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  1. Is the floor noise a hiss? That's a bit concerning. Seems like it might be present on the RF7s then too. I'm considering the XPA2 as well, but am curious as to whether any floor noise may not be present in the RF7 because they are only a 2 way? The sensitivity doesn't seem that far off. Thanks for any more detail. Del
  2. Cyclone - I love those huge stands, but dropped my cocktail when I saw them based on your intro "do these count as stands...." I've found the heresy's very different sounding depending on what I've used and even what type of floor. I've had them on 1 foot pedastals and they sounded the "airiest". I now have them on the klipsh designed slanters. They do have more base with those. I've had them on woodfloors, carpeted over a basement and on carpeted concrete. I like them the best on a floor over a basement or crawlspace, seems like the Klipsch slanters better use the floor better in that set up. I need to refill and clean up my dropped drink now.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'm going to try to find a B&K or Rotel to listen too. Seems like a lot of people like those, as you've echoed here. I will also check out the upgrades. Didn't realize this was an option. Thanks, Del
  4. Thanks Bill - I'll do a little research on the Marantz, but they sound interesting. Jason, in terms of upgrades to the adcoms, can you describe what you mean? Does it alter the sound?
  5. Thanks Bill, have you ever had teh Marantz connected to your RF-63's? How did they compare to your B&K in terms of warmth and low and high volumes? Thanks, Del
  6. Hello. I've been using Adcom Amps for about 20 years. First on Heresy's then on my RF 7's for the last 5 years. I bought them because I liked the way they sounded - brighter vs warmer, and they have plenty of punch. When I first auditioned them, I bought them over a B&K that was definately warmer. Since then, I purchased some Scott 99ds that I use on my Heresy's now. And, I've been listening to my uncles Mc240 driving his patricians. Over time, as I've listened to them more and more, i've become more of a fan of that slightly warmer sound and am considering a more warm amp for my RF7s. Obviously, I can't replicate macintosh and patricians with what I want to spend, but have decided that I do want a slightly warmer sound after all these years. I have a RF7,RC7, RS7 set up, and use it for both movies and music. I would likely get a warmer 2 channel amp to power the fronts, and leave the adcoms for center and rears. I'm currently actively bi-amping the fronts with dbx crossovers, but may not do this depending on the amps I get. I would like to spend $500-$700 (so, used). I've never bought a used amp (other than the scott tubes), so this would be a first. I was thinking B&K, since I remember it being warm, possibly Rotel, I don't know much about Emotiva, but would consider these if someone could describe this (XPA2) amp relative to others. Are there other amps that in your opinion sound warmer, but still very detailed? I'm using a HK signature 2.0 processor, which I really like and will be keeping. I know amps are a personal preference, but for those who have heard several brands, can you point me in a direction of Warmer vs brighter? Sorry about a long question for what I know is a common question - but I don't want to swap out and not have the sound I'm looking for, and it may be unlikely to hear these amps on RF7s, so test driving may be hard. Thanks for any (and all) advice. Del
  7. Well, it may be vintage rust... Much better than today's harsher rust. You do wonder how that happens. My guess is someone moved it to a garage 20 years ago and the kids just found it...
  8. When I was 18 or so I had some Infinity Qa speakers with EMIT ribbon tweeters. I kept blowing them. Infinity was good about fixing them, but once the warranty wore out, I put a fuse inline to the tweeter only. Never blew them again, until college when I blew the fuse and was too lazy to get a new 25 cent fuse. Used aluminum foil to bypass right before a party....That was the end of both tweeters. The good news?? That is when I went to Sound Pro in Indy and first heard Klipsch - bought Heresy's at Classic Stereo in FtWayne and still have them 20 years later... The infinity's went into storage. One day cleaning out before moving to Connecticut, I burned them in a bon fire = one of the stupidest moves I've made....The woofers and cabinets were fine. I'd forgotten about it until now... Thanks alot guys... [:'(]
  9. I'm using the Scott 99ds (two integrated) with Heresy's and really like the sound. Paid $400 for two of them (w/3 telfunkens each) about 6 years ago - reliable as hell. Economical way to go, I think. I even think I paid a little more than normal at the time, or so I'm told, but they were in chicago and close! You can se them in my avatar.
  10. JW, I'm using an adcom amp as well (100watts/channel) and was considering the 250 watt Emotiva. Can you give me your impressions of the differences you noticed between these amps. Other than the power difference, trying to get a picture of whether it will sound better/same? Anyone else with experience between the two would be helpful. I'm running the Adcom 7400 right now.
  11. Not including vacations to florida where we would stop for dinner or rest: 12 hours each way to Washington DC to see Front 242. 12 hours there, 6 hours for concert and "rest", 12 hours back. In terms of gear - not long: 6 hours round trip to chicago to buy some Scott Tube amps. From Hartford to somewhere near whiteplains NY to pick up Legacy Deep Impact. Tame compared to many here!
  12. Thanks Fish. That would make sense. Otherwise, everyone would buy the UMC for 699, then buy the XMC for 60% off the original price and have 2 fully up to date processors for the price of one. There could have been some arbitrage!
  13. Thanks Fish. I understand the concept, but since you purchased the UMC-1, would you be eligible for the 40% discount on the XMC1 (when it comes out)? That's the model upgrade that has a few upgrades from the current, but is it in the same generation? Thanks
  14. What does "...and does not go towards an upgrade to a higher level processor within any generation" mean?? Does that mean something dramatic (ie, a new dolby or DTS code needs to be invented)? I was wondering because I was considering the UMC1, figuring that maybe if I wanted to upgrade to their subsequent offering (XMC-1) that had more musical/stereo enhancements that I could always by the XMC1 at 40%, and not be out the cost of 2 full processors. I'm glad you posted, as I'll need to confirm that with them before deciding. I'll check their site, but I would have assumed upgrading was the point of the program - looks like it's more for major changes (ie, prologic to dolby digital, DD to True HD, 5.1 to 7.1, etc.). Must depend on what they define "generation" as.
  15. That is very cool. I too struggle with the RC7 - currently angled upward almost from the floor. I need to hang it, I think. Very nice indeed.
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