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  1. been a few years since i'v posted here and its been a few years since i'v set the bias on my modified by craig audcom amp and i can't remember the bias numbers. i'm currently using valve art fat bottles with the home brew cornwalls and will be installing some eh fat bottles and would like to set bias. can anyone help? thanks
  2. thanks guys, i think klipchguy may have been right on this one. pulled the back off speaker and noticed that the caps had come loose from the crossover board, the glue did'nt hold. the soilder joints may have been touching on hard bass notes. changed the tweeter while back was off. problem went away. jammin again. dave
  3. i think i may have a blown tweeter on one of the cornwalls. it sounds fine at low to mid levels, but when i twist the volume up above that (100db) it distorts. i'v blown tweeters before and they quit working completely, this ones alittle different. i also tried swaping the amp tubes from one side to the other, rebiasing and had the same results. what do ya think, blown tweeter or another problem? dave
  4. i'v tried both 4 and 8 ohm with my cornwalls and could honestly tell no difference. my networks have hovland caps and aircore inductors. dave
  5. thanks guys. thats what i need to know, what will keep up with the cornwalls and heresy center? want to hange 4 effects, 2 front, 2 rear.
  6. well, i have a small room (11x20)and the rear heresy's take up to much room, so i figured i might replace them with an effects speak that hanges on the wall for the rear and add effects up front to compliment the cornwalls and heresy center. i'm using a yamaha rx-v2092, it has many effects outputs and thought i might take advantage of some of them.
  7. currently using cornwalls front, heresy center and heresy's rear with ksw15 for HT. would like to remove rear heresy's and add front and rear effect speaks. what will keep up with the corns? will be buying used, so older models preferably.
  8. smilin, if you have the alnico tweeters i'd say you may have blew one. these alnico's blow easy, i lost two in a short time. not sure ,but i think my son blew one with his rap he listens to while i was gone and the other i'm not sure how it got blown, just turned on the system one day and it was that way. i'm not a pro here, but i would agree, the mid's are hard to blow. if the tweets are at fault, you'll need to replace the diaphram, not a hard job. there was a tread on here telling how to do the job. i bought two diaphams and replaced mine and i'm no electrical engineer. all ya have to do is follow directions and do alittle soidering. dave
  9. piranha, i would save your money. a while back i took the unit over to craigs to compare audible differences to his non modded 333es and found no differences at all. we played two of the same cd on each machine started at the same time and on the same tracks and switched back and forth. neither of us could hear any difference. i was disappointed to hear no difference, but still happy with the awsome sound from these units. i can't immagine the unit sounding any better than it does. i really like the unit even though i paid way to much for it $900. we used craigs lascala's for the test, maybe we should have tried different speakers just to see, don't know, but i'm still happy with this unit just the same. this unit does have an l-clock and various caps black gates etc.
  10. looking at the pics i think they look real nice.
  11. if anyone is interested their are what looks like verticle corns on ebay, their not advertised as verticles, but looking at the off set woofers through the grills i'd say their verticle corns. i don't think the person knows what they really have judging by the ad. check em out #3095487854.
  12. happy belated craig, did'nt know it was your birthday.
  13. greg, the sony scdc333es is an excellent player. this is the player me and craig both use. 5 disc and sacd. i would recommend this player to anyone. you can find these used on audiogon for $350-$450 used.
  14. nice job, bet they sound as good as they look.
  15. i did all the mods dflip listed and i'm glad i did. my corns sound awesome.
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