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  1. If you get them wet they don’t really sound any better.
  2. Have you swapped the Heresy’s left and right? It’s possible the other speaker you tried isn’t presenting the same load on the amp. It’s not completely unheard of for there to be an issue with the solder joints at the input jacks or elsewhere on the crossover.
  3. Nice prep work for the veneer. The oil cans in my Type E Heresy 1 networks looked like that when I replaced them with some modern caps. The difference was noticeable and commented on by my wife who had no idea that I had done anything to the speakers.
  4. Craig, it’s good to see you posting again. Im glad to hear you are doing okay, all things considered.
  5. Checked out a local 60’s cover band at the brewery/theater over in Mars Hill Friday evening. The first thing I said when I walked in was “not enough PA”. As soon as the band started playing it was confirmed, the vocals and guitar were getting buried in most of the mix. Yesterday we went caroling downtown with folks from our parish and the rain held off until we were done. That was nice.
  6. No PCB on the KP2.0A crossover. Maybe later versions used a PCB?
  7. Do not get steel wool anywhere near your horns/compression drivers. Small pieces can get pulled in via the magnet and lodge against the diaphragm. Various scotch brite finishing pads work great for application and buffing.
  8. Corner placement and room size can help with the low end response but if you are used to listening to a speaker that actually goes lower then you will notice a difference. My living room speakers are reasonably flat to around 35Hz and they sound much more full on the low end compared to the stock original style LS. that being said, what others have stated with regards to giving the new LS some time to break in is also a good idea.
  9. I would have gotten some passive speakers to use with that amp.
  10. There are way more than two options out there. Ports would work for the additional volume in the larger box size as well. A piece of 3” schedule 40 PCV is cheap and one could chop ports at different lengths until they found the sound/measurements they wanted.
  11. Last night was good. Country music isn’t normally my preferred genre but Andy Buckner put on a great show. However, my buddy and I both forgot that last night was the town Christmas parade. I looped back around and parked in the park and took the foot bridge across the river and then hiked through town to where the show was happening. It was just over .5 miles and the weather was nice and brisk. It would have taken over an hour to wait for the parade and traffic to clear out. For lunch I just took some more of the smoked pork loin and sliced it thick and then fried it with some breading. It makes a fantastic sandwich that way. Oh yeah, there is a new music(guitar) store in the next town over. My youngest and I went to check it out yesterday afternoon. Nice stuff, but nothing that compels money to leave my pocket.
  12. It's possible that the port tubes were removed on Ben's T-400. I think that a port the depth of the baffle on those would cause a really large peak in the response around 75Hz.
  13. Leftover pork loin sandwiches. Some country singer guy from The Voice is playing in town tonight. I think my buddy and I are going to go check out his show.
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