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Found 20 results

  1. Bought R15-PM recently from Circuit City. Everything works except the Bluetooth connection. When using either the volume switch or the remote, the systems goes into the right state with blinking blue light. However, the speaker is not visible as a bluetooth device on multiple Android phones or on a PC. I have tried removing all previous Bluetooth connection from all Android devices and repowered the speaker many times but to no avail. Am I missing something obvious here? I am using an Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and a Galaxy J1 ace and a Dell Latitude Laptop and these devices see each other but the Klipsch speaker is not visible.
  2. I have a pair of R-15 pm speakers that hum wth any line or phono input. I returned a pair to the manufacturer and the new ones are doing the same thing. I just moved to a new place and am wondering if it could be the old wiring in the house? I plugged up smaller, cheaper speakers to my turntable and didn't have the issue. It's just my Klipsch speakers. Any suggestions?
  3. I have a pair of R-15PM connected to my Windows 10 via USB, it's preventing my Windows's to let display to go to sleep. If I turn the speaker off, my display will go into sleep mode. Here's what I've tried so far from googling for hours: I've ran "powercfg -requests" and there's nothing there I've also Disabled USB Selective Suspend Uncheck Allow Applications to take Exclusive Control of this Device in SPDIF Interface Properties. Nothing seems to work, whereas my Logitech G933 wouldn't prevent my display going to sleep right out of the box.
  4. Hey, I bought new R-15PM, they sound great and work good. I've noticed weird delay on the last day using them (maybe it was always and just ignored it). Is it normal to have a little delay after the speakers are idle for a few seconds? I can't even hear the start of the sound (Like Windows prompt or error sound), just the end of it. Edit: Forgot to mention, I'm using them on my PC through USB, although it happens with bluetooth too.
  5. Hi all, This is my first post. I recently bought this bundle, which is simple and beautiful for listening to vinyl on speakers: http://www.klipsch.com/products/r-15pm-turntable-pack The speakers listed are powered bookshelf speakers that also have the option to turn on a Phono pre-amp (by switching 'Line' to 'Phono' on the back). The design is meant to be 'no fuss'. Which brings me to my current fuss. HOW CAN I USE HEADPHONES WITH THIS SETUP? Please tell me if this is possible (with additional components) because I have been reading conflicting information. Attached is a photo of the back of the right speaker. The line/phono switch is what an audiophile salesman (who was not personally familiar with the speakers) said could be the feature that would let me be able to connect these speakers to a standalone phono pre-amp and/or headphone amp. Can anyone back this up? Does anyone have this setup w/ headphones? It would be really disappointing if there was literally no way to be able to hook up headphones with this setup. Why didn't Klipsch include a headphone out on the speakers??? Thanks for reading!
  6. I have the R-15PM Monitor Speakers and was wondering where can I get a replacement for the remote control. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. I received my Klipsch R-15PM speakers yesterday and decided to try them out immediately by using the super convenient Bluetooth connection. I flipped the switch to turn them on and there’s this low static noise from the right speaker while on Bluetooth. This was even before I paired my phone, so I figured it must’ve been the sound of electricity or something and that it’d go away once I paired my device. I paired my phone and the noise was still there, even after starting a song. It’s slightly ignorable while playing a loud song, but it’s super obvious when listening to a more quiet, less involved song. Either way, it irks the heck out of me! I decided to try using the AUX connection with my phone next, and the noise wasn’t there, which leads me to believe it’s a Bluetooth issue. Is this normal behavior for the R-15PM's Bluetooth connection or do I have some defective speakers? Any troubleshooting tips?
  8. I recently picked up a pair of klipsch R-15PM and I am getting a terrible hum when I switch it to the input to play my record player (Audio-Technica-LP120-USB). I have tried it while using and not using my preamp. I've tried it grounded to the preamp and tried it just grounded to the speakers. The hum is there when nothing is plugged into the input as well (noting hooked into the speakers, but set the input to phono). The hum does get louder when I hook everything back up, the hum gets louder as I increase the volume and makes using my record player to listen to anything impossible. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? or if the speakers might just be defective? (I returned my first set, because of the same issue and this new pair is doing the same) They work fine when using bluetooth as an input. There is no noticeable hum and I didn't have this hum issue before getting the Klipsch speakers. I was previously using my preamp and a set of old desktop Bose 2.0 companion speakers (10 or more years old), but they finally died on me. Thanks for any suggestions
  9. I was wondering which speaker system is the better overall setup for casual music listening and the occasional college party. Thanks for the help guys if you could compare the two of them it would be great as they are similar price range speaker systems.
  10. Hello.. first post in the Klipsch forums. Been a lurker for a while as I was shopping for speakers. I'm looking for advice as I'm something of a neophyte when it comes to speaker setups. Until now, I've really just used shelf systems, computer speakers, sound bars, etc. Recently I delved back into the vinyl world and purchased a turntable. I've been using it with my computer speakers but wanted to push it up to something better. After doing quite a bit of research, and not wanting to go the full HT route, I chose to go with some Klipsch R-15PM bookshelf speakers and joined them to a Klipsch R-10SW sub. The room I'm using this setup for is approximately 18' x 12' with 10' ceiling. My first question. Upon first usage, I was somewhat disappointed in the sound. The sound was something akin to "muddled". If that makes any sense. I was expecting to hear some higher end highs and of course lower lows considering the sub was included. Everything seemed just kind of middle of the road. Is this to be expected from the R15-PM? Next question, is the R-10SW sub a good match for the R-15PM? Or should I have opted to step up a size (or 2) on the sub? Follow-up question, is there a preferred setting on the sub to make it sound best? I know it should be dialed in, but I'm afraid I'm just not setting it right to begin with.. Any insight or personal experience with this speaker and/or sub combo would be greatly appreciated. Thx
  11. I'm going to buy a pair of Bookshelf Speakers (maybe Klipsch R-15PM) and a Subwoofer (maybe Klipsch SW-112) in the future. I have the following doubts: The R-15PM are powered monitors. The website says "This highly efficient, powerful yet minimalist speaker engulfs listeners in their favorite movies and music. ", so i think they are good for listening to music and movies. But people say that Hi-Fi speakers are better for home listening than Monitors, because they add coloration... Anyways these Klipsch are intended for Home and not for Studio... What would be the difference? Also: Do Hi-Fi speakers sound harder than this Klipsch? Offering more volume, power... The monitors came with a remote control. This control has SUB+ and SUB- buttons, so you can adjust the subwoofer volume. Can I set the subwoofer gain (in the unit's back) to Max, and then use the remote to control the volume? I'll like watching to movies with the corresponding dynamic range, without changing the bass volume, a "flat response", but I'll like to be able to "boost" the bass in music, with the SUB+ button. What is the best way to do that? Thank You Very Much.
  12. I bought the R-15pm speakers for Xmas. Turned on, plugged in. Paired with Bluetooth, hooked up optical to tv, hooked up RCA with record player. no sound coming out of the speaker...in any mode. Remote works. Still not sound out of the speakers. I was hoping to play this for Xmas and now nothing. any advice before I return it? I spent a lot of money on those hoping for quality. Not sure now if it was a good choice. i also bought the 10sw subwoofer. No cable with it. Is it paired via Bluetooth to the r-15s? Or do i just need to buy the cable? thanks for your help, james
  13. I bought the R-15pm speakers for Xmas. Turned on, plugged in. Paired with Bluetooth, hooked up optical to tv, hooked up RCA with record player. no sound coming out of the speaker...in any mode. Remote works. Still not sound out of the speakers. I was hoping to play this for Xmas and now nothing. any advice before I return it? I spent a lot of money on those hoping for quality. Not sure now if it was a good choice. i also bought the 10sw subwoofer. No cable with it. Is it paired via Bluetooth to the r-15s? Or do i just need to buy the cable? thanks for your help, james
  14. I bought this pair of speakers to use for the RCA output from a Roland DJ-202 USB DJ controller. The speaker connection seems simple.. RCA out from controller to RCA in on the right speaker. Then use the regular speaker wire to connect the right speaker to the left, passive speaker. I have them hooked up like that, set the switch on the right speaker to"line" (tried as phone but was very distorted and still no sound from the left speaker. Is there something simple I may be overlooking? To troubleshoot I changed the source to use the AUX input from my phone. The right speaker sounds great, but still nothing from the left side. I re-seated the speaker wire a few times in troubleshooting.\ Any advice anyone? Scott
  15. I purchased a pair of R-15pm's to use with my computer. I have been having an issue with certain movie files MKV and now Netflix when I start to watch a movie with these speakers connected via optical connection or via USB connection. It seems the speakers do not like certain files. Most audio works fine but when I try to play certain files or watch Netflix I hear a popping sound right at the beginning of the movie and the speakers will not play the audio. I thought maybe there was a firmware or something I might need. I cant understand why this would happen. Any ideas.?
  16. Hi, I recently got hold of a R-12SW to go with my R-15PM. So my sub is connected to the speaker with RCA/LFE. My question is regarding the setup of the sub to work in harmony with the R-15PM and I don't quite understand the Low-pass. Someone told me to just put it at max(labeled LFE), but couldn't explain any reason behind this suggestion. Does anyone have experience with setting up a sub like this together with my speakers ? I have a really hard time finding the right setting.
  17. Hey, I purchased the r-15PM's with the r-10SW a couple months ago. Everything worked great, until recently when the monitors won't turn on. The sub's getting power and is working, but the monitors will not turn on. I tried different outlets, manual turn off/on, nothing. What would the next troubleshoot be in my case? How to check if a fuse blew out? Should I use a different power cord and try that? Thank you, Deece
  18. I recently bought the r-15pm studio monitors and a single r-10sw 10" subwoofer for my personal studio, ran through my computer. In order to make the most out of my sound, maximizing it's quality, I've been told that I should use an audio interface for my speakers. As of now I use the usb input to the speakers on the back of one of the monitors with the sub connected to the monitor. I wasn't sure as the speaker is connected via usb rather than the audio outputs on the back of the computer. If so, would the audio interface drastically increase sound quality?
  19. I've got a KMC3 and a pair of R-15PMs. How can I pair them to both play music from my turntable? I can get one or the other to play, but I can't get both. I also can't seem to pair both together to stream music via bluetooth, any ideas? Thanks, Ray
  20. I've got a set of R-15PMs and a KMC 3. How can I pair these together to play from one audio bluetooth source? Thanks, Ray
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