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Found 8 results

  1. I'm an American photographer from NYC and my family and I live in Hong Kong now. I'm looking to buy a used pair (or B stock) of Heresy IV (open to any finish but Black) in excellent condition. I'll pay for the speakers and international shipping via PayPal or if local HK pay via AmEx or cash. I'm restarting my audio obsession after a long time away from it and being involved with other hobbies. I had saved about 100+ albums and had them in storage for 30 + years and missed playing them. I didn't want to invest a lot of money in the beginning. And found a vintage and in excellent condition NAD 3020e, NAD CD player and NAD tuner. And bought a new Fluance RT85 turntable with Ortofon 2M Blue stylus. And a new pair of Klipsch RP600MII speakers. The speakers sound great but, I'm lusting after the Heresy's after seeing the ads for them with the Cary Audio tube amp. Thank you!
  2. Hi all, new guy here. A little background- some years back I had a pair of modified Heresy I speakers and have missed that sound since I sold them to try something different. I have about $2k US to spend on a new set of speakers and have found a pair of Cornwall III and a pair of Heresy IV in my price range. Neither are local so I won’t be able to listen to them 1st. My room is 11.5’ wide and 14.5’ long. It is a dual purpose office/listening room. The speakers will need to be on the short wall and my seating position is 8.5’ from the front wall. I will be driving the new speakers with a Lyngdorf TDAI 1120 (60 watts per channel at 8 ohm) mostly streaming Spotify and Tidal through the Lyngdorf, but I also have a Brennan B2 server with about 1TB of FLAC tracks saved. I have a pair of Rel T-Zero subs that I would use with the Heresy’s. I primarily listen at low to moderate volumes (50-75db) since I am in a condo with neighbors to the sides, above and below me. I am looking for a full, rich sound at these volumes. edit: I primarily listen to jazz, fusion, funk, blues and rock. No classical, opera or metal. Any advice will be appreciated.
  3. My father recently gifted me his old Quad II monoblocks, so I have finally taken the plunge on some Heresy IVs, which I have been wanting for a couple of years now. I have read they can be a bit light, so I was going to match them with the Adam Audio Sub10 that I currently use with AX7 monitors. However, I think I would like to invest in something that will really give an outstanding performance on the low end. I listen to a lot wide range of genres, but I DJ disco, house & techno so good bass extension is important to me. I have read that the REL 1508/1510HT series pairs well with the Heresy, but I can't easily audition one. The top end of my budget is around £1500/$2000, but I will probably try to find ex-demo or good quality second-hand. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Frank
  4. I have klipsch rf 35 rc 35 rs 35 and Svs SB3000. Amps Marantz sr7013 and Moonriver 404 reference (night and day difference with Marantz AMAZING AMP, transform my speakers) Listening distance 2.70m, dist. From woofer to woofer 2.30m Room 40m2 Distance from glass furniture to the right wall 3.20m so, I'm interesting in Heresy iv or Cornwall iv In manual of both speakers mention that distance between speakers not centers must be minimum 6ft (2m) If I buy cornwall in order to do that I have to put it in the wall right corner. What do you recommend better for my space if I don't want to play 2channel with sub? Or is better heresy with 2 svs subs.
  5. Hello everyone, I noticed that when listening to one particular album (Oklou's Galore) via my DAC, I'm getting heavy distortion in the mid driver and tweeter when there's a loud bass note in the song. For instance, on "Unearth Me," when there is a bass hit accompanied by vocals, the vocals will distort. I cannot get the speakers to distort under ear bleeding levels with other tracks / albums even with very heavy bass. What concerns me is that I know I've had great experiences with this album in the past WITH the Heresy IV's, so I'm wondering if something happened to my speakers that dislodged something. I'm not sure what it would be. I haven't moved them around or anything. Since the distortion is only showing up when the woofer is loaded WITH the mid driver and tweeter, I'm assuming the speakers aren't blown. Is it possible that a particular album is running at a resonant frequency with the speakers and causing distortion? Not sure what to do. I even swapped speakers, swapped mono blocks, swapped cables etc. all of the way up the chain, and I can't pin point anything wrong with the rest of the system. Maybe I should just forget it. I guess what troubles me is that I know I've listened to that album before without this happening, so I'm not sure. I would appreciate any advice or experience here! Thanks in advance, Davis edit: oh I guess it would help to know the chain. roon > tidal > raspberry pi w/ roopie > modi dac (mostly an analogue listener) > quicksilver pre amp > quicksilver horn mono blocks > heresy IV
  6. Like-new pair of Heresy IV speakers in black Ash. All paperwork, accessories, packaging, boxes. Great speakers, but I'm looking for a narrower speaker in my 8 X 14 room. See my feedback at Audiogon (leahy) or Ebay (altec210) for references. Local pickup preferred from western WI, shipping available, and I can double box. $2,200 OBO For many more photos, they are also posted on La Crosse, WI Craigslist. Questions, just let me know!
  7. All - I recently purchased a scratch/dent pair of Heresy IVs, and I'm looking for some good amp suggestions. Here is what I currently have: RedWine Audio - Deluxe dual mono Clarit-T, sounds really good HK 430 receiver, also sounds really good Amps I'm looking into: Possibly a 300B amp, afraid it might be too slow/plodding in the bass, but I love 300B midrange. Has anyone tried one they liked a lot? Trafomatic or Elekit? RedWine Audio Signature 30 LFP-V5, might improve on the ClariT? OTL of some sort - Transcendent? Looking for a big image with in-the-room vocals that will keep the groove going. I had a pair of Heresy IIIs, and this is a different speaker. It has excellent bass and is very tonally balanced. It's the most musically engaging speaker, across all music types, that I have owned. I like my JBL L112 better than many current/modern speakers, but the IV has taken over. I'm just looking for your best suggestions on an amp that maximize their ample strengths. $1,500-2,000 range (used). Thanks for the feedback and suggestions!
  8. So I have a set of Walnut Heresy IV here and have been listening to them non stop. I used to own the III and also had the Cornwall III here for a while. I reviewed both of the "III's" last year. While I have the new Cornwall IV coming first week of March for review, I can already say that these Heresy IV's are astonishing. Yes they are ported, yes they are slightly taller and narrower but WOW they are so much more detailed, they image like crazy and they are extremely transparent. Compared to my Dynaudio Special 40's, the Heresy IV's offer a much larger sound, are equal on imaging and have a more detailed treble (but in a good way, the S40 is a tad soft in comparison). I am shocked by these IV's actually as they are, for me, a huge improvement on the III's. No longer a sealed design, the bass presence is bigger but never ever bloated, loose or flabby. It's just as tight as sealed and I can not even tell they have a port. Two feet from the back wall, about 1 1/2 ft from the sides and 8 ft from the listening spot in my 12X13 room the sound is heavenly. Low volume or high, they never lose composure. As for the price increase to $3k per pair, these are beating my Special 40's and those are $3k without stands. If I did not know anything about the Heresy IV I would assume they were $5k after listening to them. With that said, they are now absolutely perfect in my room. No sub needed whatsoever and the vocals/mids are mind blowing good. I now hear texture in voices and artists seem larger than before, and more into the room. These do the 3D thing, soundstage thing and sound to me like a superb audiophile speaker that can rock, boogie and seduce with some warm jazz late at night. Quite different from the III as with these, the transparency is so great I can see through the music rather than having it thrown at me. I am shocked, surprised yet 100% happy with the way Klipsch went about changing up this design and with the Heresy IV. I will have a long form review and video here soon and also one on the Cornwall IV's. To those wondering about these being ported now..do not! They are amazing and that extra but of bass truly makes these shine, as does the tweeter and new mid horn. So lifelike...human...tangible. Loved the III's but adore these even more. Have to be heard to be believed. Now, I am using them with some nice gear. A Vinnie Rossi L2iSE integrated w/L2 Dac, Zen Mini MKIII, Swisscables Diamond for speaker cables. USB is an Audioquest Diamond.
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