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  1. "Actually, theorically speaking, bi-amplification using two identical power amps for the bass and the mid-high section, having the same input sensitivity, shouldn't be too much of a problem to set up." In practice, your low pass amp and your mid/high amp need not be equal wattage, in fact you'd probably do well with, I dunno 100-400 watts for the lows with about 50-100 for the mid-highs. If I were to get an active crossover for such a system, I'd want not only controls for the crossover point and volume for each channel of bi-amp, but a slope control to control the rate of crossover ( ie 6 db/octave- 12 db/octave, etc. Have a BALL!
  2. Gotta agree with ya on Denons. When I last compared them to Yammies, I couldn't believe that you could not punch in directly to a source (ie, there was an individual button for phono, tape, cd, tv, etc.) Instead you had to push a 'source' button multiple times to scroll through the menu of all available choices. Not only that, but there was a very audible 'CLACK' as some kind of internal relay or ??? did the switching. NO WAY would I buy that. I think the Yammie 850 was also the least expensive piece that had a separate 'record' loop, so (at the time) I could record CD to cassette for the car, while watching a movie in full theatre sound. Yamaha gets my vote, plus they have the best surround modes and best layout of remote. Thanks for the advice, maybe I'll just buy the 3300 and wait on separates.
  3. Wouldn't running the mains off a tube amp (or vastly different ss amp) introduce a 'timbre' difference similar to having mismatched speakers?
  4. Neo- CONGRATS! I love my Corns and would love to create an all-Cornwall HT system. Please email my dear friend IndyKlipschFan for info on his ALL CORNWALL system. I believe its three vertical units, laid on their sides (so cabinet and horn is now horizontal) for LCR, and two horizontal Corns for rear cabinets! THey're the BEST! Keep rockin and let me know how the center channel thing works out. I'm still using my RC7 and loving it!
  5. Ok, cool advice so far. Yes my current Yammie has pre in-outs, I'm currently using them for 10 band eq for my Cornwalls. Can I assume that whenever I'm NOT using any 'surround' or effects mode that my signal is passing straight through, ie NOT entering the digital domain? THere is a 'tone bypass' button, but I think all it does is bypass the bass/treble controls on the receiver. If I do use the Yammie as my 'front end' and output the main LR pre-outs to a massive amp for an esoteric 2-channel system, can I use an A/B box so my Corns can serve as mains LR for 2 channel as well as LR for HT setup??? I DO love my Yamaha receivers for their number of inputs, layout, and remote. (even my 850 has a 'record-out' that can also be used as a 'second room' or 'house-feed'. I'm looking at the 2300 or 3300 for my 5.1 setup. Any comments? There seems to be a declining number of receivers with a phono pre-amp section. Is this a problem with separates?? ps. I don't have any problem mixing Corns with RC7. I think the only options that would keep my front channels all Heritage would be a single Corn or perhaps dual Heresies. For my $$, with HT, I prefer the modern technology of the RC7, it's tapered array and smooth dialog delivery. Efficiency-wise, it keeps up with the Corns pretty well and I don't notice the 'timbre' difference. Maybe my ears are shot!!
  6. I'd be happy to purchase your Cornwalls if you decide to sell them. ;-) Michael
  7. It's nice to have a big overlap between mains and sub, that way you can tweek the xover point frequency to fit your tastes and speaker placement. Remember that placement of the sub is critical. Same distance from each of two walls in a corner is most bass, along a single wall is medium, pushed out towards center of room is least. ALso the floor material and construction (conc. slab vs wood joists will affect the amount of 'floor shock' you get) Experiment- move all the furniture around and have a good time!
  8. I've been doing a lot of Klipsch Forum reading lately and want to do the RIGHT thing for my Klipsch speakers in setting up the many systems in my new home. Currently my best system is a Yamaha RXV850 Dolby Pro Logic (LCR+rear with 80,80,80,35,35 watts, NOT 5.1) with a pair of Cornwalls for mains and RC7 center. Have several choices for rear configuration. My questions are these: 1. Do a lot of aficianados (sp) use dual systems, one for 2ch stereo listening and another for HT? I probably use each equally. Music is everything from Hard Rock to Jazz to Ambient. 2. Assuming I want to have my best 2ch and HT setup in same room, is it reasonable to do so with a single system? 3. Assuming I will move up to at least Dolby 5.1 (I have a KSW12 already, and will probably get more Corns, Heresy, or RB5 for surrounds), will I be best served by getting a larger, more modern receiver (possibly Yamaha- I know they seem to be frowned upon), or will I be best served in the future by getting separates? 4. For those with separates, either tube or ss amps, what are you using for pre-amps? I would assume the 2-ch, vinyl-loving musical purists in the crowd would want to keep their music analog, ie, NOT put it trough a HT receiver as a preamp, UNLESS there was a way to bypass all the A-D, D-A circuitry. Or are you guys using a very high-tech pre-amp (that I've never seen discussed in this forum) or ??? I would almost never use the various 'room delay' sound effects found on modern HT receivers when listening to music. I know its a multi-part question, but I value your opinions. Thanks gang, Michael
  9. Lovely rare find! That is some interesting Altec engineering. Enjoy! Michael
  10. Pete, I'm definitely interested. Just moved and have had my eyes set on Yammie 2200, yours would be an upgrade at good price. please email or PM me. Michael
  11. short n sweet... ALWAYS get the biggest, baddest center channel speaker you can, you'll never be sorry. Reasons... You only have to buy ONE of these, therefore $$ are better spent You may upgrade your surround system over time When listening to stereo sources, center does not come into play, therefor the 'timbre' match is not so important. What is critical in HT listening is that the center be a great as possible. This RC7 fits the bill here. Glad to hear that the listening tests all agree! Michael
  12. short n sweet... ALWAYS get the biggest, baddest center channel speaker you can, you'll never be sorry. Reasons... You only have to buy ONE of these, therefore $$ are better spent You may upgrade your surround system over time When listening to stereo sources, center does not come into play, therefor the 'timbre' match is not so important. What is critical in HT listening is that the center be a great as possible. This RC7 fits the bill here. Glad to hear that the listening tests all agree! Michael
  13. Great INDY! Looks just like the carpeting found in many of Indianapolis' finest stripper bars!! LOL So I've been told! oops, sounds like someone just spilled their drink!!! I coughed out a lung on that last one!
  14. I've got Crown, BGW, QSC, in my tri-amp PA system and all have been trouble-free for decades. For home Sub or Mains use, I'd go for one of the newer designs with quiet fan and low hum. Be sure to plug it into a proper grounded outlet with plenty of amperage to spare and have a ball!
  15. those are pretty significant price differences $500 vs $6500, maybe one includes a velvet lined shipping crate??
  16. info please Indy- no fair teasing us like this Michael
  17. Most pro amps have 1/4 or XLR for inputs. They are still a normal hi-impedance input, so you can just use an adapter cable to go from your mixer/preamp to amp. Radio Shack makes adapters from RCA to 1/4 or RCA to XLR.
  18. C'mon MOM, can't we just have a little more fun!! Amy (moderator) please realize that the 'quirkiness' that makes us aficianados (sp?) of the MIGHTY KLIPSCH SPEAKERS also comes with a wicked cerebral sense of humor and play. This group has a lot more in common that interest in high-fidelity. If you read enough posts, particularly the off-subject ones, I think you'd find that we possibly love fast cars, offbeat humor, very winged politics, etc. We're just bonding here with our pseudo-political jibes. Now back to our regularly-scheduled thread... re the 'submit' item.. In the words of Douglas Adams "Hitch-hikers Guide to the Universe" (spoken as our hero Ford Prefect is about to be thrown in the void of space from a Vogon Destructor Vessel) RESISTANCE IS USELESS!!!
  19. The industrials, since the drivers were in two cabinets, are great for stacking. In 80's we had portable DJ/PA systems with 2 industrialets per side, stacked from bot to top: Bass bin, bass bin, mid/high, mid/high. That way the horns reinforced each other, low end shocked the dance floor, and the top mid/highs were just above head level if on a moderate riser. Used to cut their heads CLEAN OFF!! Think we bi-amped using Crown DC300's, They may have been special ordered without any low/mid crossovers, just the one in the mid/high bin. We put wheels on the backs of the bass bins, you'd just tip them up, throw all the cables inside the 'W' portion, and shove em on the freight elevators. Had some great times at some of Indy's best ballrooms. I especially remember a very kooky 'Hairdressers Ball', Little Michael's first glimpse at how the other side lived LOL! Wish I had a few of those babies now. Ours (at Calliope Sound, Indy, now Indy Pro Audio) were FIBERGLASSED with ALUMINUM EDGING. They were indestructible!!! Michael
  20. Try clear finger nail polish to mend the tear. Used to use in on PA woofers. It doesn't weigh much and will keep the tear from increasing in size, letting dust into the voice coil, etc. If you prefer, reconing is much less expensive than buying a new unit. If I read correctly, this is a passive radiator, so there isn't even a voice coil, the cone basically just adds mass to the port area. Michael
  21. Cornwalls definitely. Cheaper smoother and smaller than LaScalas. BIG BOX sound of the Heritage line, and somewhat available at reasonable prices. I got mine for $300 per pair oiled walnut kind of beat up and needed woofers reconed. THEY ROCK!!!
  22. Im an ex-PA jock who's used both and here's my .02. PA amps are made to take physical abuse, road dust, smoke, etc and STILL perform to spec, some even at 2 ohm loads ALL DAY! Try that with yer Denon receiver and see when it catches fire. PA amps have massive 'damping factors' which is my elementary electronics background is how instantaneously the amp's 'back pressure' can stop the woofer cone from ringing after a big note. In other words, the woofer, once it starts pumping, wants to keep ringing back in forth, it's the amp, to some extent, that limits this excursion, resulting in 'tighter' bass. Typical PA amps have damping factors at 500-1000, where good stereo amps may be rated at 200-500 and HT receivers at only about 50-150. One down side of using PA amps for home use is the noise of the fan and possibly some hum or other background noise generated by the amp, that is normally not heard in loud concert halls or clubs where the ambient sound is much higher than yer living room. But, hey, be my guest- rock on! I'm planning on using my Crown Micro-tech 1200 with two JBL 18" cabinets (don't worry, they're not Bass Gtr bins- REAL SUB bins designed for theatre) and see how they work with my Cornwalls in new HT theatre room. Will let you all know.
  23. In the immortal words of Ian Gillan, vocalist supreme of Deep Purple(loudest band in the world- Guiness Book of Records)... Make everything louder than everything else!!! It's waaaaaay toooo much dude! Remember the 'clean first watt' theory of working with Klipsch speakers. You'll almost never call on those monster watts, even for the most dynamic excursions. The problem is... 'what do those babies sound like at lower volume levels'??? dey is bootiful, dough!
  24. Ms. Smissionfield, Sorry about your husband's passing. Hopefully you both enjoyed the Cornwalls for many years together! I'm a current Cornwall owner and lover and would love to get a second pair to match mine for an awesome home theatre setup. I Would be interested in the pair you have for sale. Please load a photo on this site if possible and give your best asking price and location (as shipping is very expensive, most Klipsch lovers prefer to personally transport speakers they have purchased semi-locally) Thanks Michael
  25. Hey Cleve, be sure to check out Nick Mason (Pink Floyd Drummer) when they stop by the local greasy spoon for a meal. He keeps trying to order a 'piece of apple pie with not so much crust) LOL!!! Dave Gilmore appears ready to bleed to death through his eyeballs and can barely move his mouth during the interview portions. Other than that, it's a very eccentric musical performance, mostly of the material from Meddle, the album that preceded Dark Side of the Moon. Also featured are some 'in studio' cuts that shows the early stages of recording DSOTM. Enjoy! The DVD is much better quality than the old VHS tape. I've got both! Used to watch Pompeii at Indy's Eastwood theatre during the rock and roll Midnight Movies phase. The theatre had the HUGE ALTEC cabinets and really rocked! Michael
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