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  1. Streaming sources like Tidal or Quboz do not use a CD as the source. They are using the digital file provided by the recording company/artist. CD playback is inferior to streaming because................... 1) the CD itself has errors on it. It is not "bit perfect". It is a "pressed" disc which has imperfections just like LP has imperfections 2) the lasers reading the CD do not read the data perfectly. Simply reading the CD with lasers creates errors. 3) the CD player itself has its own noise and distortion. An additional component in the signal chain always adds its own noise & distortion to the equation. 4) the set of cables between the CD player and amplifier are also eliminated when streaming directly to the amplifier In order to take advantage of Hi_Res streaming to the fullest extent you will need an amplifier/receiver that can accept the streamed file directly. It needs an Ethernet port. You cannot get the highest quality from streaming a Hi_Res digital file from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. You cannot get the highest quality from streaming a Hi_Res digital file to your PC/Laptop browser. Master Quality Authenticate (MQA) files for instance do not "unfold" to the highest resolution (if available) when using a browser. Also, the PC is essentially another "source", almost like the CD player - another electronic component in the signal path with extra cables required to connect, albeit without the spinning disc/laser reading involved. When you rip your CD to a computer you've essentially done 1) & 2) above. You've made a perfect copy - of all the errors on the CD as well as errors created by the lasers reading it.
  2. When I bought my first Klipsch - a pair of Cornwalls with a minor "custom" request - in 1973 it took more than 3 months to get them. And there was nothing "going on" like covid. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the wait. Like they say "It's the goin', not the gettin' there that's good".
  3. OK. I tried some of the other things to click - since you've already "tested" for me 😉 (I really don't trust anything is suspect may be suspicious). Finally found the right one. Thanks Thad!!!
  4. That's not what I get when I click on the Download. It opens some Windows 10 Drivers update app from slimware.com
  5. Thanks Thad, but that is the same thing I already found. Look more closely. There's no QRDude Calculator. Those are are just some instructional images. Any of the software "downloads" are not for QRD Calculator. Almost like downloading spyware apps.
  6. I had this software and now can't seem to find it, not on my PC or online. Anyone know where I can download this? The website originally associated with this now seems to be mainly for advertising and downloading apps that have nothing to with this other than some "instructional" stuff shown in between all the ads.
  7. I bought this about 30 years ago.............. My wife is extremely interested in canine behavior. One her favorite lecturers on the subject is Robert Sapolsky. Apparently Sapolsky has cited this book many times and my wife recently mentioned it. I tell her we have it, it's on the shelf in my office. Now she's reading it. Probably a good time for me to revisit it too. Chaos - Making a New Science by James Gleick.
  8. Hmmmmm................... Let's see. This technology has been around a long time, since the late 40's. Even had a proposed "atomic" airplane/bomber (the NB36-H) proposed and in development in the late 50's for using this technology. Fast forward to 2020. Here we have Jeff Bezos, billionaire bookseller, turned spaceflight entrepreneur and this shows up on Amazon Prime Video. Sounds like a plan to me.
  9. Ah, yes, Lysergic acid diethylamide. I thought we're supposed to get that on our own. You had me scared there for a moment thinking you were reefer-ing (pun intended) to (the church of) Later Day Saints.
  10. LDS? That could mean a lot of things.
  11. Thebes asks, What Da Heck Is "Live Streaming"? First, I assume you are referring "streaming live music" "Live Streaming" is kind of like live broadcasts on FM radio. Don't you remember Thebes? You know, something like a New Year's Eve Grateful Dead concert broadcast Live, or your favorite symphony orchestra broadcasting the concert Live or the Nebworth Concert in the U.K Live for 8 hours. Well, same thing, except it's being "broadcast" over a digital network called the internet which uses a global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices. It's origins date back to the 1960's, when, as you know, vinyl was very popular.
  12. The truth is, with most SS amps the distortion (relatively speaking) is highest at the lowest output levels.
  13. BING!! Quite honestly, I'm surprised it took so long for someone to answer this correctly, especially since there are so many vinyl enthusiasts around here. And to take this one step further, there is also a vertical component - for both L & R channels. The stylus has to track up & down as well as scanning the L & R walls of the groove in order to achieve the L+R/L-R component.
  14. About 7 years ago I replaced my Yamaha T1 & T2 FM tuners with NAD C446 Digital Media Tuner which has AM/FM & world wide streaming. My wife came home before I got it set up and the box put away. She walks into the music room and says "OK, how much did it cost?". I start explaining why I got it and she repeats "So how much did it cost?" I said listen to this......this radio station is playing from Lithuania (she's Lithuanian). She thinks I'm giving her some BS (the station is playing American Rock). When the music stops and the announcer starts talking you should have seen the look on her face!! Then I tell her "It was $600." She says "Oh, only $600? I thought you were going to say 3 or 4 THOUSAND." And I'm thinking, damn, I could have spent another couple of grand before she got pissed?
  15. WDCB Chicago (Glen Ellyn) for jazz and blues WFMT Chicago for classical SirusXM B.B King's Bluesville I've extensively compared WDCB and WFMT FM broadcast to streaming. I prefer streaming. Not a deal breaker. There just seems to be less of a "veil" over the sound. Slightly more clarity and fullness. I was about to cancel my SirusXM subscription until they changed their policy. Now I can stream it into my home system without any additional "radio" and additional subscription. I'm really diggin' B.B. King's Bluesville channel. Wide range of "blues" from old traditional acoustic stuff to modern hard rockin blues (blues rock). Interesting DJ's too - Shemekia Copland, Joe Bonamassa, Early Times.
  16. Correct. Who needs a very beamy tweeter? Worse yet, the polar response varies dramatically with frequency. Exactly what I don't want or need.
  17. Avril ----> Extreme -----> ICP And, don't forget, the Avril track is from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland/Johnny Depp version movie. It's actually kind of "dark", spooky, with lots of tremendous low end, great with subs. I believe it's the "outro" in the movie.
  18. Interesting!! I wonder why PWK didn't include this in the Audio Papers.
  19. Come on, Chris, Please answer my questions. 1) What are you using as a source, CD, LP, streaming? for this so-called "demastering" you're doing. 2) Is the link you provided your "demastered" version? If this is the "demastered" version, please provide us with a clip of the original that you got this from so we can objectively compare. After all, there are many different versions available, and they are not the same.
  20. I'll answer my potential hearing loss first. My right ear was damaged in H.S. due to an explosion (silver salute) in an enclosed space. In my right ear I have a very. very narrow band of hearing loss around 7Khz if I remember correctly - I have a FR curve somewhere. It's very narrow and affects the consonants, particularly some female voices (like my wife). It hasn't affected what I hear with music much. As far as playing in bands goes, I never liked going to live rock concerts much. I'd much rather be in the band on stage than in the audience. And as far playing in bands goes, it's the rehearsals that can get out of control. Playing live it's the audience that gets aurally abused. I'm not in the full sound field, and behind the main stage sound system, hearing mostly my amp as a stage monitor, and my back is to that as most of the time - I'm facing the audience. Most places that I've played won't let the bands play that loud anyway because it drives out the customers (a clue that you're playing too loud). It's much louder for the audience than what the musicians hear. What was the source recording you used for the link you shared? I assume this is the de-mastered version that I'm supposed to hear the defect? I played this using Sound Forge 12 Pro listening with AKG K270 Studio headphones. The flute is slightly more on the left channel. I listened to this in stereo, and individually for both left & right channel independently. I'm afraid I don't hear anything unusual that you describe. In fact I would say even more now that I've listened to your excerpt that you are mistaking something that was intentionally recorded for being something else, that for some reason, you believe shouldn't be there.
  21. That's good to know. I didn't realize that could be done. OTOH, I've never had to do that so it never even crossed my mind - what's let of it. LOL
  22. Joe, your Anthem MRX720 appears to have a “Network” input. This should be for an Ethernet connection. If so, then you should be good to go for Hi_res streaming from Tidal. Check with Anthem for an app to control Tidal on the Anthem from your phone or tablet. It’s probably available from Google Play or whatever Apple uses if you use that. Using optical or HDMI doesn’t have much to do with anything vs.WiFi. IMO the difference in sound quality between different recordings is far greater. WiFi and HDMI are both capable of streaming Hi-res files.Toslink OTOH I believe has a 96Khz/24 bit limitation. Not a game changer IMHO. By eliminating the extra components I mean, for instance, IF, you had an Oppo CD/DVD player, and the model you have has Ethernet and/or WiFi connection capability, and you use the Oppo as the “connection” from your internet router to the receiver, this is not as good as connecting directly to the receiver/amplifier (if you can, most preamp/integrated amps cannot, many recent A/V receivers can) – you’ve added another component between the router/Ethernet connection and the amplifier. That component has its own noise and distortion which are added to the signal chain. Can you hear this? It depends on how good the rest of your system is, how good your listening room is, and how sensitive and experienced you are as a listener. I can hear it, especially after long periods of time, and then switching back to the other. Bluetooth, as far as I know, doesn’t allow Hi-res streaming. But quite honestly, I’m getting quite excellent results using Bluetooth streaming from local radio or SirusXM, slightly better than the radio broadcast IMO. WiFi is capable of streaming Hi_res but the problem is usually connection speed – which always seems to be slower than a hardwired Ethernet connection. The problem with WiFi (that I’ve experienced) is getting it connected in the first place, and then dropouts once it’s connected. Since Comcast significantly increased my internet speed (Ethernet 200Mbps/WiFi 85Mbps) I don’t experience as many issues with WiFi. But in my house there’s a lot of steel between the router and the receiving equipment (Amplifier, PC, TV etc) so I prefer to use a hardwired Ethernet connection. Before I had Hi-res streaming, I ripped all my CD to a laptop and used J River Media software to catalog and play it. I connect the laptop to the NAD M32 via HDMI. I’ve experimented using USB vs. HDMI, both switching back & forth short term and also using each for weeks or months before switching back. My conclusion is I prefer HDMI. There are good technical reasons to back this up which I won’t get into here, right now. So, in your situation, if you want the best quality digital signal, subscribe to Tidal or Quboz premium service. If you can, get a long Ethernet cable, connect it to your home Network Router, and connect the other end to the “Network” input on the Anthem. You should probably do this just so you can make a comparison between WiFi and Ethernet, if for nothing else than comparing reliability. Be aware that using a computer, or any other component for streaming a Hi-res file via the Ethernet/WiFi connection and then sending that signal from there to the Anthem is exactly what I’m saying should be avoided – IF you want the absolute best quality streaming. Also be aware that using a browser on a PC will not allow you to stream certain files, in particular, MQA (Master Quality Authenticate) to their fullest extent (highest quality) – another technicality I won’t go into here. A lot people apparently don’t “get it” yet and just start arguing. And, if you are streaming Tidal from your phone to your receiver, you are definitely NOT streaming Hi-res to your receiver. The problem here is the phone is receiving the stream from your router – and the phone is streaming, via Bluetooth connection, to your receiver. Bluetooth is the weak link here.
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