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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everybody!. I have been building my first Home Theater room, little by little. My room is pretty small : (WxDxH) 9.8' x 11.1' x 9.4', brick walls all already acoustic treated. As many of here I started with a Klipsch HTIB 5.1 from costco, drive by a Sony STR-ZA1100ES. Mainly for streaming movies and series, is set to: 5.1.2. I have been adding new speakers. Currently my Front L/R are RP-600M and RP-504C as center channel, still using smalls 3.5" Klipsch satellite speakers as Surrounds L/R and Heights mounted on the ceiling (monoprice bracket) at top middle position, firing to my listening position. I'm pretty happy with it, but I have some questions to keep growing up my Home Theater. 1. It will be worth to change those satellites for 5.25" RP woofers?. A knowledge fella told me that small speakers were better for small rooms because is easier to control high's, and doesn't add more lows which are harder to control. 2. Due my budget and shipping restrictions, I can only order RP-500M, I was thinking on using it as Surround backs and then when the RP-502S are available, get those and put RP-500M as Dolby Atmos Height Speakers through ceiling mount. In short: "Can I use the Klipsch RP-500M as Dolby Atmos?" (I have ceiling mount ready) or should I wait for the RP-500SA. Thank you in advance for your advise, and bearing with my rusty english. I appreciate your comments. - Greg
  2. So is it possible to have Klipsch make a Heresy III that will match my Forte III in distressed oak and lambswool cloth for my center channel??
  3. Hey my fellow speaker tinkers.... so, i finally got off my lazy butt and made my Cat 5/6 speaker cables. i will say i was surprised at the results. don't get too excited though, i was comparing them to Mil Spec wire (12awg, twisted, shielded). the difference between these two were night and day. i am happy to say that even my wife could hear a drastic difference. the volume seemed to be "louder", clarity was through the roof, and even the bass was kicked up. all this could be heard during an HT demo! usually cable upgrades have to be tested through a 2ch A/B to really hear a difference. most of you know this through my "Power Cable Test Kit" post. anyways, i used 4 pairs of twisted Cat 5 pairs to make 1 leg. then i took 4 legs and twisted them into a Star Quad design. so that's 16 pairs or 12awg. i also did the same thing with Cat 6 23awg and that comes to 11awg. i am going to switch out my Cat 5 cables for Cat 6 because of a few OCD reasons. i like the Teflon jacket more, i like how the colors look (over all appearance), all 4 pairs are twisted the same (cat 5 has 2 pairs twisted more tightly). i highly double there is an audible difference, and i won't even do an A/B test. i used a vice and a drill. took about 1 hour to make the cable, comb out the ends, strip them, and install banana plugs. so, much quicker than braiding them! the final design is pretty cool because the 4 legs twisted together open up a touch and make an air gab in the center. i've read that's a good thing, but i don't know the science behind the answer. again, super cheap, easy, quick, and there is a noticeable sound difference between Cat 5/6 and cheaper speaker cables.
  4. It's for real this time. New couch means I can no longer hide these behind out current couch. A pair of custom made boxes 30" wide by 10" deep by 24" tall. Has a Dayton Audio HF-15 driver and the Dayton Audio 500 watt plate amp. $500 takes both. These things can be tuned very easily. They can shake your house of the foundation or give you some deep tight musical bass. I'm located in Rocklin, CA (just outside Sacramento) and am looking for local pickup or I can drive a little ways to meet half way ect. I am posting these here first and if no takers in a week or so I will put on the dreaded Craigslist or Facebook marketplace....Any questions feel free to PM me. Thanks Jeremy
  5. Hey all, We have been quite pleased with the overwhelming success of the limited run of 70th Anniversary edition Heresy and Klipschorns. So much so that I've been told to ask you all about your thoughts on possible future "custom" Heritage speakers. We're talking strictly cosmetics here - finishes and grilles. What finish / grille combo(s) would you love to see and be interested in for the Khorn / Heresy III / Cornwall III / La Scala II? I'll be compiling this thread and handing it over to key decision makers sometime soon. We are just gauging interest for now, so let's hear it! Oh yeah, these of course would be built in Hope just like always. Thanks!
  6. It has been 7 years since I posted part 2. Here is my main 2-channel rig, as it sits today. I just added the Maplenoll clone (air bearing turntable). The stand I built last year to fit around the amps. Top shelf - Maplenoll clone turntable, Shanling CD-T1500 SACD, Clearaudio Champion II turntable 2nd shelf - Samsung 2T hard drive, Auralic Aires Mini DAC/music server, Sonic Euphoria passive preamp, Lounge Audio phono preamp 3rd shelf - PS Audio Quintessence power center Far right - Tascam BR-20 reel to reel On the floor - Antique Sound Labs AQ1006 845 DT MKII mono blocks Speakers are DIY using Altec and JBL parts /img]
  7. Hey all, I'm still pretty new here, but I thought I'd pass this along. I have seen several posts about finding speaker grills--and I myself was in the market for grills for my La Scalas. I found a guy here in Chicago who made them for me. They turned out great! (He used the Bob Crites Cloth I got from ebay to make them). The company is called Broken Press Design and you can find them here: http://brokenpressdesign.com/. Here are the grills they made me: Anyway, when I went to pick them up he had some AMAZING midcentury modern furniture that he had designed himself--mostly for amps, vinyl, and CD storage. He apparently also does custom work and has an Etsy page. Seriously cool stuff. I was so excited just looking at this stuff, I thought I'd share!
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