7" from the back wall, and toed in slightly with the main listening position about 9' away. I not able to put them right into the corners like many suggest due to the placement of my turntable and record stand. I find the bass to adequate but not boomy. Music sounds lovely on them but I've noticed that vocal/speech sounds a bit muffled or veiled, almost like something is speaking from the next room over. I especially notice this if I put on a movie or show. I don't know if the tweeters will make a huge improvement on that front but I don't want to cast a final judgement until they are replaced.
  9. I reached out to Gentec a few days ago and haven't heard back. If they do get back I might pick up the genuine replacement parts. It's nice to have options.
  10. Thanks I will just do the diaphragms for now. I do have an LCR meter that I can test the caps with, if they are in spec I will leave them.
  11. Is there any possibility that a damaged crossover network could have been the root cause of the diaphragms going in the first place? I'd hate to replace them and have the new ones go on me too. That is my only reason for doing everything at once, I agree with your otherwise with the single tweak and listen approach.
  12. Titanium diaphragms are on the way! I threw in a capacitor kit just to have as I wanted to optimize the shipping costs. I just went with the "copper" level caps because I suspect they are the closest to stock as possible and I was worried about swing to far to the bright side with the upgrade diaphragms. At first I had planned on just replacing the diaphragms and leaving the crossover be but the more think about it I like the idea of just doing it all now and being done with it.
  13. Thank you! I have been into everything audio since I was a preteen and after all these years I finally got my first Klipsch product, a mint set of Quartets in Oiled Oak. They match out gas fireplace mantel perfectly which help with buy in on from the wife. So how long does it usually take between getting your first Klipsch speaker and ending up with a set of KH's?
  14. Thanks, those are the two sources that came up in my search but I wasn't sure if there was a difference in quality. I just went ahead and order the titanium ones from Bob Crites. I feel like as far a modifications from the original design, Bob's titanium diaphragms are very regarded and acceptable drop in replacement and an overall improvement. It ended up being a bit more than I would have liked to spend but I feel like I will still be well ahead bases on the price I pairs for the speakers and their condition.
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